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  1. If you got DC when you are summoned to dragon event... you may wait 3 hours again for next entry. You cannot do again if you can log fast back before event is. It's closed for you. Dragon event + DC? That makes me sick. *double headpalm*
  2. The dragon event seems causes the instable server crash. All are trying to enter dungeon event... you know what will happen. When i call for dragon event enter, i am stil there for ~20 second and finally teleported. Asking at dragon NPC... i think it needs 10 seconds or more before i have quest. This is clearly not good.
  3. So far i can read on server, it's not stable. DCs are reported. Cannot join fast to dragon event, it's much slower than before patch. Getting quest from dragon npc: takes many seconds :( While waiting with 11/12.... i got server crash (disconnect) window. Well, that is very bad.
  4. Looks server crashed. The maintenance is just short time ago. Confirmed on Discord the server is gone. So, that means we're waiting for message from crew when it's up again - and hopefully - it keeps up. This is very early crash short after patch - which is not good sign.
  5. server down again?

    Looks i can login EU server.
  6. server down again?

    I expected there will some topics placed with same problem. Well, it's all in short time of 1-2 minutes, you have no time to refresh forum to see if someone has made topic....
  7. server down again?

    I heard from Discord there might some "inspection" reason for it, but even so, we will think it's server crash / down. From now, follow Twitter for latest updates about the EU server problem.
  8. server down again?

    We have suddenly maintenance message just today for EU Server. Was disconnected without message. Now it has maintenance message. How long must i wait for it?
  9. Unable to progress main quest

    You need some item if you go to the special quest npc. Then you can learn it. And money too.
  10. Unable to progress main quest

    Usually if you have no wall walk skill learned, you can sometimes use green jump portal near. I see it at some places. Did you learned wall walk skill? It's dash to the wall and keep running along the wall up.
  11. Remove T-stand emote from FM plz

    Oke, you have good point here. I have only feeling another less strange emote should choosen, the emote now feels too big for me.
  12. Koldrak's Liar is strange event. Sure, all classes can fight against big dragon. No problem. But some classes seems have big troubles against dragon. BD is good example. For example, BD has some dash skills. If i use SHIFT + forward, it will run quick to dragon. No problem. But what happen if i fire a skill (with left mouse button)? BD will die immediately. After some checks with fight doll, the dash skill of BD has dangerous side: it will try jump to behind the enemy. But that is not possible with lava around the middle big rock. Same for in-air attack. If you use fast flying motion in the air - and fire the skill - you will insta jump to the middle big rock. Even rock don't look hot and dangerous, you will die also there. Many classes can use dash run and fire many skills without problems. But i want use fast run as well, and fire skills at dragon. Thanks to this, BD cannot fight fully against the dragon. Dash skills are dangerous. For example, FM can also fast run to dragon, and can use all skills without risk to death against dragon. And it seems some skills, where you 'jump' to the dragon (X skill) you might dash to wrong position (slight to left or right instead straight) and you might step in lava. It can happens if you're at the very edge left or right and use X skill. You will jump to left or right instead straight. Why is Koldrak unfriendly against BD class? So newbies with BD: don't fire attack while dashing to the dragon, even in the air. You will die immediately. Of course i want fire fast but i forgot sometimes i am in dash... dead. And check your position if you want use X skill. Have more classes also problems with some skills where you will immediately jump to wrong positon and step in lava part? For which classes is Koldrak event also unfriendly and can die fast with some skills?
  13. Before some patches ago, i have no problems with FM. But i have no problem if FM just firing around, like other classes can just swing with swords without target. That is normal for "Active combat". Now since some patches ago, i am really surprised why ONLY FM class got strange T-stand motion. It happens only if FM cannot reach the target. Then your character will suddenly in cheesy T-stand motion, like "help, i'm stuck, i don't know what i must do" Of course it looks "nothing" emote but are we really dumb how to use FM? The game is up for many months and i don't hear one FM want cheesy T-stand motion. It's really unasked and unwanted emote. Even in normal areas, it just showed the same emote. I think FM got only T-stand emote, other magical/casting classes has no T-stand motion seen, so far i know. But why is it added short time ago? We don't want it, and it makes only dumb. Please remove this emote. We know already how FM works.
  14. Today, i got two times disconnects in short time on EU server. Never seen this problem earlier (only server crash), but perhaps server has now problem with some disconnects. Who has also disconnect problems just today now? Update: faction and clan channels are dead for me. Normal chat showed message in window. But not sure if others can read me... Can see other players are moving, so game itself is oke. Update 2: Faction channels dead, i relog to character screen and try relog. I got message 'unable to connect server'.
  15. BnS will have soon Summer Event, so i think some summer clothes and swimwear will show in the shop. Most clothes showed again because the periods. Xmas, easter, valentine, green days, and more....