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  1. It looks like people got used to NCsoft handing legendary gear easily !
  2. Warlock vs FM Where's my dps?

    it's obvious that fm outdps wl , what did you expect ? fm rotation fire off easily and fast and he has ani cancel , warlock doesn't and even in shadow build you have down times while fm doesn't , he keep lmb-rmb 2 no matter what !
  3. Warlocks in PVE and PVP

    humm i won't say it's in a trash tier , it's in the middle tier , it's hard to play in pvp(5/10) , but in pve he is a sub dps/support class (8/10) that ping though x) , we can never achieve such speed in na/eu , and don't forget that's with new awakened rmbs !
  4. Personally i was disapointed when i joind this game and there wasn't one , so far dps is based on agro , really ??? This community is toxic both ways and i clearly understand why some players are afraid from dps meter , but i think it's needed , mmorpgs are for competition and showing off in the first place (gear/costume/achievements/ranks and now dps meter )
  5. Need advice against Pyre Lord in Necro

    summon your trall , shackle him , W/Z , leach , SB and go to him shackle again and turn around him , all this while smashin your 4 and v and staying very close to him = dead ! range = grab !
  6. KR's 10th June update, Classes Overhaul

    there is no nerf for ice build , it's the right side for repture that had useless feature , now it synergies better with shadow build , ice don't use right side repture anyway !
  7. short answer : yes long answer :absolutely yes , it's possible to catch up with only 2-3 hours a day . i personally started since 2 months ago , i was lost , i just focused on he main quest since it was fun to do , and read a lot of guides here and there , take advantage of the mushroom events and now i have a true breeze weapon + full true siren accessories with 542AP and i feel proud about it . im trying to get to awak-scorpion before 22 june and use my third nebula stone , but it's ok if i don't make it . i was lucky enough i've found a casual guild that took me while i was at lvl 20 , now we can do daily challenge and pvp dailies together andit's fun , i go to cross-server to pug from time to time when i feel like to . but i mainly do misty dalies , daily challenge ,daily arena, then spend the rest of my time in ssp and im done for the day ! <== you can do all this in less than 2 hours and still have time for extra dungeons , you just need to know what you are doing .
  8. DPS UI in KR

    OMG i want this in our region as well , looks detailed and all , much better than the stupid "agro meter" we have now !
  9. There is the option to choose a voice , just look at the left side menu in the character creation . Underwears are the same ? who cares !
  10. Start farming a soul by runing naryu lab , it costs = 80 naryu relics+ 3 honorary ornament + 1 evolved stones . <= buy them from AH . Get the pirate bracelet from bsh and upgrade it to awakened oathbreaker , it will gives you a huge crit chance + 10 AP+. continue to upgrade your weapon to at least awakened pirate before 1st june . (you will need breakthroughs from runing 24man poh+nsh , or buy them with currencies if you have enough from event and dailies ! Vatch youtube videos about your class and Mushin tower, it's a fun solo challenge and a good way to test your dps and improving it ! Always aim for Ap + crit chance + crit dmg , and later some accuracy !
  11. Mobs Resetting

    it gets worse when you'l try to do ssp quest of killing 8 warriors , when they just keep reseting and waste your time and the terror grabs you -_-
  12. PvE FM vs WL

    FM survives better IMO !
  13. Current state of PvP and PvE viablity

    warlock abilities hits really hard , what makes his overall dps low is the time wasted here and there in animations , summoning the trall , activating some skills ...etc ! it's too much time wasted if you compare it to Fm's fast attacks and ani-cancels .
  14. Class discrimination - can we please not do this?

    actually you see this because the melee classes are the ones who created the party and want a ranged class in their party ^^
  15. i personally think about quiting everyday after getting depressed from the fps drops everywhere there is a dozen of players ! i still coming back keep to do some solo dailies and have fun with my clan mates but it can be better than this ! i would love to support the game but it just doesn't motivates but instead , depress the player -_- im waiting for an optimisation or a 64bit client or a server change or something to let us have better experience but if it doesn't happen i doubt im staying !