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Chat Down again!


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decided to post here and say that the chat is broken for me and what it does.


After being logged in for around 1~2 hours and doing tag matches this is what happens:


1. Once i match up in tag matches or dungeons (before it enters you into dungeon, which is the lobby) you are usually supposed to see your parties characters pictures or their characters themselves, but they begin invisible until everyone loads in after the lobby. Unsure is other people are having this issue. Although this dungeon que problem is not really the main issue of this thread. Although i am almost 100% sure this is not how the issue occurs to players such as myself. The only reason i'm posting this issue is because it only occurs when i'm having this server lag and chat not working issue.


Every chat (except /say and whisper and probably region chat) is unable to be used or seen by anyone. This includes the following:


- Faction Chat

- Party Chat

- Clan Chat

- Etc


You are able to type into the chat, although your message will not appear into the chat box (unless it is /say or whisper, region chat), nor will you see or read anyone's messages since the chat is broke and everyone else is probably having this issue, i go into town and this is what the chat says (I removed my IGN and all the other peoples for obvious reasons.)

This is proof that i'm not the only person having this issue: eIA8UmX.jpg

Also i forgot to mention the server is heavily lagging while this issue happens. I found a few people posting on the net with this exact issue. This is clearly an issue on the games side, not mine or anyone else's. The lag is actually really annoying to have in PvP, although not everyone receives this lag, there is other people with this issue so it is not only me so, again this isn't an issue on my side.

Probably something to do with the servers?


1. Relogging or switching characters/accounts does not resolve this issue.

2. Reinstalling does not resolve this issue either. (Unsure, but have been told many times.)

3. Relaunching the game client also does not resolve the issue.

4. Changing maps or entering PvE, PvP also does not resolve the issue.


No matter which area you are in, the chat types i stated above will not work. During PvP, PvE or even in town this issue will still occur.


NOTE: This is not the first time i've had this issue, i've actually have been having this issue almost around 3~4 times this week.


I am in the EU region

The server i am in is: Starfall Crater


Thank you for taking your time to read my report, i hope this gets fixed ASAP. :)

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Exactly same thing is happening with me like @ShadowsFortune said. i would like to add 1 point to the list just,
Normally when u Login/Change map, system message shows, for example- 'Joined Misty Woods chat.(/Region)' , 'Joined the Moonwater Plains Party Finder Channel'

But when this issue happens, those system message doesn't show up.

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