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  1. If you got DC when you are summoned to dragon event... you may wait 3 hours again for next entry. You cannot do again if you can log fast back before event is. It's closed for you. Dragon event + DC? That makes me sick. *double headpalm*
  2. The dragon event seems causes the instable server crash. All are trying to enter dungeon event... you know what will happen. When i call for dragon event enter, i am stil there for ~20 second and finally teleported. Asking at dragon NPC... i think it needs 10 seconds or more before i have quest. This is clearly not good.
  3. So far i can read on server, it's not stable. DCs are reported. Cannot join fast to dragon event, it's much slower than before patch. Getting quest from dragon npc: takes many seconds :( While waiting with 11/12.... i got server crash (disconnect) window. Well, that is very bad.
  4. Looks server crashed. The maintenance is just short time ago. Confirmed on Discord the server is gone. So, that means we're waiting for message from crew when it's up again - and hopefully - it keeps up. This is very early crash short after patch - which is not good sign.
  5. I expected there will some topics placed with same problem. Well, it's all in short time of 1-2 minutes, you have no time to refresh forum to see if someone has made topic....
  6. I heard from Discord there might some "inspection" reason for it, but even so, we will think it's server crash / down. From now, follow Twitter for latest updates about the EU server problem.
  7. We have suddenly maintenance message just today for EU Server. Was disconnected without message. Now it has maintenance message. How long must i wait for it?
  8. You need some item if you go to the special quest npc. Then you can learn it. And money too.
  9. Usually if you have no wall walk skill learned, you can sometimes use green jump portal near. I see it at some places. Did you learned wall walk skill? It's dash to the wall and keep running along the wall up.
  10. Oke, you have good point here. I have only feeling another less strange emote should choosen, the emote now feels too big for me.
  11. Koldrak's Liar is strange event. Sure, all classes can fight against big dragon. No problem. But some classes seems have big troubles against dragon. BD is good example. For example, BD has some dash skills. If i use SHIFT + forward, it will run quick to dragon. No problem. But what happen if i fire a skill (with left mouse button)? BD will die immediately. After some checks with fight doll, the dash skill of BD has dangerous side: it will try jump to behind the enemy. But that is not possible with lava around the middle big rock. Same for in-air attack. If
  12. Before some patches ago, i have no problems with FM. But i have no problem if FM just firing around, like other classes can just swing with swords without target. That is normal for "Active combat". Now since some patches ago, i am really surprised why ONLY FM class got strange T-stand motion. It happens only if FM cannot reach the target. Then your character will suddenly in cheesy T-stand motion, like "help, i'm stuck, i don't know what i must do" Of course it looks "nothing" emote but are we really dumb how to use FM? The game is up for many months and i don't hear one F
  13. Today, i got two times disconnects in short time on EU server. Never seen this problem earlier (only server crash), but perhaps server has now problem with some disconnects. Who has also disconnect problems just today now? Update: faction and clan channels are dead for me. Normal chat showed message in window. But not sure if others can read me... Can see other players are moving, so game itself is oke. Update 2: Faction channels dead, i relog to character screen and try relog. I got message 'unable to connect server'.
  14. BnS will have soon Summer Event, so i think some summer clothes and swimwear will show in the shop. Most clothes showed again because the periods. Xmas, easter, valentine, green days, and more....
  15. That should alternative, but it makes the dungeon only laughable for that simple solution.
  16. I just dont like TSM. Auto party system seems also not understand. Sometimes the system will send you immediately to existing party (with >>>>) but it's totally useless... I quitted party 2 times already because players don't wait for me and also due auto-party. That showed the problems around TSM. Yeah, players can screw up other players. My message for all players: WAIT! You will only give problems for others because they cannot finish daily quest line. If you said the NcSoft changed TSM quest lines time ago, then it's stupid choice. I see quitte
  17. The first post costume is actually special for founders. They should not sell it again, because it will fooled the founders ... it's exclusive costume. Why sell it again if founders spend big money on it? Then founders pack is partially a lie. But other costumes are welcome :)
  18. Compared with many dungeons, TSM is a weird one. Most daily quests have something with killing end boss dungeon, but TSM is different: kill 15 normal enemies. Sounds easy, but it's not. - people quit midway dungeon when quest is done - if you entered dungeon too late, quest might not completed because too much are already killed - also if other players goes too fast and you're busy with reviving in area before, you might miss some mobs (yeah dungeon has many zones) - or you fall in depth if you air jump failed and start over again, while others cannot wait and will c
  19. The bots in ToI are still annoying. They are also not friendly for newbies. And there is no option to start lower floor. When you win at some floors, you start already at higher level. But that will makes 3x win only more harder, even you're not smart with skills. I knowe because not all players have pvp experiences, fight with bot feels as pvp play. One NPC sells 5F start tickets, but they're for quest only, not for ToI normal access / fight. This should locked away when it's not part of quest, or explained right in tooltip. But aside this, the bots are somewhat t
  20. Next day, i can see more about Daily Challenge bug. This time i have examined the bug carefully. What did i see? The flagged quests in Daily Challenge list is not same as list in Cross Server Dungeon room (F8 key). Oh, this is so stupid bug. Before patch, both lists are identical marked. After patch, both are NOT identical. Why are both lists not identical? No idea, but Dragon room list seems completely random marked quests. One thing for sure: the list from Daily Challenge is correct. That is where you click on right side of the GUI where you see "Daily Ch
  21. I thought it's weird why i have no daily quest for Ebondrake Citadel. So i logged in on other character and check again, with recorded screencapture. And i saw there is indeed bug. But when i play other dungeons, i saw another weird bug. Bug #1: In Dungeon room, you can see list with dungeons. Some are marked with daily quest icon. I go first to Ebondrake Citadel (on 10/5 today) and get all 3 quests from NPC. This is first one from lower part list. When finished, the indicator for Daily Challenge stays 0/3. What happened here? The third quest, whic
  22. There is no login yet. It's more made for clans to run own version. Access is set by hard-coded passwords in php. Grab data from general site will a problem for: - hosting (overload server, 503 error, too busy) - failed scans from game server still happens So, i need big server for general site, and i have no money for it. Perhaps in future, but first you must make own site (usually small hosting is not so expensive, you need php/mysql for it). I need optimize scan/grab process a bit. Need add some features and missing parts.
  23. Still working on improvements. Changes for now: - alts can now automatic added to database - Add grab lists: whole main clan + alts, offline members+alts, new members - activity are based on main char + alts, to detect better overall activity - clan administration, mark alt / friendly clans, so not all will immediately visible on main page - sort on stats (hi-low) - members can marked as friend / alt - Can show until 22 days ago stats. To Do: - ban mark + message - activity separated on alt / overall - overall sort main+alts
  24. I must say, that is big buffed event, because difference is pretty big compared with now. If you are still busy with hongmoon level, you will have more problems with higher dungeons. I take battlegrounds are also buffed earlier? Edit: i come back here with another experience. If you have party with less great players (thus less good geared players) or players who cannot give buffs, then the boss fight will much longer and heavier. And if you got good players in the party, then it will go better. Actually, the auto-recruit system is bit strange, it wi
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