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  1. Need help from the community.

    @Sakyubasu no, i did not press anything, I'm suprised myself why I was charged 1006g for 50 pcs soulstone when i just got the other bundle for 32-33s ea. (13pcs 4g+first on tge list) I was hoping if we have enough ticket they can look through it. It might be a bug or a hack on the market. And it is not only me that had the same experience.
  2. I sent a ticket regarding my 1k gold went to waste. And got the same answer over and over again thhat they can't do something about. The senerio was I was purchasing soulstone and I was on the cheapest page and bought the first bundle of 13pcs for 4+g. and then I purchased the 2nd listing 50 pcs and was charged 1006g and was shocked how it has happened. I am not asking fir the gold to be returned. If they can't return the gold I was suggesting any compensation that is less or equivalent to it to keep me going in the game. I'm asking for help not to give me gold or anything I'm asking for help and for the community to be one and hopefully, I am ask for 5 min of your time to send a ticket regarding the issue. Thank you in advance for everyone that will take part and helo.
  3. I got hacked?

    I was buying soulstone in the market and was on the lowest listing.. bought the cheapest listing 13pcs for 4g16s and was trying the buy the 50pcs on the same page but was charged 1006gold 50silver!!!!! My cursor became a line and couple min later got disconnected... and I recieved an email from ncsoft that someone logged in to my account from a different IP... I only play at home and never do anything on my PC other than blade and soul. I sent a ticket and still no reply....
  4. Community is salty some of them.

    It's simple... f2p play more time to keep up... means instead of investing the time making money irl and saving it up for future, they spend thier time in the game. Whales spend money in game to keep up and can play less in game... when also they can be save up for thier future... In reality it realy does not matter... if you play a game you like you got your own choice.. spend more time in game or use that time to work or vice versa. So both wahles and f2p share the same fortune in game after all...
  5. Lol... this people complain too much when back in the days running it like crazy and tokens for the legendary doesn't even exist... now if rng is not on your side with 200 or 100 (hard mode) your guaranteed to get an exchange... I seen my first ring drop at 230th run without token implement and got outbid by a whale.... and you complain on how hard iy is today.... and if the ring drops now a day no one bid it majority of the time anyways...
  6. Loading screen contest [community pls]

    does't dc on loading even once for 8 mons.i get dced rarely if the majority is getting dc... I really don't care about the arts on loading... however it was the first thing that amazed me when I first started... so I would say that loading on a blank tint is not a good idea... when I pay attention to the arts, I sometimes say that it's beautiful... just my own opinion...
  7. Can't transmute Sparkling Hexagonal Diamond?

    craft is just regular gem... hongmoon gems are from events "money grab" lol
  8. Dear NCsoft

    lol.... just lol... I love how you construct the love letter... hopefully it's good enough to reaxh thier hearts..
  9. Why 6-0/4-0 Ken/Gen is a bad idea

    gen will die fast on that set up but ken will have buffs... there's a trick to remove that buff... if you got a pro summoner... let him kd ken "gen 1hp left or say dead" and as soon as ken get kd let cat pin..." he won,t jump but loses buff... or kd him then grab from bd or des or kfm... as long as someone grab or pin him he won't jump but loses buff... good luck.. and as mirryn said kd then aggro use resist to avoid grab then he will jump back in your spot...
  10. elemental acc.

    having earth elemental for seraph leg can have big dps increase when using briar t1 s3? than wind build baleful briar t3 s3 with bees?
  11. fix sum too thier broken...
  12. Is your ap and defense downgrade?

    leg ring might be still stat bug if I'm not mistaken....
  13. Territory Wars

    i agree 100%! but adding another feature will make the game worst...(my own opinion) they can't even fix a lot of issue atm... and if they added 1 more feature such as this people will complain more... "more features = more bug and fixes...
  14. Territory Wars

    lol I think in tge future clan will be just a way to communicate like messenger... but won't have anymore features...
  15. chokma wep upgrade costs?

    lol.. they will do whatever that will benifit the company not the player... lol