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  1. Hello sir, I want to apply to be a nanny for a panda inside your clan, I am caring can handle budgeting of food, do groceries and household chores. I also play a gunner and wanted to join VT. Thank you for your kind consideration, Nanny
  2. Starting BT Group - Group 1 (Master Hong/Gunma/Taywong)

    hello sir pick me sir :3
  3. What's Warlocks double CC?

    Depends on what you wanted to spec tbh. But mostly used would be Double KD or Double Stun Double stun would be your Q spec'd to T2 F2 and your X Spec'd to T3 F3 Double KD would be your Quell (1 then F) since you need to be hit, that would be T3 F2 then spec your X to KD You can also double daze if you spec your X to daze T3 F2 and your 3 for daze, (though you will be losing dps by having your 3 spec'd to daze since you wont have the reset for your wingstorm)
  4. » PawnHub | Cerulean Order | PvX | Discord

    Heya guys. im so sorry we haven't updated the thread. We need atleast 570+ AP currently. considering how old this post was.
  5. Warlock isn't great in PVE.. sadly.

    Warlocks may not have enough utilities. But we are the best mob-clearing class. Idk how are you trying to miss leech when you can just summon thrall and let it vacuum all mobs, while you keep your distance, leech and dps while you're siphoned. Heck it's a cakewalk to solo a bridge in Asura 4 man.
  6. Need advice against Pyre Lord in Necro

    No need to Soulburn/Time Distortion on pyre lord really. What you do is spec your thrall to gravity well, then do the following 1. Summon Thrall 2. Launch thrall to the pyre lord 3. get in melee range with the pyre lord 4. V>2>F>Z>V then either spam it with Helix/Call Should be dead by then.
  7. » PawnHub | Cerulean Order | PvX | Discord

    Hey there, can you please send a whisper to one of the vets or advisor, to get an invite. Sadly im still at work ;c
  8. » PawnHub | Cerulean Order | PvX | Discord

    Already accepted Tsuuh, Welcome! :D Hey Pedorina, I'm at work atm but I told one of my officers to send you a pm in game and we'll add you on board. See you when I get home! c:
  9. The "Share your Couples" Thread

  10. Perfectly said there Luna c:
  11. Looking for Casual Guild - Crimson Legion

    Invests, see also our clan post on Gunma section for more info
  12. Looking for Casual Guild - Crimson Legion

    I can adopt you if you change to blue c:
  13. » PawnHub | Cerulean Order | PvX | Discord

    Heya, I'll add you once I get home or just message one of the veterans from the clan c:
  14. » PawnHub | Cerulean Order | PvX | Discord

    Updated the clan information. 10 slots open!