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  1. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    I really enjoy BnS but dealing with this stuff is really off-putting. I don't log in as much anymore since i'm seriously tired of all the optimization problems, I don't enjoy doing my MSP with 5FPS and now I don't enjoy knowing the fact you can legit buy yourself stats. This game used to be so dang great when I joined on release, but now...? It's honestly at a pitiful state and it's really sad to see. They really need to UP their communication with the community, otherwise this game will probably fall into the wrong direction, which it already has unfortunately. New and non-recycled events would be amazing, not just an event tied to dailies like 90% of the stuff we get which is extremely annoying and burns people out constantly. (Such as myself.)
  2. Will BnS Ever Introduce Region Transfers? + Poll

    I have no idea where you've gotten the idea of me personally never spending or being "hurt" over this. Previously i blew 200 dollars on trove and didn't get a single 3 star, I complained to support and got no help saying it's all RNG and up to chance. My clannie blows 70 dollars and gets a tri gem (when they were 3 star) and still gets 5k HMC for free, and he almost never spends. Not to mention this isn't always given for "trove" reasons either. If you're going to at least reply to my post, please check out other posts online and you'll see what I mean. The response you receive is honestly RNG, it depends on the person you get to respond to you apparently. P.S - Not to mention this shouldn't be given for "free" for people in the first place, if you spend and get nothing that should be on you. If support gives HMC to one person, why can't everyone else receive some if they werent happy with their items?
  3. Will BnS Ever Introduce Region Transfers? + Poll

    Not to be rude or anything but I have a lot of clanmates that have gotten really special treatment and also provide screenshot proof of such. Usually i'd call it false but when you see multiple people who post similar things and not only clannies but randoms and friends as well it kinda shows... I've seen clannies/friends/randoms get free HMC 2~8k just "as a token of appreciation from NCSoft" or get other special treatment.. I would be okay with this This is why I said perhaps you should pay to transfer OR only allow equipment/costumes to only be transferred. The idea you posted as a one-time thing is also really decent though.
  4. Will BnS Ever Introduce Region Transfers? + Poll

    I sent a ticket to support and they responded with saying that such transfers are not available. and that "they are unable to provide the service manually." I have friends and clannies who told me they have had stuff transfered, it really sucks considering I have so much gear (GC6,Square Gems,100+ Costumes,etc) and they tell me it cannot be done and they don't have any idea if this feature will be implemented eventually. I feel like the need to ask this question in the OP is really important not just for me, but for other users who face similar issues too.
  5. There is multiple games that offer this service and I was wondering about why can't BnS have such an option? I'd even pay $50 to just transfer my stuff over to NA from EU and it would be really useful. Even item transfers to NA <-> EU would be great too even if you had to seal the items. We've recently been introduced to account sharing items, why not region? If there are any issues with IGN's being similar, perhaps if you wanted a transfer you could perhaps be forced to use a brand new username? If you can't transfer characters, then how about just transfer the items/costumes alone to an existing character in the opposite region? Since it should cost money it won't really be abused by any means and personally I don't know how one can abuse this. I personally wish I could transfer to NA since i'm moving soon and the game literally becomes unplayable most likely for me due to how heavily dependant ping is in BnS. I'm sure there are tons of users who would definitely pay for a transfer and would love to do so. I don't know if many will agree with me, but I feel like as the game progresses this should be an option to BnS especially when UE4 will be a thing and this would definitely help BnS in the long run and keep the game a bit more lively. I have many friends who have quit just solely because of ping issues due to moving regions and it's really sad to see them go. I am not here to argue and if it cannot be done I understand but perhaps this should be taken as an idea for the upcoming future and help players deal with their lag if they ever move. This will also allow friends to play together if they could not already and not have to start from scratch, I kind of hope for a feature like this to happen eventually as we progress from 2019 and up and keep the game alive and fresher than ever. I'll just set a poll here to hopefully gather everyone's answer if they don't wish to comment! Poll: Thanks for reading and I hope all of you Hongmoon students out there are having a blast! :)
  6. Hiya, my girlfriend made all of these presets and i was wondering which of these look the prettiest to you players out there? (I use them as well lol) We are just looking for opinions of other users! Thank you so much for your comment/vote. Mainly making this to see which preset from these looks the best, thanks again. If you have any questions/other things to add, please write it down below! :) VOTE HERE: First my Yun: My Jin: Lyn #1 (Summoner): Lyn #2 (Force Master):
  7. I currently have these outfits: Dreamcutter, Pure White, Temptation, White Night, Dark Angel, Night Luna, Devotion Tell me which of these i should wear, and why? (pick one please >w<) Thanks! :D
  8. Bombardment or Dimensional Volley? (PvP)

    Hey guys, i was wondering which is better for PvP? Bombardment or Dimensional Volley? If so, why is one better than the other? Thanks! :D

    My body is ready. :3
  10. I only wish they would allow the leader to kick the AFKer so i could just recruit somebody else instead. Literally it's annoying when you do 6/4 man dungeons and SOMEBODY has to AFK the entire time, it makes the dungeon x10 harder. Especially if it's a 4 man dungeon...
  11. Chat Down again!

    decided to post here and say that the chat is broken for me and what it does. After being logged in for around 1~2 hours and doing tag matches this is what happens: 1. Once i match up in tag matches or dungeons (before it enters you into dungeon, which is the lobby) you are usually supposed to see your parties characters pictures or their characters themselves, but they begin invisible until everyone loads in after the lobby. Unsure is other people are having this issue. Although this dungeon que problem is not really the main issue of this thread. Although i am almost 100% sure this is not how the issue occurs to players such as myself. The only reason i'm posting this issue is because it only occurs when i'm having this server lag and chat not working issue. Every chat (except /say and whisper and probably region chat) is unable to be used or seen by anyone. This includes the following: - Faction Chat - Party Chat - Clan Chat - Etc You are able to type into the chat, although your message will not appear into the chat box (unless it is /say or whisper, region chat), nor will you see or read anyone's messages since the chat is broke and everyone else is probably having this issue, i go into town and this is what the chat says (I removed my IGN and all the other peoples for obvious reasons.) This is proof that i'm not the only person having this issue: Also i forgot to mention the server is heavily lagging while this issue happens. I found a few people posting on the net with this exact issue. This is clearly an issue on the games side, not mine or anyone else's. The lag is actually really annoying to have in PvP, although not everyone receives this lag, there is other people with this issue so it is not only me so, again this isn't an issue on my side. Probably something to do with the servers? 1. Relogging or switching characters/accounts does not resolve this issue. 2. Reinstalling does not resolve this issue either. (Unsure, but have been told many times.) 3. Relaunching the game client also does not resolve the issue. 4. Changing maps or entering PvE, PvP also does not resolve the issue. No matter which area you are in, the chat types i stated above will not work. During PvP, PvE or even in town this issue will still occur. NOTE: This is not the first time i've had this issue, i've actually have been having this issue almost around 3~4 times this week. I am in the EU region The server i am in is: Starfall Crater Thank you for taking your time to read my report, i hope this gets fixed ASAP. :)
  12. Remove firewalls and sentry orbs from dungeons.

    Some people just tend to rush in on purpose. +1 I support this. Flame walls are ridiculous
  13. Disconnect, Disconnect, Disconnect

    I have the same problem. I just tried logging in and it said the server is currently under maintenance? Server is Starfall Crater btw.