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  1. Also, salvage your previous weapon,rush to baleful and up/Pinnacle accessories until you get your legendary ones from the dungeons mentioned above. After you do that, put the new gems that are given to you for exchange of the old ones and last but not least press P and put your given Hongmoon Points into your Offence for more AP or Defence for more HP.
  2. The debugger refers to your XINCODE3 anti-hacking program..just like nProtect GameGuard was..open your anti-virus and put an exclusion on the xincode3 program that starts with your client and you should be alright^ OP:
  3. Same here.I guess it's the same for everybody at this time^^
  4. Yeah leechers that stand and not helping but actually bidding at the end of the dungeon,is a very frustrating thing to come across.Only thing you can do is do your job for your dailies or the item you search for and then continue your play.Chances are you'll never meet them again,so no need to be pissed about random players.
  5. Give female Lyns breast size option!
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