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How to keep my cat alive in Avalanche Den?


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well firstly, spec into House Cat if you arn't, it makes it really tanky.

second, use Z.

I personally heal my cat when near or below 50% hp.

Doom & Bloom also heal the cat too.

If you want an extra cat heal, you can spec C to heal in exchange for your Daze.

You can also spec Z to give your cat extra AOE def, but I dunno if it works for yeti's attacks


I've never had to recall my cat in yeti, my cat only dies when I don't pay attention.

There should be plenty of time for you to realize your cat is about to die and take appropriate action.


There are two attacks you should be aware of for your cat, the jumps and the clap.

Your cat should be able to survive each of them long enough for you to heal it with Z, or C if speced to heal


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You can let your cat chase after the yeti to his heart's content, as long as the yeti doesn't jump around too much, especially in case of ranged tank.


I mostly Doom'n'Gloom to heal my cat, and his HP is around 80-100%. When yeti sucks heat, I spam Q to taunt, forcing yeti to jump and fall at the same place for people to CC.


If the cat is knocked down when Yeti does a small jump where he stands up rubbing his butt and CC-able, I spam C to make my cat stand up quickly, then Hammer + Thorn Strike Daze to grapple for free DPS time.


Also, you can use your Q to make your cat survive the the icicle falling phase, or the ice slam (if won't get frozen).


Aside from Heat and Ice Phase, you can also abuse root in other time. Yeti will stand still and your cat will move to behind the boss by itself.

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@Alysha HawkeyeDoom is not enough, it's the only skill I've used for healing the cat up to date.


I don't dare to use Q. Random people and even my clan leader once told me that they sometimes kick Sums from Avalanche parties because they tend to mess things up with Q. Many people don't seem to know it's a legitimate way to run the heat phase. I didn't before yesterday either. Preventing conflict is my middle name ingame^^" But thanks for all the Q advice, once I have a fixed party going I'll be sure to use it!


@Gamer4ever I guess I should have enough time... trouble is I concentrate so much on the yeti mechanics and my character's health that I forget to keep an eye on cat HP too. I'm aware that summoner is the easiest class in BnS. But "cat management" must be the most complicated thing to learn about sums...

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@Eneraia You could always just spec cat off of taunt and mass sit him as not to interfere with the tank. It sounds like you aren't strong enough to ever steal aggro from the tank or an fm in your party, so this would be a really newbie way of doing it. 


However, cat tank is good for some things in yeti. You can have your cat get knocked down purposely when yeti jumps into the middle for the heat sucking and by being "knocked out" the cat avoids the "dazed" status of getting sucked in. Then he gets back up at the correct time to be able to sit down when he's about to grab someone, thus changing aggro to the cat and grabbing a resistant cat and jumping pretty much in the middle again to be cc'd twice. This allows for more organization. Especially in 4 mans where you don't want him jumping around. This is the only time you should sit the cat down, unless you're the tank. **Edit: This is also good if you want to be the ccer. Because he basically jumped right on top of your cat that is in taunt so cat will resist the damage from the jump then you can do a double daze with your hammer and thorn strike thingy when the cc indicators open up. Most summoners use the double cat stun because the cat is usually not near the yeti and if he is, cat probably will have been knocked out. Though the double stun is bad to use because its stacked with your pin down. So if someone else double cc's you will have accidentally pinned him down trying to press your double stun button. >< 


This might be opinionated advice. But in my experience, no one will really care if you sit your cat down during the taking ice phase. People will be too busy sitting in ice or orbing the ice to care who has aggro. And aftewards, it is just mass iframing anyways. 


And as someone has mentioned already. Remember to spec house cat and huzzah your cat! Huzzahing your cat is nothing to be ashamed of. 


I honestly do not have any problem with cat death with my cat at 70k hp. (cat's hp is dependent on your AP and specing house cat or alley cat) in yeti. So when you get more AP you'll probably have to worry about your cat less and less. And remember that true friend is a good skill but it does take away your cat's hp. So I wouldn't really use true friend during the heat stage. I would party seed shroud the two heat phases where he does his big jump. Use beckon as the iframe for the third big jump in the third heat phase. And then party seed shroud the initial cold phase where he first pours snowflakes (before the first taking ice stage begins). Then sit the cat down. Take ice. And them use true friend >> ss>> beckon (or in whatever order you want) to iframe any remaining cruxes. Then seed shroud the party again at big jump. 


It's also good to use party seed shroud since it also shields you and the whole party from those hurtful big jumps rather than a pet hp-wasting true friend that only protects you and cat. 


Not sure if this advice will be useful to you since I don't know what you know.


But, remember to huzzah if all else fails. Did you spec huzzah to heal 60percent? It's great cause you only need one huzzah to pretty much bring the cat back to around a good chunk of hp. 


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Making the cat crouch is your safest and best option. If you have a tank in the party, change crouch and take off the taunt.

Also if you glyph beckon (E) it resets the cooldown on your Q so if needed you can Q it then use E and Q again.


Also glyphing your backstep (SS) gives the cat a temporary immunity when used.


Also Note if you have at least 1 point in E, it gives you a 1-1.5s iframe when you recall the cat.

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1. Spec into House Cat

2. Spec True Friend for 5 seconds of invulnerable (for you and the cat)

3. Spec taunt for Q

4. Spec heal for Bloom 'N Doom

5. Either Q or recall (E) your cat when you see Yeti jumps

6. Huzzah! (Z) when your cat HP is too low but with House Cat mode, it should never be under 50%...

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