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  1. Also, salvage your previous weapon,rush to baleful and up/Pinnacle accessories until you get your legendary ones from the dungeons mentioned above. After you do that, put the new gems that are given to you for exchange of the old ones and last but not least press P and put your given Hongmoon Points into your Offence for more AP or Defence for more HP.
  2. The debugger refers to your XINCODE3 anti-hacking program..just like nProtect GameGuard was..open your anti-virus and put an exclusion on the xincode3 program that starts with your client and you should be alright^ OP:
  3. Same here.I guess it's the same for everybody at this time^^
  4. Yeah leechers that stand and not helping but actually bidding at the end of the dungeon,is a very frustrating thing to come across.Only thing you can do is do your job for your dailies or the item you search for and then continue your play.Chances are you'll never meet them again,so no need to be pissed about random players.
  5. This is because you need to check and fix your settings on your nVidia/AMD Catalyst monitoring program.
  6. Or someone may have hacked your account? Let the support know through a ticket ^^
  7. Yes,it's the only way in order to further evolve them.
  8. Same here.Seems like a bug or something..
  9. They "fixed" the Cross-server Lobby random dc... The old good random dc's still exist :P
  10. I have same bug months now,never fixed. Also i encouter very low fps in lobby,feels like running on background or something...way to fix that?
  11. Actually what worked for me,3 days now no error is to actually put exception in your Firewall for Client.exe and NClauncherR.exe and also GameMon.des...that being said,deactivate your IPv6 from your network and in IPv4 put google DNS( and Disable your antivirus completely in game,Put High CPU priority on Client.exe and you are good to go :)
  12. Give female Lyns breast size option!
  13. Hello there,even if i don't know you personally i'm very glad that you are well from this disease.. Yes life isn't fair,you should know it first hand..situations happened and somehow you lost your virtual money and the support has 2932387 cases to solve except of yours and of course in the end you should feel very happy for 2 reasons my friend..First of all they recovered your account for a mistake of yours to not fully protect it against malicious people and programs(bots)..they also managed to recover most of your gold,they could easily send you an automated respond giving 0 f**ks and j
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