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  1. Same here, trying to iframe on time has become a pain in the a**.
  2. As the title says, why cant we have an account wide tab? The current year is 2017 and every mmorpg i've played had such a tab, Cabal Online, Silkroad, Guildwars 2, and Aion (if i remember correctly). They just make managing all of your items ALOT easyer. Especially with this current event, where u need 2g every day on an alt, to craft the event items. Whats the point of having to mail an item u earned to another character u made? Is it lazy programming, a moneysink, or a way to sell more dragon trade pouches? Another thing is, why isnt our wardrobe account wide? Having to unlo
  3. I've always wondered why hongmoon skills arent locked behind some kind of achievement, like legendary accs, for example doing a dungeon x times gives u this skill, or by simply playing everyday so u can buy them with solar energy, like u can buy soul badges these days. 1 Year ago, when the dungeons that drop the chapters for the hongmoon skills were kinda endgame, and people did those dungeon it was still a stupid way to gain them but it was doable. But having to do awk necropolis/yeti/nexus for these, is just a pain in the a** and a waste of time. Volume 2 & 3, chapters 2, arent
  4. Lately, we are basicly buying premium for 26 days instead of 30, since EU loses 4 days a month on maintenance. It's 20.15 here, and servers are still down, this is getting worse every week...
  5. I logged in, noticed my premium ended. So i bought 30 days premium from their site. Went to f8 lobby, only to get stuck there, not being able to enter a dungeon. It's 1 november here, a national holiday, at 21.30, and i havent been able to play bns today. I hope we in the EU get some kind of compensation for this, since this is ridiculous...
  6. Well, i logged in,went to f8 lobby, formed a party, and got stuck in lobby. When the message "moving to dungeon" came, i waited for 5 min, and nothing happened. I couldnt return to server either, so i had to restart the game. Dunno what NCSoft did this time, it's 21.30 here in the EU, and i havent been able to play, on a national holiday. GG NCsoft, i hope we get 1 extra day of premium, or some kind of compensation, cause this is ridiculous...
  7. ^ This, i dont understand why they havent introduced a 6v6 with equal gear, like in the normal PvP/Tag. PvP should be about skill, not about who has the highest AP or the biggest wallet. I bet if some kind of battleground with equal gear was added, ALOT more players would play battlegrounds. Cause BG atm is simply a whalefest, and most players avoid it like the plague.
  8. +1 to everything u said. I even wanna add the cost of mailing a costume (that u bought for 20€) to an alt will cost u around 9/12 stamps, which is 171/228 NCoin, thats around 2€ to send an outfit that u BOUGHT to another character on your account. Wardrobe should be account wide, there is no point in collecting outfits on different characters...
  9. The way Skills are achieved in this game is so bad in my opinion. These HM skills should be behind some kind of pve/pvp achievement like titles or additional stats. An asura ember is going for 600g these days, which is a total joke for a part of a skill u can gain. To make things worse, u can use these HM skills in PvP, making the gap between F2P players and Whales even greater. As if Battlegrounds isnt already bad enough..
  10. I have to agree with u on this, i recently returned too after quiting for a year. But when i quit i already had a stage 6 legendary, so at that time, i had pretty high ap. Getting groups is just a pain in the a**, even atm i have 918 ap and it's hard finding groups for naryu sanctum or higher dungeons, cause everybody looks for 950+. This community in BnS has the most toxic and elite mentality i have ever seen in any MMO. The only thing that can actually help u to grow, is joining a social guild. A guild with 15-20 active members will certainly help u to achieve certain upgrad
  11. A year ago i stopped playing, at the time when BnS launched Ebondrake Citadel and Desolate Tomb. I have been playing my FM for 2 weeks now, thinking the flame build is still the better version. Because when i quit, the "ice rain" skill which is called "glacial beam" now, wasnt such a strong build. I've been testing my dps in F12, and i really dont know what to think anymore, glacial beam has become really strong to. I've been using frost build mainly for farming peaches, cause of the aoe, but still switch to Flame if i'm in a group. I see alot of FM's in dungeons going for the Fros
  12. Well, maybe i should have asked support for a reroll, like 50% of the players did a year ago. A rl friend of mine logged in last week, got his free legendary weapon, made it stage 1, and ended up with 6 slots, while he doesnt even play serieus. Another rl friend has 2 alts, all of his 3 characters had 6 slots at stage 2. Almost everybody i know ingame has had 6 slots by the time they reached stage 6. And u are telling me, u dont see a reason i should complain?? U said u got 14 legendary gem hammers from 2 events, split over 3-4 months, well i bet u can do the math and count how long it wo
  13. So, u are basicly saying that 80% of the players who have 6 slots at stage 2 or 3 just got something extra which isnt necessary? While the other 20% who were unlucky just have to suck it up and grind 1500g to unlock the last 2 slots? U do know u need 15 gem hammers for slot 5 and 22 gem hammers for slot 6. For something others get for free? Good luck getting all those from events. U ask me what i expect, these slots shouldnt be RNG, everybody who reaches stage 6 should have 6 slots, there is already enough RNG getting all your other stuff. Whats the point of all the gems u get from e
  14. I really dont understand that there arent more people complaining about these slots. Yesterday i upgraded my weapon from stage 5 to 6, after grinding masts for 2 weeks to find my wildwater bangle. And still only have 4 slots... I could have had 20 ap more, since the gems are waiting for me in my bank, how the hell is this fair??
  15. Taikan skin costs 5g to send to an alt... wtf NCsoft BnS is Alt unfriendly, it's also the reason i dont really invest into alts. We should have an account wide bank tab, it's so stupid having to pay gold for items u worked for, just to send them to an alt. Same with wardrobe, why the hell isnt this account wide? Do they really think i wanna unlock certain outfits 2 or 3 times? We buy a costume for 20€, and have to pay 6 stamps (6 x 19 ncoin = 114), around 1.5€ to send it to an alt, that's just ridiculous.
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