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FM worthless in Battlegrounds?


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After a year long break from BnS, i came back and started doing BG, and never felt so worthless.

What can we do against a good Blade Dancer or Blade master? They simply block everything

Anyone has some good advice against every class? Which skills should we spec especially for BG?

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For arena, I suggest you go watch some recent world B&S tournaments from last month in youtube. There are few FMs players in there.


For BG, it is all about gear. Rather you play fire or ice, if you have max gear, you can few hits KO players regardless of their defense or pvp shields. It is all about your team.

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Well first of all, you need to have decent gear, regardless of class.


PVP soulshields: 5x Elder + 3 Challanger should be fine, fuse them to reach at least 2k crit def, rest into piercing and crit.


Mystic badge: Fire - Skyrift, Ice - Pulse

Soul Badge - I prefer red one for frost armor extra 20% healing, really helping t stay alive.


My build:



Some times i switch phantom grip to shadowgrasp, and frost burst to ice coil , depends on classes in the enemy team.


For BM block spam, and BD spin spam you can use frost tornado/phantom grip/heathwave whatever is availabe atm.


In my opinion FM is very good at 6vs6, most of matches i end up with highest dps among both teams, even if there are better geared players.

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