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  1. I was merely replying to people who call the game easy and boring and annoying and still play it. Everyone wants something else, there´s no way to satisfy everyone. On that note, thanks for underlining my (subtle) point^^
  2. Oh and yes, it is definitely more fun with smooth gameplay. The screen freezes were reason nr1 I took a break from this game about one year ago.
  3. I did arena pvp on that laptop... only raids and some dungeon bosses should be a problem.
  4. Yep and it definitely wasn´t the graphic card, used nvidia settings to configure especially for BnS. No issues any more, slight fps drop in raids with tons of skill effects but nothing note-worthy. my chars used to freeze (10 sec screen freeze) on low-end setting (a checkbox in BnS settings). I guess I should uncap it from 60 FPs now (I set a limit). ms bothers me more... my stupid internet^^
  5. It´s the @2.80 hz. I used to own a laptop with a really crappy graphic card, i7 and @2.60 ghz. Same darn issues as you mentioned above. BnS is very cpu based, especially ghz. I tried a lot of advice, especially "unlocking" all cores to Bns, manually deactivating light/shadow settings and stuff like that - nothing worked. Now I play it on a PC with @3.60 ghz and I have no trouble at all any more. If you don´t believe me google fps guide blade and soul and try it... sorry I could not write more positive things.
  6. Really? didn´t work out so well for the pug party I was in. We failed at first boss actually and that was when I decided to do a bit more research^^ Bad luck I guess.
  7. Heya! The question is: now that we don´t receive any upgradeable accessories anymore, how do I get this belt that reduces brand damage from Asura? Necropolis for the scorpio belt is a bad idea as it´s pretty much a dead dungeon and due to its mechanics not soloable. Thanks.
  8. Annoying and boring? I ask you to attempt content (especially later dungeons) you´ve never done before. Don´t watch youtube. Don´t ask google. Don´t ask anyone. Just do it. With mechanics. The best I got called for doing so was "noob" (ok, that was annoying). The game only is easy cause devs failed to keep mechanics important, most players can just breeze through content depending solely on their gear. A way to resolve this would have been a group gear/difficulty system. Way too complicated to program in I guess. Plus, once you mastered the mechanics it´s easy again.
  9. To be honest I already have trouble with Mushin 16F, first boss of Outlaw and Summoners in ToI. My AP and HP are not the issue. Trouble is I suck at defending against CC and CCing myself (fire gunner). So if you know your class and all the mechanics by heart I guess you´ll always have it easy with the gear you got after the main quest (except for rage timers and high end dungeons).
  10. Noticed that there are no guys... or not many. Let´s be fair! Soulfighter...actually created him for trove event.
  11. Thanks for answering. I´m stuck to small steps and slowly increasing my AP, but it seems it will take a while as long as I stay f2p :D EDIT: Figure the first step towards increasing AP is upgrading the weapon, getting pinnacle accessories and running dailies for the gems. Still kinda nervous that I will *** up the dungeon mechancis of the more difficult ones haha
  12. Hello ! Started a gunner a few days ago after quitting the game for 1 year. Now I played through the whole main quest with no clue what to focus on next... What I´d like to know is which dungeons/areas I can run and which I will most likely get kicked out. And how to get to the point when I can join those more difficult dungeons too. Thanks <3 (Currently spamming celestial basin which is pretty easy as long as I´m not gang banged) Stats: https://postimg.org/image/5vznwfiwz/
  13. Well..there are 2 things that are weird then: 1. when he fell down he immediately decided all of them are dead without even checking at bamboo village which he knows? And when they didn´t come for him he decided they don´t want him instead of they can´t find him? I mean during the issue with jinsoyun a lot of our allies kept looking for Ryu. 2. of course he got found by some royality that´s based in Zaiwei.... though he fell from the sky at the other end of the world. doubt it´s coincidence.
  14. Interesting thougt Fiana^^ Still doesn´t explain why he ended up kidnapped in a cave... Maybe he just recently regained his memories.
  15. Yeah, as so many MMOs nowadays the cash shop offers options to pay for stuff to win faster. You can still win without it but it will take more effort and time. I´ve played stuff like TERA, Black Desert and Archeage so I know it´s a trend. I actually saw quite a lot of players in lower level regions. Might be the time of the day. Ping is good for me usually - middle europe based. Sometimes my internet goes crazy but it´s on my side (browser test).
  16. I´m currently spamming celestial basin and everything is kinda easy. What items besides the mystic badge am I supposed to get? erm... True Shot SS is the last one I got from main quest. I suppose that´s the MSP one. Never saw BT/Raven...maybe it was one of those from before... I deleted them x.x
  17. Ouch that´s possible? Anyways, kind of wanting to know what Mushin´s up to, he´s confusing. I mean he´s kinda saving the world at times but wants to destroy it himself?
  18. Same problem haha (but i played from lvl 1). Only 830 Ap currently. Gearing up sounds quite complicated... the best way to get this 60 AP diamond gem is spamming daily challenges and transmuting? This will take forever :D Also, should I get the MSP soul shield? is it the best right now?
  19. Please don´t look if you haven´t played through the whole main quests :D Seems we can´t change color or do spoiler formatting anymore. So who else facepalmed when a certain little guy decided to join a certain dark tall and old - sorry handsome - by the end? I was like: wtf is everyone betraying us? Does even this little guy we raised for a few years want to pull a Sasuke? Whyy? If you have played through it all you can count on 4+ hands how many times we got betrayed... it´s going from gripping to ridiculuous quite fast for me.
  20. Bad graphics? Don´t compare it to more realistic approaches like ESO please. It´s in anime style and meant to be. At max options it looks about like this most of the time: https://postimg.org/image/5tigcv8w5/ Better than TERA :D
  21. Pretty new character, please ignore the plebeian clothing :p Dark gunner.
  22. Hello all! I´m a returned player and decided to start a new character. While running through the main quests I noticed that you get pretty much gifted everything you had to work for before (weapons, cause no upgrades available below 50), complete soul shield (before you had to hunt it down on your own). Will this trend continue after lv 50/55? Or is it just for the lower levels to make them catch up to the real content? :D
  23. Bei der Waffe kenn ich mich aus (muss sie recyceln, dann die neu daraus resultierende Waffe upgraden), aber wie erfarme ich den Schmuck? Neu verfügbare Quests, lokale Dungeons?
  24. Ich bin mir unsicher ob ich alles richtig verstanden habe... das alte 500 AP+ ist das neue 650 AP+? Das heißt, meine hart erkämpften 500 AP sind der direkte Weg aus jeder Random Party? Ach du alter Schwede.... Hoffentlich gibt es eine Alternative zu Heroic Dungeons um besser zu werden. Immerhin sind meine Krit, Kritschaden und Genauigkeit gut, aber darauf wird ja kaum einer schauen.
  25. Ja, genau diese Kette mein ich :) Ich habe die Hauptquests allerdings schon sehr weit gespielt, gibt es eine Alternative an diese Gegenstände zu kommen, z.B. kann man sie irgendwo kaufen und wenn ja für welche Währung?
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