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  1. I'm sitting at just over 600AP and pretty well capped out stats for soulshield and he can still put me in a world of hurt if I don't pay attention. Big thing with 8.2 and 8.3 is not letting him get close to you. Keep your distance, if he moves behind you move to the side. If he gets you in a lockdown chain you're done. You should be moving constantly, if you get stuck, block until you can get out. Save Bastion (Z) for the big fire AOE. It's still not a joke fight with higher stats, and takes a bit to learn his patterns. You should be running full dark build with Ice Wingstorm for more mobil
  2. Also, while leveling, don't kill one mob at a time. You're an AE machine, so use that to your advantage.
  3. That's pretty low for those stats. Honestly, your ping is what's killing you. Full dark build you need to be able to basically spam 4, RMB, and F in very quick succession to get all 3 off between wingstorm ticks to do optimal DPS.. Also your RMB needs to salvo every single time. With bad ping, I'd actually recommend going Ice build because of the longer downtime between skills. Dark build just doesn't play nice with high ping.
  4. I thought we were just unlucky on our last run for the daily. Usually 3-4 in the chest, and got nothing.
  5. The whole problem with BNS system is you need the gear to get the gear. It's not specific to dungeons, it's everywhere. Moonstones from F14-15 of the tower is a classic example. This game is very unfriendly to new players who are just hitting 50. To answer the OP.. A) you shouldn't ask for AP over your own unless you specifically post you want to get carried. Use LFP if nobody joins your group. B) If someone joins that far under the requested AP, I'd ask them to leave C) If someone is within 10-20 AP that's close enough - 10-20 AP doesn't matter, and if the
  6. This is a good thing for people with low gold. You don't need gold for anything other than buying materials you aren't willing/able to farm. The break-through (gold) costs can be earned from a single day of dailies. Having everything on the market super cheap right now means everyone can upgrade their shit a lot faster/easier. I did 2 major upgrades this week because of the lower prices when I couldn't have afforded one of them a weeks ago (even at the discounted break-through rates) There's no reason to amass wealth in this game other than buying materials you can't/won't farm
  7. Des/BD grab is a godsend since the restraint skills were added. All other classes can dish out MASSIVE free damage while you hold the mob. Honestly, if the meter actually attributed that damage (or even a portion of it) to Des/BD you guys would top the parse every fight.
  8. Then it's likely the first - They are using damage skills that don't generate threat as a good portion of their DPS. Like FM Frost Palm T4F2. Most non-tank classes have a similar skill, though some builds may not use them.
  9. Either they are using skills that don't generate aggro and you're not.. or they suck, and you don't.. :)
  10. Definately use Helix for this unlock. You just need to hit them, not kill them. Now getting to the end of Nexus can be a nightmare, but as long as you can survive 3 wingstorm casts you'll have it unlocked. Other classes have it much worse off where their skill is on a 30-45 sec cooldown.
  11. You also can't compare theoretical DPS to actual performance. Casters will generally win long term because they don't have to chase a boss. Melee DPS classes (Sins and now SF I guess) need to do more burst damage to be on par with a FM/WL/SUM. You also can't look at DPS in a 20-30sec fight because cooldowns and rotation play into it. To get a true representation of what class has the best DPS would require a 5 minute dummy fight using perfect rotation and execution in the exact same gear and dividing the total damage done by number of seconds from first to last hit (300) to get t
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