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  1. Pretty much what I do with this 'community' most of the time,I just ignore everything I can. Got a random whisper yesterday about my Gon's bootie 'cause Stinger outfit' but I just ignored it and said nothing,not really into such small talk or whatever. Stuff like that video,I just walk away and mind my own business,same with faction chat for the most part. Not worth reading the cancer that happens there way too often.
  2. Took me around 2 months to get to 523 Ap 'HM8' on my FM without any help from friends or guild,did everything with randoms or solo,rather casually. Leveling,around 1+ week but I took my time cause I read and watch the story.
  3. Scythe?Sure thats nice but locked to Lyns,no thanks. Its bad enough that BD is locked to Lyns,otherwise I would play it:P
  4. Risk your life 1 and 2 for a good 3-4 years but that game is mainly PvP at endgame,never had to rely on a Guild there,even tho I was in one it wasn't needed. Switched to Vindictus when it was relased in NA and then EU so thats another 4+ year or so. During my entire Vindi EU career I had 1 long term guild and even that only happened because my 'partner' was there so yet again it wasn't a neccesity to progress. In that game you can pretty much do anything with a random group as long as they aint too brainded/undergeared,if not then I can just solo where the raid boss has its HP s
  5. I can totally relate to this,exactly how I feel atm regarding my 'place' in the game. I've started this game on my own w/o any form of previous knowledge of the game and slowly played my way up to where I am currently '523AP HM 8 FM'. That took me 2+ months but that was fine with me cause I did it at my own pace and rather relaxed,only used F8 for my dungeon runs and it was fine till this point of the game. Now I came to realise that if I want to progress further I need either an active guild who takes me to runs or get 4-5 'mmo friends' and create a static group f
  6. Well you don't really need to do dungeons for leveling up anyway. Soloed up to 50 with my FM and pretty much only did Blackram Narrows and Tomb of Exiles for my breaktrough weapons,rest was either solo able or wasn't necessary.
  7. Playing on my own since the Launch day,still have no one on my Friend list aside from blocked bots. I did run into some decent ppl but I don't really friend list others unless they want to,then I accept it but I'm generally not a chatty person. Not really talking in faction chat either,sometimes I ask stuff myself or answer questions if I can but thats about it. Week ago or so I did a Cold Storage run where I ran into a guild from my server and they asked me if I'm interested in joining but I kindly refused it as I have no intentions on playing this game that serio
  8. Well idk how the game works in a Proper party setup cause i don't have a guild. But when you do all your runs with F8 LFP I sure as hell don't feel useless/Easy as a FM cause in those parties most ppl can't be arsed to do any kind of double cc or anything for that matter. In most of the Cold Storage runs I'm the only one who does double CC with frost beam/Fire tab,even if we have multiple FMs in the pt. I also stay in melee range as much as I can and avoid the Boss attacks that way,so the rest of the party doesn't have to chase the boss all over the place.
  9. I've played a Sin since the launch till the Silverfrost update so yeah. Switched to FM cause playing Sin in a party felt rather shet back then and I wanted something more useful in party play. I'm just saying that its not like everyone who plays ranged only does it because the game works this way,I was even considering FM to be my first char in this game and I have no previous knowledge of this game from other versions. Saying that melee makes you feel like a better player,well thats just Ego talk imo.
  10. I keep recycling names from one game to another,not a fan of using new names every time. I took them from various sources and a book I read,so they are rarely taken. Names are pretty important to me tho,I would not be able to play with some random/immature named char:P
  11. Wat? You know not everyone who plays Ranged plays it because the game 'forced' it on them,some of us actually do enjoy playing ranged classes. I enjoy both and if this game wouldn't be so damn unfriendly to alts I would play both.
  12. Just logged in to spin it and took a screen while I was it. The 3 yar thing is the food for pets.
  13. Lately I'm starting to feel the same,some ppl can be so damn toxic in random runs that they just ruin the mood for the entire run itself. Just recently had a sin in a random 6 man Frozen fang run and we didn't even passed the first 2 mini boss and he already picked a totally unnecessary fight with the group,complaining that we dps too slow. He kept on going with his ego comments till the last boss where he died and shut up,gave me a laugh tho.
  14. Lately I also ran into quite a few leecher/afker,as in not doing anything in the dungeon aside from moving from one zone to another. 'not talking about bots' Did the yesterday's BSH daily run,got into an avereage lfp group but we had a 630 geared summoner who kept doing that,only zoned in but didn't do anything at the bosses nor said anything when we questioned him/her. After Blood Mane I just left the party along with the others,I'm done playing with obvious leechers and rather restart the run. That is just 1 example but its getting quite annoying tbh,why the hell do the
  15. Agreed with that,but Jins can't be FMs and I kinda dislike Yun's pose/general look so I went with Gon. I don't like the full set either,just the outfit from the back and since I see my char from the behind,well yea:P Most of the time I'm using Noble of the Sea/Regium anyway. I just wish the long hairs wouldn't glitch so much with most of the outfits,probably at a later point I will have to change the hair on my char cause its glitching trough most of the outfits I like.
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