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Junghado Cheats?


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Right, first let me say this isn't a complaint thread; I can beat him just fine. When I'm fighting Junghado, two things randomly happen and it stops my DPS output:

  • I Spinal Tap, Backstep, and then try to use Shadow Dash. I get the message "You cannot use that yet." It's not grayed out, it's not on cooldown, he hasn't disabled my charges, and he's stunned, so how is he blocking my charge? He then sees me and goes on the offensive.
  • I use Shadowless Step and he sees me, and immediately gets i-frames and true sight and prepares to combo me.

This isn't just me, is it...?

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Same thing happens to me randomly.


Sometimes he goes down for the first try w/o any issue,then next day I get this 'cannot use yet' bs 2-3 times in a row right at the start or when hes like almost dead.


I generally don't have too much issues with him except this,I also spec into 2 knockdown skill just for this fight so I can cancel him out but thanks to this thing its still annoying at times.

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I faced that a couple of times and i noticed that when he's in the middle of the room (the big circle) it wont let you use your shadow dash. Thats why is better to use your tab switch and move him from the center of the room. After that the shadow dash works just fine.


10 hours ago, azraelkun said:

I heard lvl 50 bosses can see us in stealth in future contents hehe

Poharan sees us, all bosses of bloodshade harbors except from the first one can see us too so its not only on lv50 xD

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