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  1. As title states Where n how?
  2. Hello Thing is im building a new pc From fx 6300 amd to intel 6700k new mobo new new etc. So im gonna do a clean install my windowd 10 now is there a way to not download all game? Thx in advance
  3. Ok ty Another thing i read is about legendaries chest with neck ring....does that mean that ppl will sell them in market?i mean draken necklace etc.
  4. About soul if i understand correctly. I have to salvage it n ncsoft will give me new soul free?
  5. Hi As title states i wasnt playing last 15 days. So do we get anything new? Weapon:i have galaxy stage 2 and a true scorpio. do we get anything new? Acc?any other? New legendaries? Etc. Ty in advance
  6. arena and battleground beginers combo

    In beluga there 2 ways to win either get 3 horns or score 1800 by pvp=kill ppl. In order to defend ur horn u have to kill. U cant win by going in stealth n steal horns dear sir but whatever. Needless in this point to mention valley right?
  7. Soul Fighter needs a buff.

    How about NOOOOOOOO
  8. So :O

    But by default alreDy runs on all cores gameguard. U can see it in affinity
  9. good morning 1st this game is out since 2012. Second i dont wont to quote every single thing u said but plz have in mind that i play since cbt1 n all i have seen is crap servers crap communication crap support i also see that ncsoft trying to milk players with p2w events...i said ok they need to make money its a buisness and its u know least give a good service to ur customers. Another thing is i work daily so i have a little time at weekends to farm a bit ...but noooo. Stating all the above that makes me un happy plus this weekends ssp not working it broke my cup(meaning i got so mad). From nature im competitive and in my efford to be competitive due to my luck of gaming hours i lvling alts to learn skills n also make money from craft to progress. So plz understandmy frustration with ncsoft all those 10 months. Fyi i prefer a game to be pay to play so u have a good service and every month i support bns by 15 euro coins for costumes etc . Is it so hard to give a good service!!
  10. omg man im so pissed cause i had only 1 weekend to farm moonstones for my 4 alts for some gold and they have messed up so bad
  11. good morning guys did they fixed it ?
  12. i swear im so pissed with this fail company in the future ill see ncsoft games n run the other way seriously havent experienced such a bad service they dont give info to their customers (us) nadaaaaaaaaa
  13. well maybe now they ddos ssp to not drop moonstones on weekends cause ffs it doesnt drop wakeeeeeeeeee up ncsoft n fix ur shit
  14. nc joke u call ddos ur crap servers and ur infrastracture good one ncsoft . why u dont say that ur since cbt1 crap potato servers cant handle game u got so many millions but invest 0 in good servers btw its weekend and ssp doesnt drop moonstones is it maybe a ddos in ssp ? lmaooooooooooooooooooooo