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  1. Unity Exp Cap didn't update.

    this morning it updated to 500k, but with that missing 280k from yeterday i cant get 1st lvl 120 EU anymore, kinda lost motivation to play, is there any chance we'll get it back ?
  2. Unity Exp Cap didn't update.

    not a visual bug, got my 220k exp, it said i reached daily limit as always, reloged delivered another quest but didnt give me any unity, repaired game, didnt help
  3. Unity Exp Cap didn't update.

    its more weird now, on same account on EU limit stayed 220k and on NA server i have 500k
  4. Unity Exp Cap didn't update.

    yes updated it after maintenance, same here, lv 101
  5. Unity Exp Cap didn't update.

    same issue here, i loged before mainte didnt do any quests, had 220k cap, after mainte cap is still 220k, after relogs, delivering quests its going down from 220k
  6. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    that 1 orb in f10 feels like a slap in the face toward players, resolves absolutely nothing, do u gms even play the game? majority of ppl have ~10 chars as its best way to progress in that game, so to do 2 event dungeon CS/HM in that week we get 7 free orbs, we need 154 with 11 chars, great help, really and we could understand remoivng freezing orbs and feathers as new items were introduced and ok we have to farm new for those but there was absolutely no reason for removing and changing demon spirit stones and resets which a lot of ppl spent real money on, u should give back ncoins/hm coins for every reset not 1 damn copper (well except your greed obviously, trying to force ppl to buy "same" but "new" resets to farm same old but new stones to craft same old oils)
  7. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    you just made entire comunity pay for your mistake and think its ok? if new items dont work, bring old ones till its fixed, or compensate everyone for what they lost, add exchange at some npc like with badges allowing to exchange old for new - orbs, demon stones, resets its not fine at all, u simply deleted everything ppl worked for in that case orbs, demon stones, also items some ppl paid real money for like cs/hm resets ? replaced with same items with new names and icons and tell ppl "fk u go farm again" whats next? u'll delete our gear and tell us to farm again? u cant be fkin serious, thers is no way ppl will stand for that bullshit
  8. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    hello your incompetence is astonishing, just saying sorry about something like this is unacceptable lots of ppl lost hundreds/thousands of gold for white orbs alone, its impossible to do event in HM / CS now becouse no1 have damn new orbs and ofc demon spirt stones change? what for? u just robbed players of items they farmed for months/years for no reason, without any warning, just lied to us everything will be the same after patch? ppl stuck with items to make hundreds of oils, yesterday everything would be fine but today cant do nothing with it? farm for months again to be able to craft it? you cant be serious, do something about it
  9. talisman upgrade cost change to pet pods is ridiculous, most players cant even finish their pets after few years of playing and you create insane demand for same item now (5mil charms and 200g+ pet pods all over again, one would think u already learned ur lesson) all it will couse is leave majority of players unable to ever catch up, game is already extremely unfriendly to new and casual ppl, many players that wanted to return for awakened patch just gave up after hearing those news. we are all well aware its a cash grab, but someone didnt think it thru, most ppl have limited money, and if u force them to spend it on pets to level new item, they wont trove, u wont gain anything , except mad community, which might lead to players and money losses
  10. usually oil farm events are pretty good, we spend certain amount of time, earn currencies and get guaranteed reward(oil), at 1st when i saw 2 currencies i thought its nice, we get guaranteed oils and then we can farm more for extra with thriller coins, for those who dont want to spend 10-15h/day on alts, sadly its not the case, 2 kinds of currencies for 1 item, 1 of those is RNG based, for me its worst possible solution, making event RNG, uneven, unfair and very time consuming, players with worse luck might not get anything from it, if i wanted RNG i would go farm dungeons and hope for nice drops players with lower gear cant even get credit to complete daily quests in zaiwei, not even talking about alts yet, right now its same as ssp, boss dies in few seconds, hiting it is not enough as it was supposed to be, makin it a whole lot worse, with so many players around, lags, freezes and crashes make it very difficult for a lot of players to complete anything tried thriller coin farming today, 1h to get 0 coins from boss boxes, 4 from mobs, which are almost non existant, as there are 3-4 people around every spawn spot, you are lucky if u get 1 mob every 5min, spawn time is way too long, same for quest events, especially scorpion..delaying all others, completing everything is impossible for people with many chars, previous events 10-15m up to 30-40min/char, current one 1,5-2h with decent rng, if you get credit, and manage to hit some mobs before others most players are only interested in oils and it might not be possible to get any or it might take way longer than farming mats/gold to buy it for me this event is a complete waste of time and i wont be participating, unless some real improvements are made - make it 1 hit for credit to complate quest in zaiwei - remove thriller coins as secondary currency for better rewards or add enough of those to quests/daily challenge so we dont need to rely on rng to get oils or drastically increase drop chances from everything(killer coins already limit all good rewards we can pick) - increase spawn rates/speed of events in my opinion in its current state its worst event by far from all that were providing sacred oils till now so gl to all who will still try to farm it, i'll just do something else ---------------- in short trash event - avoid or waste life and get mad couse might not getting anything wait and hope they improve it
  11. new acc bound items mail fees

    i guess ppl dont mind throwing away their gold, so few responses
  12. When can I get the Warden of Lv50?

    yea already 2 days gone, cant lvl with friends, missed all clan raids, whole week wasted here, also missing troves and event currency, ruined game experience for me, you guys rly know how to encourage customers to spend money on ur game
  13. Can't Create lvl 50 with voucher?

    hello after receiving 1st answer 24hours ago to just clear mail which is impossible for me and some tried and didnt help anyway, now i received same answer to clear mail again after another day of waiting, its just amazing. is any1 actually tryig to help us there? or its just bots answering same stuff 1st few times?
  14. When can I get the Warden of Lv50?

    inb4 every1 start making tickets so support send thousands of untreadeble items they made us claim to try and fix voucher issues to our wardens
  15. When can I get the Warden of Lv50?

    yea friend emptied today too, got it to 1st page and still cant make char