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  1. Well first of all, you need to have decent gear, regardless of class. PVP soulshields: 5x Elder + 3 Challanger should be fine, fuse them to reach at least 2k crit def, rest into piercing and crit. Mystic badge: Fire - Skyrift, Ice - Pulse Soul Badge - I prefer red one for frost armor extra 20% healing, really helping t stay alive. My build: Some times i switch phantom grip to shadowgrasp, and frost burst to ice coil , depends on classes in the enemy team. For BM block spam, and BD spin spam you can use frost tornado/phantom
  2. @FrozenB FM's are so good, that there was not a single one in EU regional championships, and none of 3 teams with FM from NA regional championship passed through. So maybe 1vs1?, lets look at the current EU ranking and how this most played class perform: 351 SUM's in gold or above 337 BD's in gold or above 282 BM's in gold or above 277 KFM's in gold or above 274 SIN's in gold or above 262 WL's in gold or above 238 DES in gold or above 182 FM's in gold or above 152 SF's in gold or above Yep, FM's are so op right no
  3. As a matter of fact there was 3 teams in NA with FM in the group, none of them passed through though. You can check it here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/171986298
  4. @Karurosuda nice post, maybe you have also some tips for summoners? It's a hardest matchup for me when i play WL, and still don't have any good idea how to deal with them.
  5. Agree, you don't really need a skill to reach gold as BD, and they are in almost every team on tournaments for some reason. They was op even before skill revamp, and then they've got defence/deflect penetration soaring falcon with full focus regen and KD in one skill (18s cd) plus ability to use Maelstorm with deflect spin.
  6. I started to play with my alt WL (~800 AP now), i have few questions about ToI: 1. Shadow is far much better than Ice there? 2. Which badge should i use? 3. Should i go for 5 Challanger/3 Sparring or rather 5 MSP/3 Challanger? 4. Can someone post builds for each classes (for current skill patch)? I only found outdated ones. 5. Any tips&tricks, ways to"fool" bots mechanics for certain opponents? I will be very gratefull for any answers or usefull links
  7. It's not multiple blaze, it is shadowgrasp effect from VT mystic badge: Each successful cast of [fire 4] Shadowgrasp grant Hellfire. Hellfire will deal bonus Additional Fire Damage equal to 8500% of AP in an AoE over 5 seconds. Burning Warpath will ignore Block and Deflect.
  8. Force Master was good at max lvl 45 times, but after this NC$oft renamed class into Nerf Master, and it became trash tier in pvp, and stay like this. There was always less force masters in gold or above rank in 1vs1 than any other class, even if FM is probably most played class, at least on EU, but i think NA is similar. There is a small light at the end of the tunnel, and i mean those changes from KR: April 27, 2017 Backstep M3 Cooldown decreased to 12 sec from 36 sec Cooldown set to 36 sec when used while inflicted by stun, daze, knockdown, u
  9. It would be so dumb, for example lvl 20 character with 100x Desolate Tomb achievement or Naksun under 2 min. XD It should stay like it is now, maybe they could add some better items to achievement merchant, cause when You already have hongmoon pellet you won't get anything good.
  10. You just confirmed all op said. Conclusion is: Any other class: don't make a single mistake from above points, and You will win BM: wait for one opponent mistake to win.
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