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  1. I'm thinking of coming back, but... Is the arena still dominated by bots? You couldn't play the arena without getting matched against pixel perfect bots every other round. Are there still lots of ping/disconnect issues, especially in the arena where it matters?
  2. If only that reply looked like proper English. wat
  3. Whenever I try to login to these forums, I seem to get redirected to every NCSoft website in a row, including other not-BnS games as are listed on the NCSoft website. And then most of the time it just doesn't log me in, and I have to retry. I'm so ready to just save my password for this site so I can spam login every time - but that's a security risk. The "Remember Me" feature also doesn't work. Shortly after logging in successfully, it'll just log me out after some inactivity.
  4. Hey guys I'm back and with a quick anti-spammer suggestion. Mass friend request denial, friend request & report for suspicious username, and finally... A better "friend request management" GUI window over the small panel that's just a list of 10 requests and "Accept or Decline". Something with the "select all" feature like in modern e-mail, that lets us view a full list of requests (incase there's some humans in there). 63 friend requests from gold sellers... yeah. Also the ability to disable receiving friend requests while offlin
  5. You misread my post, I never said anything about removing the time restriction. I'm saying to add an additional time restriction if you're trying to sprint to chase someone only to change your outfit and attack them that only restricts you if you were sprinting. But here you are berating people and acting like they're dumb instead of listening to what people say.
  6. It'd be cool if people who have more characters unlocked could get some form of discount on buying outfits, because as things are I can hardly get an outfit for all of my characters if I want HM Store outfits. The pricing is cool and competitive and all maybe for a single character player, but if it's only affordable to get an outfit on a single character... well, we won't be buying more than one outfit for our other characters. Say I have 8 characters, no way am I gonna spend $20x8 or $160 to costume all of them. But lets say each character adds a 5% discou
  7. The point is that needing to "manage" stamina is pointless. Imagine if the game reset you to Bamboo Village every time you die because it's ilke a Game Over and you go back to the start? Pointless mechanic that only wastes time right? We already have much more compelling gameplay with what we actually manage during combat. ---- If you're running without faction outfit and switch to faction outfit, it should be that running before trying to immediately switch to a faction outfit forces you to wait 5s before changing into it.
  8. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's looked at a costume and thought, "man, if only this one bit were slightly different I'd love it". Whether its recolors or alterations of the costume, it'd be nice to give us more variety, and since it'd be new versions of existing costumes it should be easier to add/make. Speaking of recolors, Lyns need more ear/tail customization. Ears/Tails should be a separate choice on its own imo. It's nice that some are themed, but the restrictions are silly. There's various costume variants I would be interested in, one recent one w
  9. At the very least instead of 15s run and 30s regen, it should be 30s run and 15s regen.
  10. I was doing poh6 and we were running to mak sobo, everyone was pretty much on my tail as the door opened so I ran in and jumped the boss. And for some damn reason everyone who was running right behind me stops right outside the door and catches on fire, so I have to go kill myself and let everyone in.
  11. lmao, Dorin also gets a random voice actor change or something (the bomb guy in silverfrost near the start) when you defeat him. I was like wtf.
  12. Tradeable, Account Bound, Non-tradeable What about "Stampable"? It seems like there's already confusion about what can and cannot be stamped. So it sounds like it'd be a neat idea.
  13. What I always wonder about when these discussions come up, is if the people saying that scratching a chalkboard is so much better can actually speak fluent chalkboard. Because if they can't, how exactly would they know the voice acting was better? So they're wrong for comparing a game made in Asia, with Asian voice acting? Going back to the 'scratching a chalkboard' example, I used to only watch anime if it had English dub, because it was convenient to not have to squint at subtitles all the time instead of what was actually happening. I was fine with most dubbi
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