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  1. On revelation online, the class change is usable if you are at least lvl 69. It allows you to change your class to any of the other classes. The issue is classes uses different armors / weapons / accessories so at the minimum you will have to re-craft your equipment... which sets you behind really badly especially since most of the content(dailies) in that game is scaled based off your level making you need to be carried for a long time. It's probably easier and faster to just make a new character unless you have a group carrying you. I want a ticket that gives me a level 50 char
  2. Skyforge, PSO2, and more recently Revelation Online are some games that comes to mind that has a class change as an in-game thing (skyforge/PSO2) or item from cash shop (Revelation online). In all three cases though, you had to start your gear/stats from scratch unless your class you switch to uses the same type of gear/stats.
  3. Inb4 random Impact taps the sin out of stealth.
  4. Gears and equipment DOES NOT AFFECT ARENA, SO STOP USING THAT AS AN EXCUSE. It doesn't matter if you have full equipment all maxed (which I doubt unless you're sitting at like 900+ AP and if you do then you have not used your class in a pvp scenerio all this time), the only thing that affects arena is your level (affects how much SP you have access too) and which skills have you unlocked (HM or level restriction) ....Focus on figuring out class mechanics and how each class "works" then figure out how to counter it to win. Warlock damage is terrifying to deal with. Most likely can probably hit
  5. The only thing I would say to change with summoner is make it so they can't CC you with their cat while you're doing an aerial attack on them because of "100%" evasion but other then that Summoner doesn't need nearfs.
  6. After going through with customer support, the issue still wasn't resolved. Anyone else with any luck or am I gonna have to be considering a ping reduction program for those times.
  7. Des don't normally pick their second escape either (sins and kfm) as fury is our 100-0 unless we want to play a game of stall. I am not sure why you wouldn't pick web as a sin since that is a bread and butter but flash kick is a nice alternative if they have 5 stacks of poison on them in terms of damage if you are doing something along the lines of CC, poison breath, amplify to reset cd, re-cc, poison breath, shadow slash (kd), flash kick.
  8. Course cause you know Des totally has a side step on our Q which isn't a 45 second or 1 min cd red spin that you usually use against bolt strike (also 45 seconds cd unless spec for stealth then 1 min cd) to knock them back and down for 3 seconds... Like no des would use their Q and have it ready every single time against a sin's tab. -claps while rolling eyes- Unless you're saying to give des side steps in which case I approve but that would cause far too much complaint in arena and does not fit well with the des character theme. Or telling des to eat the bolt strike which will stun leading to
  9. There's a corner (when you first enter the room and imagine its a clock, the spot is about where 10 and 11 is) I rarely see ice land there. Sometimes the ice land close but never actually on it. I don't know about the other side. I just hug that spot ever since I got grabbed -> tossed there from one of AoE and realize ice doesn't fall there often.
  10. Course they can't nearf the sin, has to be the nearf to summoners, how naive of me to assume otherwise back then. Imagine my dislike for sins when I got flared in a match after seeing that and having my hopes crushed. I do wonder what a sin vs sin looks like though....
  11. We all know KFM is just there to annoy des and be fodder for sins -jokes aside- KFM could use a rework though. Having their buff and their gap closer and their escape all on Tab annoyed me to no ends on my poor KFM. Yeah I have to save the stomp for the fury whenever I want to kill their thrall. I wish they remove that take x2 damage while using fury thing. It's a nice concept but kind of outdated .... or make everyone else who uses steroids buff to take x2 damage as well. As for the sinful beings.... Sins in most games move slower while in stealth cause ...you're trying
  12. For warlock match ups, if you delete the thrall before it explodes (~3 seconds from time its summoned to time it finish animation for soul burn) with a fury the Warlock can't soul burn which makes me giggle just a whee bit. (Summon thrall shares same cd as fury and stomp at 45 seconds.. toss in a smash if you're worried about killing it but the thrall goes splat since it's not tanky). FM I never see. BD, KFM, SF I lump together due to their iframes. BM dragon tongue is hateful damage and don't forget the great wall of Sinful Sins. Am I the only one who felt lied too when one of the patch notes
  13. KD goes through it, pierce parry attacks goes through it, launches go through it. I mean you got a knock down in the form of tiger's pounce every 8 seconds that pierces parry....a legsweep, a yolo flying slam, and a smite uppercut. Got the easy Q and E into a des's/bd's spin to get full agility stacks.... got the emit ice to get out of grabs if you mess up the counter... Got ice guard for red buff counter or if you prefer killing them in a single combo -> amplify for the burning once they waste escapes. KFM is one of the classes with an easier time against a des not sure about BD though wi
  14. The thing is against summoner in 6vs6, got to fully commit to kill that summoner in 6vs6, since ton of damage means nothing if they were from glancing damage. Got to end them. Ideally get a sin,kfm, or warlock to buff to go with that fury burst.. (Isn't it normal to target down healers first in group pvp? and with how much hate summoners get, most people agree with the idea at the start if you ask) . As a des we don't even need crit (fury) and can go full pierce with some crit defense in battlegrounds. Gang up on them, they got 1 escape. True friend breaks in 5 hits. Dandelion means grab and d
  15. Most party resists only resist a certain amount of hits which gets eaten up pretty fast. I just dislike how they allow the player with shield to continue capturing points or stealing torches despite us clearly hitting them.
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