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  1. I just came back after 4months~ ish? Don't really know, and the seed shroud is now a double tap to activate the enhanced party seed shroud iframe? What the heck? Is there any way to disable this or something? I often fight in close range and cast seed shroud so often and having it being a double tap now combined with the frequency of use has me pulling off accidental enhanced seed shrouds >.> It doesn't help that my seed shroud button is actually z, not 4.. so it's also easily a button I hold down for a full second.. D:
  2. Well. In MapleStory. It used to take a couple months to get to fourth job (if you were playing hardcore) now it takes a day. Do I need a refund of my childhood?
  3. Parenthesis was not really being rude. Your first post made me think some of the same things he was asking. It's just a game and you have a friend so it'll be fun regardless. If you say you don't have much time to play and do not intend to pay, then you probably won't catch up to the end game which is a lot of the content tbh... So it is difficult to answer such a question when all of us are speaking primarily about end game. I don't pay either and when I make alts the game is painfully boring getting to lvl 50 with no friends. But they made it a lot easier to upgrade until oathbreaker? Then i
  4. There's always going to be upcoming games taking away player base of another game. Sometimes it's just hype. Sometimes it's real moving time. I've already quit bns, but no matter what game you go to, the community will probably suck, the way to upgrade will probably suck (if it's a grindy mmo), and with the type of attitude you have.. you're going to find a bunch of flaws with countless other games. It's just a game. If you don't have fun. Just move on. Sure, complaining on forums might cause ncsoft to take action and "improve" the game, but nobody here is really qualified to know what'll make
  5. If you're talking about the 1 and 2 numbers on their head, it should also be ctrl zero as the way to toggle it on and off with ctrl 1 as the boss countdown timer people use (or some people use it to indicate soulburn is coming). And then the other ctrl + numbers should be the others markers such as bomb, skull, triangle, square, heart, etc.
  6. You can't. it didn't let me. did it let you? mine had it greyed out. had 2 life drain and 1 insta recovery (?) square amythest. it let me use the 2 life drain only. Edit: Oh... thanks. e-e" that's dumb too... 3: sigh.
  7. Ceaseless spirit is also my favorite. The other ones that initially do not sound annoyingly high-pitched in the character creation screen, do have some annoyingly high pitched attacking and jumping grunts when you are in-game, imo.
  8. YEAH. But you'd need 81 of the same attribute (basically, one specific gem) square gems to even hit sparkling hexagonal if you wanted to make it yourself from scratch. I think they should have kept both methods. This one is less rng-y. and the old one is less work but more rng.
  9. So in the transmute tab for gems we can't rng make those boxes for each specific tier of gem type. It's now like a cascading build up starting from the square gem boxes? Like if I wanted a sparkling hexagonal amethyst, I'm now going to need 3 brilliant hexagonal purple same colors gems. And to make brilliant hexagonal purple same color gems, I'm going to need 3 (or rather, 9...) hexagonal purple gems? and yada yada. Another problem is, is that it seems that even though it only asks for "same color" it seems to only accept same attribute triplets. :l "The success rate f
  10. I mean like I don't know how you can complain about an outfit being rng. Ingame outfits are rng too. Ive spent like 30 hours trying to get spirit veil at forsaken crash. And I still don't freaking have it. At least with this outfit you can spend your paycheck getting it (or ingame gold which just equates to how much time you spend playing the game). Like, there is always going to be more and more outfits that you will end up liking more as time goes on. And if you're a collector, then bruh amp up your game. collecting is a hard life. Take responsibility for the
  11. I think you'll just get used to it. You should invest in completing those quests simply for more run from place to place. And the quests aren't hard it's usually bring back an item and try to jump into a large cliff or tree to get to him to turn it in. I was initially very bad at jumping stuff. But since nothing is changing in this game. All of it is just repetition. So it's easy when you do it so many times. And it's personally very fun. In dungeons it's like a game of how much shit mobs you can dodge or a race between party members in naryu to get to the switch. There's like 0 community aspe
  12. There's a lot of things to hate about a lot of characters. I hate how FM's bangle ribbon can't be coordinated for what color it will be instead we need to find a bangle (that might even be ugly af) to get that certain color you want. And why do they even have green instead of blue as a ribbon color? The problem with cats reskin to other animals is that it will literally be just that animal. I can't imagine them making customization npcs (that we have for cats) for every animal set they release. And I'm not sure it can really be just tacked onto the current customization because on
  13. If 500g was 12 dollars. I could barely buy any store outfits with hmcoins. and probably the korean version has a cheaper exchange rate because they have a larger supply of gold in the game so their gold is worth less. maybe? idk. don't quote me on this. @-@
  14. I get discriminated all the time on my alts. I just brush it off as trash people. :C I try to wear outfits that make me look less nooby when I'm on my alts. I'm wearing pale wanderer from 4 man yeti and merry potters hat. :x but people still think i'm a noob. They aren't exactly great for my alt anymore since i'm hm 5 now and yeti was nerfed. But I had it since I was hm 2 and people generally knew I was on an alt because of it back then. :x
  15. The problem with stuff like this is you just made someone pay 3g for some crap and he may not have even been the person who started the boss fight. It only takes one person to start a boss fight then everyone kind of has to follow even if they know they left someone behind since waiting for someone to die and reset the boss for an easy boss is kind of a waste of time for everyone. And if you're already mad and plotting revenge over something like this that could also have been a mistake, then you can just quit because this shit happens all the time. And if you're trying to point out at how the
  16. Guys... That blade dancer is also on my block list from wonder merchant days. He afked the whole entire awk necro run. What a small world.
  17. I don't think it had made any difference. Having it or not having it. I don't close the box. But I also don't often look at it while I'm fighting. Maybe because I'm trying not to die. When I'm in pugs, I'm just happy someone wasn't afk or purposely *cricket*ing shit up. I don't think it made enough difference to justify how worked up about it everyone seems to be. Though maybe it is clouding people's judgement. I haven't seen anyone get yelled at for poor dps yet.
  18. oh, I got it. basically what rainbow said and what I said. If you want to spam it, then you actually have to fight in melee range to get the projectile to hit faster because the distance between you and target is closer so that you have rosethorn hit the target sooner than later. This allows you to spam bee more. However if you fight in range, then you'll have to press it rhthmyically because you have to wait for it to hit and it may not be worth it dps wise. ;o
  19. To base an event around one aspect of the game is kind of sad tbh. Also, I don't think the ranking thing is working properly? I have 0 wins, and I got matched against people who have crit def and 90k hp and HM 11 that can carry their team hard so I doubt they have 0 wins as well whereas my team has hm 6s. Like, wth. And I'm not complaining about hm6s, it just made no sense. and yes, there are a lot of afks. I don't honestly care about winning, but it doesn't seem easy to fairly match people which makes the event kind of shit.
  20. It works for me though I never charged any ncoin. I guess it might be bugged for people who charged ncoin. :/
  21. Lol. idk why. but it works if you attack very slowly. ... maybe theres a time frame when it works. but that's pretty useless if you have to cast it very slowly and rhythmically.
  22. Also to add. That knockdown from summoner's beckon was actually more annoying than useful (as a joint knockdown). A lot of dumb summoners would recall their cat and accidentally apply the knockdown when we're supposed to let's say double cc yeti during heat phase. I saw it happen a lot. =-=" I get that it's an accident and low level summoners want to maintain their cat and keep it alive in yeti, but damn. blocking my double daze with that knockdown is so uncool. A lot of summoners also never really applied a double knockdown using beckon plus ankle biter because the animation is kinda long imo
  23. That doesn't matter for beckon. the iframe from beckon comes from 1 skill point into it since it says "resist damage and status effects" on the first line. This is like a 0.5 sec iframe. the block appraoch and block def thing is more for pvp-related things, I think? Most pve summoners put tier 3 stage 2 beckon because it has a pulling enemies effect/knowndown effect that will make it easier to mob things together as the beckon iframes all the mobs crowding you. Then you taunt and spam sunflower. But that's unrelated. The problem I have mostly with dodging 7 is ss. Using ss too lat
  24. I'd be nice if they gave everyone who is already geared like 10 untradable silverfrost trans stones just as a thank you for grinding through this hell or p2wing/supporting this game through this hell. It'd be a nice PR move for us staying players. And hopefully the new system might attract newer players. Though I don't think this change will affect how shit the community is so I'm pretty meh about it. I feel like easier upgrades might produce more shit players. My definition of shit players are people who don't want to learn mechanics even though people are happy to teach you.
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