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  1. This is a PvP game, many stuff for u char u get from PvP. So better train or u will never get legendary gears. Otherwise collect gold, a big sack of gold.
  2. Two lyns brother and sister are always there for noobs and show how and where.
  3. Graphics? Lol, WoW and Lineage 2 have no graphics at all, but many people play them.
  4. Oh i understood u mean the scorpion in the desert. Yea this one drops maximum 2, like told above 1+ 1 extra. As i remember same in Korea.
  5. Thats strange. And your friend got how much?
  6. He dropped 2- 3 essences for me. This means your damage to him is low so u get only 1. The quantity depends from the damage u did to boss.
  7. U cant buy 2799 here. U can buy 400-800-1600-4000-8000
  8. I agree here. To buy same stuff on one account is nonsense.
  9. I think we need to investigate that issue little closer, using all media devices.
  10. I had NC coin problem during premium start. They refunded me and wrote that it can take up to 24 hour. Just create ticket, explain the situation and wait. I think they are just flooded with tickets now and cant handle it.
  11. Blade and Soul support team when answered on my ticket.
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