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  1. In sense I do understand you but on the other hand I do feel like I want some credit for my hard work not to have others walking so easily in the items that I "hardcore" farmed. Me and my friends always joke about that the outfits are the true end game and it does feel good when you finally get an outfit that is not as common as you think. Regards from person who killed Misty Woods mobs 300+ times each to get ugly piece from each of them that I never wear either.
  2. @Alastar Don't feel bad if you don't get the Elite chests. It's not as great as you might think. Yeah, maybe the droprate for gems could be better from elite but as for materials the only difference between Elite and Premium chests are that Elite chest gives possibly few more Healing Tonics. Yes, you read right, Healing Tonics. Worth it, right? The inside of the boxes is that underwhelms me. You join to do Koldrak for 10 minutes or so just to get 2 Scales and some Soulstone Crystals and maybe with good luck 2 Moonstone Crystals, Elysian Crystals or Sacred Crystals.
  3. Seen this kind of things happening in BT and I find it unfair. Everyone in the party contributed same amount of time for the boss kills so everyone should be treated equally and not by the level and gear. The person was just being super greedy and selfish so just ignore those people. The greedy people usually cry the most. Regards from soon to be HM15 o/
  4. Like said before, you cannot finish daily challenge without being 55 yourself so I am not quite sure what is the issue. These days everything before NS can be seen as lowbie dungeon as everyone's stats were boosted enough and the mechanics of each dungeons were mostly removed so that everyone could be doing them with ease. Yes I have also completed every single daily challenge with a lowbie character and I never had problems with clearing them. I don't know if you are returning player but these things were changed ages ago to include harder dungeons. Also it was made recently easier for lowbie
  5. Did I actually just read that killing ingame character is being compared to violence against women? This game includes open world pvp from the beginning and wearing the outfit YOU are responsible of your actions. You are the one who decides "ok it's fine if someone kills me" by letting yourself get flagged by equipping that certain outfit. The game warns you for if also to make sure you really do want to be flagged for pvp. If you are too low level/geared to be one shotted then maybe your place is not in Cinderlands wasting your time in the wheel but instead just sell the essences, get the gol
  6. I kinda understand the point since the skins that appeared often were 499 or so and especially on Today's Special you would assume prices to be a bit lower than typical f10 prices.
  7. But for a cosmetic hoarder like me the Silky Hair was a very good one too. Not everyone has premium membership so there were alot of people who didn't even have the chance of getting that many Silky Hairs to just have them to throw away. Also I had really bad luck as a premium and I'm still missing the hair on like 2 characters on whom I kind of would have liked to have it on. Comparing the times when there were cosmetic on Daily Dash this was a nice change to the typical feathers and wings that might not interest everyone either. For me the Wings are not as necessary and they feel like meh, I
  8. I'm not quite sure how having only 1 character is the "rightful" way since ever since the server launched people have had opportunity to get 3, yes 3 FREE character expansions. That makes it so that even without buying slots people were able to make 5 characters. It is not punishing the people who do not like to make alts but it is rewarding the people who actually spend their time making more character and possibly playing them. I don't see anything unfair here nor that only having 1 char is rightful way of playing in a game where you have opportunity to have 10 character slots per account wi
  9. What dungeons? Because there are also game mechanics that prevent you from using dragon blood so for example if you incorrectly share lightning in Desolate Tomb you or any of your teammates who has no clue can get themselves killed to a point where they cannot recover chi and that is intended mechanics.
  10. Just like paingwar said the 1 Ncoin boxes do not contain Maple Leaves so people won't miss out much if they don't buy them. Maple leaves are from the 139 HMcoins/NCoin boxes. Here's the quote of these two boxes if people are a bit lazy to go open and read from the news.
  11. This event is just way easier than other events as you don't even have to do dungeons if you don't feel up for it. Just by having 3 characters you can craft 6 event boxes each day which in my opinion is not impossible to achieve considering the longer time players should have more than 2 character slots in their use. Not to mention all the crafted event materials seem to be tradeable.
  12. I somewhat agree with this. I have seen way too many parties where someone was like nagging how people are too slow and that he has no time to wait. These people were always like Raven users who could easily solo and stop causing grief to lower players who still need their quests. I don't know if the right thing is to remove them from daily challenge or is there another way to prevent people getting locked without getting the quest done but seriously something needs to be done about this as it ruins the quest for people who cannot load in the dungeons in 2 seconds.
  13. There is currently only one HM skill (Royal Zen Bean) that you have to get from PvP, others you can get from PvE content also but yeah I get alot of people don't see that as option as the HM skills do cost way too much.
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