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What's Warlocks double CC?


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8 hours ago, DomiSotto said:

I did a quick search, but cannot find any information as to how Warlock can cc a boss as a class. I assume you combine X with something, but what? Thank you!

Depends on what you wanted to spec tbh. But mostly used would be Double KD or Double Stun

Double stun would be your Q spec'd to T2 F2 and your X Spec'd to T3 F3
Double KD would be your Quell (1 then F) since you need to be hit, that would be T3 F2 then spec your X to KD

You can also double daze if you spec your X to daze T3 F2 and your 3 for daze, (though you will be losing dps by having your 3 spec'd to daze since you wont have the reset for your wingstorm)

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I think this is about it ....


X : Single Knockdown (or) Daze (or) Stun

Q : Single Stun

F : Single Stun

1 : Single Knockdown (proc off a Block)

3 : Single Daze


Ive heard people say that in a future release Q will be a double stun (and also we get a hongmoon skill later that makes 3 daze on every hit, which would make it a double)




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34 minutes ago, 882184_1452550488 said:

you can spec 1 F for kd + x on kd , leach stun + Q thrall for x2 stun, so you can have 2 stun 2 kd..

there is a soul badge from tower that makes your qull become x2kd.


this one ?




Confused as it doesn't say anything about being 2x - mmmm


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Double cc is essential for latest dungeons. A lot of people, including Warlocks themselves, underestimate WL ability to double cc in dungeons which is quite disheartening. There are few times I was kicked out of party for being a 2nd Warlock since "warlock can't cc" but they absolutely can.

Here is my set up in current dungeons where double cc is critical:


Asura 2nd boss: 2 stun and 2kd

2 Stun - Thrall (Q), and Leech (F). Leech is like a mini Soulburn so it's thought to sacrifice it and lose huge dps, but you don't need dps for this one particular boss in Asura. Also need Brand so always have your (2) ready.

2 Knockdown - (X) and Quell Repulse (F). If you do not have the badge, you will need agro and let it throw something at you so you can counter it.


Nexus: 2 Daze/2stun/1kd,1daze,1stun - spec according to which your party has. 2KD may not be possible without Badge.

2 Daze - (X) + (3)

2 Stun - (X) + Thrall (Q)

1kd+1+daze+1stun - (X) knockdown, (3) Daze, and (Q) Thrall stun


Having H.M Volley, I rarely need my (3) to reset since a lot of boss throw AoE which I can iframe to reset Wingstorm so I always set (3) and (X) for double daze just in case tank got grabbed, or someone's cc is on cooldown in Yeti.

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1 hour ago, 882184_1452550488 said:

you get it from tower of infinite, you need 70 tribute tokens for premium and for non premium i think its 90?;o not sure.. 

Oh, boy, the lock is a high-maintenance class. I'll get on it once I am done with the story. Ouchie.

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Tried the Q+X yesterday with some success, but I find it a bit hard to make the Thrall jump, and I will need to bind X  on a mouse button and muscle memory it in, because the way it is laid out on the keyboard makes it too slow for my hand to do Q-X combo.

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