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  1. Scythe?Sure thats nice but locked to Lyns,no thanks. Its bad enough that BD is locked to Lyns,otherwise I would play it:P
  2. I want that hat:P,he looks kinda badass.
  3. Gotta say he looks like a fun person,something my friend would make if he would play this game:P AlexHuaTian I'm not sure how to feel about your vids,they are kind fun on their own.I bet my char would be in your vids if we were on the same server since I tend to afk in towns a lot xd
  4. Didn't spend too much time @char creation screen cause I'm kinda bad at making chars,just tried to keep her simple/normal. Mainly using 3 outfit randomly,Corvus/temptress and Stinger cause reasons. I might have to use a char alteration coupon once cause as much as I like long hairs its kinda glitchy with most of the outfits and its bothering me,if only I knew before:P I alt tab out for a min or so while waiting on Harvest and then this happens.
  5. Yep,also happened to me a few times and its really annoying. Just recently when we had Poh 6 as a daily run,I had this at the middle of the run and my char just refused to get out of combat stance even tho there were no enemies around. So I said eff it and tried to jump fly anyway,ofc I couldn't make it and fell down.Now the party had to wait on me again while I ran back..
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