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  1. Equipment requirements for VT?

    most people just don't bother reading guides and expect to be carried, so most higher gear people just outright ignore join requests from anyone w event gear
  2. the removal of these 2 mechs were unintentional, so they are back.
  3. Why discriminate against feminine Yuns?

    If archer isn't yun-exclusive im quitting game
  4. having ppl log in daily is the idea
  5. Guys stop asking for the Hive Queen Achiv.

    There are many progressive raids which you can easily find if you look/ ask around, these types of raids where you spend learning the mechs of each boss as a team is way better than joining raids where the team was already established(these are the types of raids where they look for people who have similar exp). If you don't have the exp join a progressive raid or create one. First you do Boss 1-2, then Boss 1-3, then you go on to 1-4 few weeks of wiping later.
  6. Arent the Yun doomed to extinction?

    Afaik Yuns aren't actually female, they are gender neutral futas
  7. FM Snowball HM secret technique when?

    if we get the HM Skill frost fm will just be even more of a meme in 6v6, atm in pve frost fms dont even depend on snowball dmg, its all about holding 2
  8. Nvidia FPS issue with BNS

    Heh.. you should know better than upgrading to latest nvidia drivers, they are always bugged at first.
  9. High PC, Low FPS... Help Please!

    Everything is fine actually except for that GPU, its weak af and you won't be able to run many games on even normal settings with it
  10. WHAT is FM's block?

    If your ping is higher than 150 you would have a hard time with it I suppose, just go to Soguns and practice blocking orbs there, as they travel at same speed and such.
  11. Computer specs. Is the good enough?

    All good, though a bit more VRAM (GPU's memory) would be preferable
  12. NCoin

    takes upwards of 12 hrs if its your first time buying ncoins
  13. 1 Ncoin daily events.....

    Just ask a friend to send one to you every day for 1-2g
  14. No Ignitor Ring for the last 4 month

    maybe try switching raid and go with different group for a week, see if that works ;)
  15. How find group for VT raid?

    He isn't experienced either, so it would be better to start with others who are just like him and form a raid instead of being carried by experienced ones.
  16. How find group for VT raid?

    There is a discord group called BnS Raid Recruitment made specifically for this, very helpful for people with no clans etc. Link: https://discord.gg/R5DAfF8
  17. Alternative way for Elemental Accessories?

    I know people who've gone 20+ runs without seeing the item they want drop, they will not change this and they shouldn't change it, just be patient and farm it like everyone else
  18. How much AP do you REALLY need for Skybreak Spire?

    You can close thread now.
  19. No one using them cause they are utter crap skins.
  20. Security Verification - IP Adress

    I also have a dynamic IP but the last time it asked for a verification was 2-3 months ago..
  21. My Orb, My Loot

    What you get is the worth of one White Orb, a pet pod is worth way more than that, so its understandable that they'd bid on it.
  22. Normal FMs use blazing beam in 6v6 because dragonchar range isn't enough. Usually against a sin I spam 1 and use rmb/ lmb to change stance.
  23. Returning player [Unbalanced PVP matching]

    its cause HM levels don't matter in Arena PVP, you're both equally geared. The only thing that makes a difference is HM Skills.
  24. 7 days Premium Membership Subscription

    Step 1: Find a friend whos whale Step 2: Ask friend to buy you 3 month premium Step 3: Pay him/ her 1000g. (or there abouts)

    jesus christ, so many cry babies playing this game. I've never been able to craft a psts since we got lv 50 patch so i just buy them from f5 or try to get a few during trove/ rng box events, and never blamed the game itself for my own bad luck :^)