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  1. Can't submit tickets

    email directly with the address LiriC provides or use a different browser.
  2. our x

    I don't see much of a nerf here. From what I see, it makes SB rotation a lot less focus demanding. And that -1s cd on Leech on Wingstorm hit is a huge boost for dark build, especially those who have badges. The damage decrease on those PvP skills, I say it's a fair re-balance if you don't know how broken those 2 skills are in Arena. If you don't pvp, this change doesn't mean anything to you. As for decrease of SB crit damage, I'm a bit two sided on this but I don't think it will do anything to your dps in party play. Since SB affect party as a whole, you won't suffer in DPS alone on this one. Removed 20% movement speed increase - is a bit of a let down but I guess this makes it fair for melee class.
  3. Why isn't there a Tanking/Healer design

    Assuming you are not including the latest 24m raid. You really don't need specific class to enter any dungeon at all. I had a 700ap Force Master to tank for Naryu Foundry. As for Ebondrake Citadel, FM, BM, BD can actually compensate for the lack of stealth with their party protection, that is if none of them are paralyzed by the darts which is simple to do in 6m, 4m on the other hand is a bit tricky but doable. To sum up, you don't have to be that picky with your team. The traditional tank/healer (and stealth?) make the mechanic a lot easier but not necessary when it comes to being overly picky and wasting time to look for a specific class.
  4. Warlock Arena its a joke?!?!?!?!?

    Warlock overall is the most cancerous class in 1v1 Arena. While it lacks mobility, it has the most terrifying 15s buff and skills that can obliterate any class under 5 seconds. It is certainly harder to learn in beginning compared to other class like BD, Des, and Summoner who are rumored to be the most hated classes in pvp arena. But make no mistake, at expert (Gold) levels, Warlock is the biggest scum of all. You can make a minor mistake against any class and still have somewhat of a chance of surviving and retaliate. A single mistake against Warlock is a certain death.
  5. Best looking Sword

    This is the sword skin I want which I don't think there's any equip-able version of it available in game or F10. The handle seems to be a bit glitched with the tail (whatever the red hair is called) is glued to the grip. Anyway this is a screenshot of Yunma Khan's weapon during Silverfrost Citadel quest. It looks quite neat compared to Seraph plus its bright silver ish color makes this a weapon skin I wish to have.
  6. BM Pure dps only ?

    You don't have to spec agro if you don't wish to tank. However, you will have difficult time chasing your target if a range class like FM has agro. Secondly, you don't necessarily have to block all the time and sacrifice your dps. You are freely to move around, kite, Q/E/SS around your target as you normally deal damage.
  7. Warlock Arena its a joke?!?!?!?!?

    While inside tornado, drop Sanctum and you can out brute any Destroyer. I just simply stand in Sanctum and Soulburn, any smart Destroyer would run, not keep spinning. Warlock is the biggest brute in the game when standing inside Sanctum.
  8. Warlock Arena its a joke?!?!?!?!?

    Warlock has a high learning bar in beginning. But once you get to a decent level of pvp mastery, anticipate and waste their iframes, your warlock become a quite cancerous class in 1v1 Arena. Warlock is the only class that can eat all Destroyer red tornado and give no ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about it and have burst skill that 100-0 anyone under 5 seconds. You of course have to trade those advantage for mobility and long cool down.
  9. New to warlock

    Warlock is more of an endgame class. It's terribly weak and slow in beginning. Honestly, Warlock is the only class I enjoy but I would never recommend it for new players. In pvp, I don't think this class is possible at early levels, especially without its TAB skill unlocked at level 45, Soulburn, obliterate, and Time Distortion. Grinding as Warlock Warlock is the best for few things, AoE damage is one of them so use it to your advantage: 1. slap some paper to a few mob: around 3~7, know your limit. 2. Find a way to group them into one spot a. Buff up your Z then quickly Summon thrall with its Vaccum (Gravity Well) b. Have mobs approach you in one direction, use Repulse (F) and push them all into a single spot. c. Cast a cc (X - group knock down) or AoE snare (2 first left tree) - be sure to stay on circle (5m) or they'll glitch out and reset their HP - they're snared and at 5m they won't bite you. 3. Execute the group of mob with your skills. If you use Ice build, the knock down give you 2s enough for a dragoncall and a quick V, or Imprison (3) should those two skills are on cool down. Use RMB (3rd tree from the left) and mow down any survivor. If you use the group snare, it should give you 5~8s to do whatever you want.
  10. Do your main yellow quest and do surveys. All of your equipment progression are covered until Lvl.50
  11. Is it worth to play warlock?

    During Soulburn, using Rupture is a waste of time. Its damage is bad, it doesn't reduce enough cd, and yes, it has longer casting time compared to Awk.Bombardment spam. Compared to mantra, which is 5s of unlimited focus and around 7s to waste it all, using Rupture every 3s to which offer barely half of your focus bar is counterproductive. Of course, you shouldn't need any of those two skills as long as you are in Leech and have your 2 spec in very right side, or HM 2 of the very left tree, and HM Sanctum middle tree. To OP: there are 2 skills set to Warlock, Ice (dragoncall and bombardment) or Dark (Helix and Volley) As for damage goes, both are the same. In a perfect situation (100% critical hit and reset cd on every 8s SS), Ice build can be very terrifying. But that situation is quite difficult to produce. As for convenience, Dark build is the victor. It ignores Brand or Target and is far more acceptable for mistakes than Ice build. Outside of Soulburn: that's for you to youtube and practice. During Soulburn: same for both builds, you spam RMB and 4. For ice, just spam RMB until your 4 is available, very easy. For Dark, this requires a bit of timing and practice. Which should you use? Obviously both. Using both builds mean you have more options and tools. And as all professionals say: gotta bring the right tool for the right job. Plus, by restricting yourself to just one build, that's just dull.
  12. [QoL]Remove Dimensional Charge

    Isn't the whole charge thing what make the rotation difficult and lovable for you? Unless you are implying there are something else about Warlock that is complicated that I do not know about.
  13. Test KR server skill change question

    Warlock can pretty much kite everything even with Ice (dragoncall) build. By increasing its cool down by 0.5s will not affect Warlock gameplay much in PvE. I stopped PvP quite ago but my experience with 1700s 1v1 rank tell me Warlock won't being spamming their Block either unless they are cornered and have no offensive plan. So that increased in block cool down, overall, have far too little effect on how I currently play this class. Of course, that is assuming they aren't changing anything else beside the Block. There's no knowing yet how other skills will be changed and how this new Block will play a role in the new Warlock game play.
  14. 500 gold coin bid war for noble of the sea

    Are you admitting to be a gold buyer? :)
  15. Achievements

    I definitely think Achievement should be Account Bound for few reasons: 1. I'm lazy - selfish reason indeed but I also don't have time to do Yeti 100 times again for that AP Bonus. 2. Achievements are earned by players, not their in game characters. If a player acquire an achievement, all of his/her characters in the game should receive it as well. So 2 :)