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  1. I'm sitting at just over 600AP and pretty well capped out stats for soulshield and he can still put me in a world of hurt if I don't pay attention. Big thing with 8.2 and 8.3 is not letting him get close to you. Keep your distance, if he moves behind you move to the side. If he gets you in a lockdown chain you're done. You should be moving constantly, if you get stuck, block until you can get out. Save Bastion (Z) for the big fire AOE. It's still not a joke fight with higher stats, and takes a bit to learn his patterns. You should be running full dark build with Ice Wingstorm for more mobil
  2. Which is why I'm not bothering with Legendary on my WL unless for some unknown reason I end up rolling in so much gold I could max it out in one shot.
  3. Forgot to add, what's your Ping? WL Dark build (Salvo / Helix) is pretty ping dependent for maximum DPS. (getting as much as you can between wingstorm ticks)
  4. Your wingstorm DPS actually looks a little low. With full dark build, wingstorm should be ticking almost constantly provided you're optimizing hitting salvo and dark rupture, and doing everything else you can to reset wingstorm. Mantra is absolutely necessary on full dark build though, or you'll be out of focus all the time.
  5. To use Q and E you need to be in melee range in Martial stance and have a target. In Force stance you do not need a target. You also need to be in combat, I don't think either works out of combat, but honestly never tried. You should also check your keybindings to make sure Q and E are actually bound. I somehow unbound my Space bar once through some funky key combination without knowing it.
  6. You sure you're playing a soulfighter? Martial stance Q (Shadow Dance) and E (Footwork) give you a 0.5 sec invulnerability and put you beside the mob Force Stance Q (Left advance) and E (Right advance) give you a 0.5sec invulnerability and move you 7m behind the enemy or 5m forward if you don't have a target Burning Tundra is your V skill in Force stance, which you may have spec'd to whirlwind. Burning tundra spec'd as I mentioned above is a pretty significant heal and good damage if you alternate LMB > RMB quickly while it's active. 4x RMB and
  7. Honestly, if it's pissing you off this bad at level 20, I'd leave now and never come back.
  8. I don't agree with soulshields, but I do agree with accessories. Re-farming the soulshields and weapon are already enough of a grind for an alt. Having to do all the jewelry which is the same for every single class is daunting. Yes it's easier now, but still not to the point where it makes sense wasting any money on an alt. I'd play my alts a hell of a lot more if I didn't have to re-grind the accessories. I have 3 level 50's and I'd level 3 more, but there's no point.
  9. Q,E,SS are your friends. He was a little rough when I did it on my SF, but not unmanageable. Spec RMB to Right punch T4F4, and use Elbow Smash T4F1 to get behind him. This is on a 3 second cool-down so use it often. Make sure you hit it a 2nd time to get behind the guy. Once you're behind him you'll have him frozen in place for some easy DPS, and Right punch can keep him locked down for a while. Use Lightning Fist(T2F1) and F(Breeze Kick) to gain focus back. I used Burning Tundra T4F1, and Snowball T3F1 mainly for heals. This was really the first semi-challenging figh
  10. Also, while leveling, don't kill one mob at a time. You're an AE machine, so use that to your advantage.
  11. That's pretty low for those stats. Honestly, your ping is what's killing you. Full dark build you need to be able to basically spam 4, RMB, and F in very quick succession to get all 3 off between wingstorm ticks to do optimal DPS.. Also your RMB needs to salvo every single time. With bad ping, I'd actually recommend going Ice build because of the longer downtime between skills. Dark build just doesn't play nice with high ping.
  12. +1 to all of these - Add in further reduction in materials needed for upgrades, shared bank slots, extra free spin on trove event when wheel is down. Some games even give Store credit for every month you sub.. like 250-500 HM coins a month.
  13. At least BNS isn't handing out legendary weapons in the cash shop (and only the cash shop). Could be far worse, and they need to make money somehow. Either NC makes money or there is no game. I'll take having a great game to play on the backs of those who like to spend "fistfuls" of cash for it.
  14. I thought we were just unlucky on our last run for the daily. Usually 3-4 in the chest, and got nothing.
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