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Mushin Lottery | Win in-game money!


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11 minutes ago, GnatB said:

From what I understand, if there is any way of somebody converting their in-game winning into RL money, even if said means is not endorsed by the developers/publishers, (i.e. RMT), then gambling like you're doing is illegal.  (at least on the NA servers)


Not a violation of rules of conduct, terms of use, user agreement.  Illegal.  Go to jail, don't pass go, type illegal.  And I'd be extremely surprised if there isn't something in the Terms/etc. that uhm...  "discourages" illegal activity within the game.


It’s a good thing no one is converting any in-game currency to real life currency. We don’t stand for that. Guys it’s a simple fan create lottery game, only in-game currency is allowed.



How can I be sure this is not a scam? All we can say is give us a shot.  This is the very beginning of something new here.  If you want to play then we can’t wait to show you how legit it is.  If you do not feel comfortable with playing at this moment then you simply do not have to.  Give it some time to gain some popularity; once that happens ask around! Simple as that. Either you trust us or you don’t.


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3 minutes ago, Gluxdator said:


It’s a good thing no one is converting any in-game currency to real life currency. We don’t stand for that. Guys it’s a simple fan create lottery game, only in-game currency is allowed.


Tell that to the goldseller websites.  And the people that sell gold to them.  It may all be in good fun.  Doesn't mean it's legal.  Kinda like pretty much every march madness pool ever.

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17 minutes ago, Gluxdator said:


I have went line by line on the Blade and Soul Rules of Conduct, Terms of Use, and User Agreement. There are no such rules in place.  I’m sure if they used real currency then it would; but in this case it is not real currency.


They don't mention lotteries or gambling specifically but in the User Agreement under 16.g it states
"Governing Law and Venue – This agreement and any controversy related to this agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with and governed by the laws of the state of Washington, or, as appropriate, by federal law as applied by a federal court sitting in Washington, both without regard to Washington choice of law rules.


You and NCSOFT expressly agree that the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods do not apply to this agreement or to transactions processed under the agreement. To the extent not otherwise precluded by any other provision of this agreement (see Sections 14(a) and 14(b) above), any and all Dispute(s) and litigation(s) arising out of or related to this agreement, including without limitation matters connected with its performance, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Washington, sitting in King County, Washington, and/or the Federal courts sitting therein. You and NCSOFT hereby irrevocably submit to the personal jurisdiction of such courts and irrevocably waive all objections to such venue."




Washington Law considering this topic:

"RCW 9.46.240 prohibits Internet gambling in Washington
State. Additionally, the Washington State Constitution
(Article II Section 24) prohibits all gambling activities
unless the activity is specifically authorized in State
law. Internet gambling has never been authorized in
Washington State. It is illegal to:
 Operate an Internet gambling site.
 Gamble on the Internet.
 Install or maintain equipment to send or receive
gambling information.
 Facilitate Internet gambling in any way."
Source: http://www.wsgc.wa.gov/publications/brochures/5-165-internet-gambling-brochure.pdf


Therefore by law, you are not allowed to hold a public lottery such as this one.

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1 hour ago, Lunaus said:

EDIT: Also, you may be a legit guy just wanting to for an actual Lottery but it didn't last too long on TERA and I doubt NCSoft will actually go for it, because you do need their permission to offer any type of "gambling" in their game if it already isn't against TOS/TOA.

You may not be transferring the gold to make real money but even in-game gambling can be illegal in some states/countries which is why you still need to ask permission first. This was a really big issue in TERA.

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