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  1. Hello, guys. This area of the forum is quite calm, i dont see much discussion about our class these days. So i'm here to bring a question to you about how the new badges affect our builds. To start the topic, let me talk a little about the badges: At first, we have the two Red Medals consisting in - a) Additional 2 sec on grab (without extension for restrain); b) 20% bonus mov. speed while using Typhoon. Then, we have the green ones consisting in - a) Will
  2. That's why i think they could at least make an event. Like the month of character account transfer. They'll probably need to do some security steps for the transfer, like gathering some information from both accounts with the user. An Account Hacker would probably not know the infos from both accounts. And we have IP to help this out too. If both accounts are been acessed from the same IP, it means that its from the same house, so probably same person. I know its not a simple tool to create. But at least as a temporary tool would be nice.
  3. Hello! Since Character Server transfer is now available, i wanna ask if you, NC team, have in mind to do a Character Account Change Service or Event. Is this on your schedule? I have two accounts and my main Character is in one and my alt in the other. I would love to have both in same accounts. Thank you.
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