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  1. It always baffles me how hard it is for someone to get kill credit in some instances, and how easy it is for someone to AFK and do nothing for free credit in other instances. The logic in some of the game design just doesn't make sense to me. I'm not going to stereotype AFKers as high AP players. I've seen AFK leechers in all levels of gear, so I don't see this issue as favoring "high rollers". It is just poor game design. However, I do feel that the game designers lost their vision and value of the game while chasing dollars.
  2. Took me several tries after madly clicking mouse buttons to realize that buying is changed to double clicking the left mouse button. I seriously thought my UI was bugged. And, that button next to the chart button which has a "Buy" option in it, doesn't always work. Spending money is hard in marketplace today.
  3. I could be wrong, but somehow I remember getting the siren bracelet from 6 man Blackram Supply Chain, first boss (Salamish or something like that).
  4. To be fair, gaming companies are businesses and money is their bottom line. It is just that some do it less obviously than others. In my experience, I feel more pressured to spend money in a free-to-play game than a pay-to-play game, but I see it because I've already paid in a pay-to-play game. Then, even in a pay-to-play game, there is always the debate over whether you get your money's worth. Basically, everything comes down to whether you think a game is worth the money and time you spend. We all have different views and values. If you don't think it is worth it any more, just s
  5. This is just my opinion. I think just being part of daily challenge is not good enough to make me fight like a level 23 again, if I'm only getting 50 copper and 6 viridian poisons that I have no use of.
  6. I see. It's downscaling. Then it needs to coupled with better worth-while rewards for high level players to join.
  7. Would you mind elaborate how FF14 is doing it? I don't play that game and don't know. I've thought about giving better reward to the high levels, or downscaling high level gears in low level dungeons, but each option has shortcomings.
  8. I've said this before, Blackram Narrows and Tomb of Exile shouldn't be included in the level 50 daily challenges. It is not helping lowbies, but rather ruining their experience. As a low geared level 50, I could get killed by my fellow level 50s there. So I solo Blackram Narrows when I needed the Viridian Poison in the reward, and I don't queue for ToE when it's up for daily challenges. Not all high level players are inconsiderate, but it only takes one to ruin the run for the rest of the group. There are just more of them when people rushing through the daily challenges.
  9. My guess is that they are still working the deals out with these other brands. Like for GameStop, the NC page says January, but I think the GameStop announcement was not out until late March.
  10. Checked Walmart and BestBuy, don't see the NCoin card, and don't see the cards on their websites either. Toys R Us, haven't been there for years and can't remember where I can find one. LOL. GameStop is the only chain that I've found the NCoin card.
  11. If you already have the credit card for Amazon, why not use the same card for NCSoft? I think Paypal eventually is also tied into credit cards. I've only found NCoin cards in GameStop shops in US, but not other shops that you can buy with just cash. A unified currency, NCoins, is easier for the game company to manage than various real world currencies cross all their games. However, this game is lacking options to pay with real cash in NA (probably EU as well). I was looking at the B&S China site, and there are so many payment options.
  12. I think going from 400 AP to 500 AP in 5 weeks is not unreasonable. However, getting 30g per day in a couple of hours for a low geared player may not be realistic, and even worse if you are melee, because of this "kill credit" thing. It depends on who are the other players around you, which is impossible to predict, and often an army of high geared players showed up 2 seconds before the fight started. Then, in 5 weeks, when you are 500 AP, others went from 600 AP to 650 AP (for example), and you may still have this lingering "kill credit" problem. I think this is the basic issue he
  13. Oh, no, please no. I understand the owning a house part, but why marriage and kids? Don't we play games to get away from those? :P Just want to add. I think the Windriding, Dragon Pulse, and Return Charms in B&S deserves a lot more credit than what they have got. I really like these capabilities for their convenience. I also like the Wind Walking (or flying) skills. They look really cool. Though these seem to be more specific to eastern martial art themed games.
  14. I think you missed the key point of that thread. It is not about how Koreans are getting so much free stuff and we don't. The key difference between KR and NA is they are under a subscription model, so their game company isn't trying every possible way to squeeze the money out of your wallet as in a "free to play" model. Not only that, I really don't have the feeling that our company is planning to have BnS NA last for 2-3 years. They just want grab some quick cash and go. This game hasn't been out for more than 6 months, and we've been having content patches one after another, whi
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