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  1. Yes this is infact the first time I'm seeing a GM in this game interacting with the community for feedback.. but here's what I would like to be changed on trove (after opening around 500 or so keys so far) I'll start with what I want gone as they are out dated so I'm not sure why these are even included in a crit. More than half of these show up in a 2 star crit, and they are absolutely useless for current content, mainly due to soul boost just giving us all the items all the way till Silver Steel, and 6v6 being just completely dead. The psyches especially, are 5 years old. I d
  2. yes also want it, put it in f10 plz
  3. plz fix. at least make it so if we don't toggle pvp we don't get killed by random idiots thinking they are pvp masters killing afk people.
  4. most people just don't bother reading guides and expect to be carried, so most higher gear people just outright ignore join requests from anyone w event gear
  5. If archer isn't yun-exclusive im quitting game
  6. There are many progressive raids which you can easily find if you look/ ask around, these types of raids where you spend learning the mechs of each boss as a team is way better than joining raids where the team was already established(these are the types of raids where they look for people who have similar exp). If you don't have the exp join a progressive raid or create one. First you do Boss 1-2, then Boss 1-3, then you go on to 1-4 few weeks of wiping later.
  7. Afaik Yuns aren't actually female, they are gender neutral futas
  8. if we get the HM Skill frost fm will just be even more of a meme in 6v6, atm in pve frost fms dont even depend on snowball dmg, its all about holding 2
  9. Heh.. you should know better than upgrading to latest nvidia drivers, they are always bugged at first.
  10. Everything is fine actually except for that GPU, its weak af and you won't be able to run many games on even normal settings with it
  11. If your ping is higher than 150 you would have a hard time with it I suppose, just go to Soguns and practice blocking orbs there, as they travel at same speed and such.
  12. All good, though a bit more VRAM (GPU's memory) would be preferable
  13. takes upwards of 12 hrs if its your first time buying ncoins
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