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  1. @Buseira your KFM looks great. The pink cheeks are a lil obvious but yea like it :)
  2. @RIXXIR Gon F face looks unique well done but I have a suggestion. She looks way too manly to my eyes, I mean the chin part looks too broad and bulky. I'dd say round it up a lil and make the chin more thin -3 -5 or so.
  3. EU Forum's a desert. well some quick shots with my new main, still lacking 4 rows of clothing from my old main..
  4. There should be a P-Server hosted in Brasil since NCsoft won't solve it that soon I bet the publisher would even make big profit. I know how filled brasilian Mu Online P-Servers were back in the day, if some of you guys manages it this would create a bigger community than old Ragnarok + Mu Online alltogether. How is the ping towards EU servers? Corrupted gamefiles are nk biggie too there PlayBNS ru also managed to run their servers despite not being supported by NC
  5. @Suldren try to get gold with a BM without HM skills on EU servers and then you're allowed to talk. try the Summoner vs KFM matchup without HM skills, the match should favour the KFM but most of the time only the summoner is allowed to make a mistake. SF vs Summoner? idk how this looks like since lvling a SF is expensive. It's not fun dying when you know you did everything right and your opponent won cause he doesn't need to, guess you never felt that unsatisfiing emotion
  6. Summoners are like a big ranged tank if you ask me. As long as the summoner is CCd and his cat somewhere else they are like a glass Cannon with a hide ability. But as long as they stay in the backline and no KFM comes by to eat them they are a huge threat to the enemy team. I like WWV the way it is now with the daily rewards and boxes and some matches where nobody sits afk are pretty fun. It's good how they handled summoners, I mean they have a strong party heal, how are you gonna deal with that if there are 3 of them defending mid? I think the penalty is fine, they won't die
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