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I am struggling how to start and where to start with my items~

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I really really need help how to start my items.. I am currently at level 50 HM3(I know.. I am really bad with items!).. I don't need discord or skype or a company in-game, I only need a "what-to-do" List. Thank you for your time~~~


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Try upgrading your accessories next, they'll really boost most of your stats.  Also try infusing crit onto your soul shields if you haven't done so, if you can, replace your lvl 45 soul shields with lvl 50 since they have higher infuse.  In case you didn't know, the old weapon path will be gone on June 1st, which means you might want to upgrade to true pirate before then or you'll end up on the new weapon path.

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10 hours ago, Quantum said:

Try upgrading your accessories next, they'll really boost most of your stats.  Also try infusing crit onto your soul shields if you haven't done so, if you can, replace your lvl 45 soul shields with lvl 50 since they have higher infuse.  In case you didn't know, the old weapon path will be gone on June 1st, which means you might want to upgrade to true pirate before then or you'll end up on the new weapon path.

SoulShield is pretty easy to get just do the lvl 50 blue dungeon and they do give some good soulshields.

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1 hour ago, spongemike said:

SoulShield is pretty easy to get just do the lvl 50 blue dungeon and they do give some good soulshields.

Blue ss are easy to get, but what you really want are the level 50 heroic ones.  Mainly the Yeti/Asura mix, but you could go with Naksun too as it currently has the highest infuse stat.  Naksun soul shield is pretty easy to get as you don't even have to do mushin tower 9-15 to get it.  You can exchange 1 blackwyrm essence for 4 naksun badges from the faction npc in the tent in misty woods.

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I compared my BD (Yetan) with your character. We have almost the same accessories, except the stage of the belt, which doesn't affect attack power. However I have 28 more attack powers than you. You are using the +25 attack power gem, right? I don't think my Oathbraker stage 10 gives that much more attack powers than your Awaken Siren stage 8. Maybe I missed something, but either way you probably should get the weapon to stage 10 next.


My plan for the BD next is to upgrade her Pirate Bracelet to Awakened Oathbraker. It seems giving a higher attack power increase than my weapon upgrade (which is weird). Then I'll use the crystal from my mushroom dailies to upgrade my weapon to take advantages of the discount before the event expires.

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9 hours ago, Jenny Kim said:

@spongemike my soul shields is questionable~~ but I will try to use complete blue ones~


@Quantum I am not sure if I can get the soul shields in mushin tower.. I still cant finish room 4~~ (I just randomly press any keys) ....... (ㅠ_____ㅠ)

Your soul shields are fine, I just suggested replacing the 45 level purple soul shields with level 50 purple.  Sadly using level 50 blue soul shields would be a downgrade from what you're currently using.  If you've done blackwyrm, you don't have to mushin tower to get the Naksun Soul Shield.  On my alt, all I've done was blackwyrm and then exchange the essence I get from the chests for naksun badges and then buy a naksun soul shield.  But you can use this (https://bnstree.com/soulshield) to look at soul shield stats.


As for Mushin Tower, it takes practice and learning the boss's rotations.  But you might want to upgrade your ring, necklace, and earring to awaken siren then you'll start to notice a difference in your DPS.  Also, I just noticed we're same server and my alt is the same level.  lol




Ignore my soul shields, I'll most likely be replacing them all.  I'm just too lazy to do purple dungeons. xD

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Start farming a soul by runing naryu lab , it costs = 80 naryu relics+ 3 honorary ornament + 1 evolved stones . <= buy them from AH .


Get the pirate bracelet from bsh and upgrade it to awakened oathbreaker , it will gives you a huge crit chance + 10 AP+.


continue to upgrade your weapon to at least awakened pirate before 1st june . (you will need breakthroughs from runing 24man poh+nsh , or buy them with currencies if you have enough from event and dailies !


Vatch youtube videos about  your class and Mushin tower, it's a fun solo challenge and a good way to test your dps and improving it !


Always aim for Ap + crit chance + crit dmg , and later some accuracy !





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since i had the time, and have nothing to do, while waiting for raptors to spawn. what i did to catch up in the current server im playing. this is quite long.

1.get lvl 50 ss, change ur 45 ss. full yeti preferrably for now. or full set naryu for hp . do naryu lab dailies to start farming the pcs so u can get ur soul +attack power. u can do naryu once a day so u can do other stuff not just farming the pcs.
2. finish silverfrost mountain dailies, if u have party start from frostscale basin (upper left hand side of silverfrost map). if u dont and  u dont mind the exp ur missing, start from northreach>herbalist lodge take all the quests from the noticeboard. take all the silverfrost valor stones, never take the keys since u can just buy them from the market. u will be needing the stones for oathbreaker equipments u might have thrown or u can either buy colorful powder which u can sell to guilds for their outfits.

3. farm Soulstones and gold to upgrade your weap and accessories. set a goal, true pirate weap and awakened accessories except for belt atm. u can use the  belt from awakened necro. start upgrading ur bracelet first, cost efficient  and boost tons of ap and cdamage, u can stop on awakened oathbreaker. next is weapon until awakened pirate, next is ring, earring and necklace to awakened siren for accessories in order. 
a. JOIN ZERG faction.(very important, it will take u a long way into end content, from SSP farming to Ethereal battlegrounds)
b. FINISH misty woods faction dailies,u can skip blackwyrm and pvp, if ur desperate u can also get soulstones from crimson beach and tomb of exile for some soulstones.
c. If u were Range, u can start farming Soulstone Plains at 380 ap  to secure dps but since ur kfm, u can start around 430-450 ap, but u can do some side quests with ur current AP.

   -SSP farming

   1. take all the quest except for quarry worries.

   2. all quests from npc if im not mistaken u get 36 soulstones,except for quarry worries

  3. 25 prestige points can buy u a quest from merchant right beside vault, +6 soulstones

4. if u are on crimson side. people on faction chat would be calling for YACHUN kill. this is also a daily quest that rewards 20 soulstones, it is the easiest quest u can  get. from crimson, u need to go to cerulean base without getting killed. safest way is to go to the right side of cerulean base, windrun on trees to get altitude and fly towards the base. u can join in killing him and take the quest he drops. 

5. side quests u can repeat are picking up dead bodies, usually u see a red or blue glow on the middle of boss mobs of ea base depending on ur faction. pick up the body and take it to ur npc and if u see a meteorite falling in one of the mines, go there and take the meteorite to ur npc, 5 stones ea time u finish this. no limit iirc, (abused by bots, only do this when u can)


6. MOONSTONE. this should be where ur main income comes from. you might reconsider creating a range toon or u can also do it on ur kfm as long as u dont die. if im not mistaken its 2g a piece on NA market right now but 3-5 g on other sea servers. u can start by killing KONTA or SULJUN. u get a key, u can sell the key , check market, and farm those or u can also kill the terrors during mining and open the box,

 with luck u can get 6 moonstones in a box.  thats 12g.  u can also get keys from raging sasquatch during mining phase , it spawns after killing the terrors, but if a different monster spawn on ur side, quickly switch drilling side. 5 mins before mining ends, usually, if mining doesnt get interrupted, grindtooth will spawn, last boss, u can get 1 or 5 key just from his box. u can start camping this if u need the gold. and i advise u to camp on the side of the driller where there's less people so u can secure ur dps. leave the zerg, u will never get a box, and if in any case they kill their grindtooth too fast, ur chances of getting a box on the less side is still higher.


if u feel that your ap won't cut the dps war on mining phase, u can camp konta and switch channels and check the phase,

battle:16 mins

capturing:10 mins 

mining:32 mins

i always take note in notepad the order of which channel ends so i can switch channels just in time for a konta or a grindtooth,


lastly, u can also do beastbog quest, and kill baylee or BBB to get frozen stingers, and finish the 1 gold quest. 

once u have 500 ap or above, u can start doing 4 mans and farm there.  

also finish ur daily challenge quest. 4/4 u might get lucky and get sealed flower which u can sell or get rng gold. highest ive seen is 100 gold from box.

dont miss cold storage dungeon too that quest is way too easy and do the 3 purple dungeons cept maybe for asura.


u can also chip in pvp dailies to get zen beans, in my case i didnt actually grind on pvp. just did the dailies that gives zenbeans, maybe 500 a day to get royal zen bean for rmb skill and did mushin, kept all the enlightened accessories. did those everyday so i wont have to waste a day farming them.

quick side note. dw grinding achievement points to 1250 to get lmb skill, it will come in time without u noticing it. utilize ur transmutation and salvage on I. not sure when do u need to start transmuting jewels and elements to level ur equipments but it will save u money compared to feeding purple/blue weapons at some point.


crafting never really pays off. takes a long time + u need investments, u might make money off it for 20g/day  (soulwarden) but Soulsone Plains Farming+dailies is way more better. It comes useful for guilds since they need a certain crafter of certain level to start crafting costumes and pellets.

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I'll give you my perspective being playing this game for a while maining Summoner.

First of all you should already have at level 3 the professions Merry Potters and Soulwarden..for your materials and transformation stones.

What i did is this..Struggled to get my weapon to A.Pirate->True Pirate(now True Oathbreaker as of new patch).Try to get your weapon True Oathbreaker(Lvl.5) and then next thing you should do is make your Awakened Oathbreaker Bracelet,gives you triple stats as you already have and it will boost you tremendously.Next you should strive for Awakened Siren accessories giving priority to Earring as it's the only one that gives you Accuracy.

Next farm Naryu Lab to get your Moonwater Soul and with a bit of luck make it Hongmoon Energy-Stage 1 and leave it there.

Next you need better gems AP-Life Drain-Add.Damage ones(not so important but worth spending some gold for them)

As far as your soulshields,I'd say go for No3--5-7 of Yeti ones(Critical/Accuracy),Then No6(121 crit) and No8(303 crit) of Naryu Lab and rest Scorpio ones.Then enchant them with Elite Critical SoulShields and Northern Critical SoulShields(marketplace) to amazingly boost your critical.

Now you don't need to really rush and get stressed about it,in my case where i needed to enchant something,I was just replacing it with Scorpio Accessories until i get my Siren ones done.I hope I helped you a bit and i wish you finally manage to make more progress :)

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