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  1. well since the last patch some stupid bug happens for my wl when i fly to boss or after i kill the skills bar became gray and be unusable to do anything and here is a pic https://ibb.co/Dpyd6R8
  2. already did still the same, and already sent them waiting for reply
  3. as the title says since like 9 hours or so, i can't connect from launcher and it keep giving me failed to log in try again later (0) and (1) did everythings changed dns and even resetted my router nothing works and i rarely see start game after i write my pin it some times gives me server under maintenance msg, and when i log in successfuly into the game everything works fine in outside word but in F8, it keeps stuck me in 0 loading 4 ever any fix or me alone or what although it's the 1st time i see this since the lvl 50 content
  4. yea they must Fix that cus it's soooo bad i tried it 3x times maybe i find something good or to be fixed but it's the same i still find the 100 soulstone crystal
  5. that's why i didn't comment since i made the topic cus i don't know what they thinking, like trusting some over thousands it's abit accusing us of stupidity or something don't know what to say tbh
  6. i just dunno what happening here, none said anything about if it's a bug or they realy nerf it we need someone to tell us what is happening here if it's a bug we need a fix if it's a hidden nerf under the table so prepare a sec way to get it so simple
  7. so they nerfed the droprate of the 10 moonstone bundle just like i expect,i dunno why they think that the10 moonstone can be used to upgrade so many stuff ...
  8. as the title said, did u lower the 10 moonstone bundle from naksun or removed it by mistake cuz i already did 100 runs without seeing any, kinda weird as i did the same before update and found many of it
  9. also ppl can be mistaken abt who uses macro and who doesn't, like i remember ppl were accusing some that uses macro cuz been killed in arena like 5 or 6 times in a raw from the same person
  10. wel the picures will tell u everything http://imgur.com/a/kOsEm well the problem is that i can't register naryo foundary in the X server as i can't see it in the dungeons list and that because i have ivory weapon and it need true scorpion pls fix it fast if u can
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