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  1. I'm thinking of coming back, but... Is the arena still dominated by bots? You couldn't play the arena without getting matched against pixel perfect bots every other round. Are there still lots of ping/disconnect issues, especially in the arena where it matters?
  2. If only that reply looked like proper English. wat
  3. What's the problem with PvP... you just have to think of the enemy as a boss with unique AI and learn its attack patterns. You might just find a lot of them to act the same ;)
  4. 7 days is crazy, it can prevent hackers deleting you, but it's better that the account stealing is stopped in the first place. Does this game have the option for phone One Time Password verification or similar? At most I'd go like 3 day delete. If you lose your account, unless you quit for an expended period of time, a person will probably try to recover it ASAP.
  5. BTW, where the hell is this "timer" everyone speaks up. I see no timer indicating when he goes to enrage or anything... I have no idea how long he even takes to go to rage.
  6. NCSoft said in livestream that they are looking at win/loss statistics, people claiming with optimal setups they can't do anything, people claiming it's easy, people who got it on the first try, people who don't get it, people farming it since day one, etc. The concluded that they don't plan to change it now that it's already been out for 24 hours and that plenty people are managing it. Also the twitch chat consensus was "git gud", which I agree with. Not to mention, unlike normal bosses, Junghado doesn't need joint attacks to stun him. You can CC him all yo
  7. Looking back, I didn't even notice he suggested "Instant level 45". LOL? You can get 45 in less than 20 hours. Compare to games that take weeks, months, /years/ to get to max level. ?????
  8. The devs said in livestream that account bound costumes is a feature that no other region has, and that they would have to work with KOR to get it made. PSO2 has account bound costumes. Technically, they aren't bound.
  9. Junghado isn't a DPS check. He's about knowing how to stop his skills, dodge his skills, ... and while keeping up damage. Augarite was really easy... I don't know how that thing is even stopping anyone. Then again if you're using level 36 weapons still, I guess it's that much harder. I'm only at true profane which I pretty much got for free in 2ish days because dailies gave me all the cash and supplies I needed. ----- JSYK guys, it feels like upgrading your weapon to the next +10 stage almost doubles your previous damage. True profane is e
  10. I agree with Promestein, it really teaches people to learn how to play their class.
  11. running up trees is hard but neat when you can land on top of one
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