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  1. This is a PvP game, many stuff for u char u get from PvP. So better train or u will never get legendary gears. Otherwise collect gold, a big sack of gold.
  2. I have problems to stuck 3/3 fire/ice. When i use fire F-F-F sometimes (almost always) other skill that i marked activating under third F and shoots all orbits out. When i manage to collect 3 fire orbits and switch too ice mode same there, F-F and under third F other skill is activating that shoots out all 5 orbits. During whole time i managed to activate Dual Dragons only few times. In Korea i had no such problem. To collect 3/3 ice fire. Now under F to many skills and it is just impossible.
  3. Maybe my build sux? The interesting is that Windstorm activates too but even not learned. Other 2 i market shoot out all ice orbits and all fire orbits, i simply cant do 3/3 especially when in battle.
  4. Yes but when i collect 3 fire or 3 ice other skill under F is activating and shoots all orbits out.
  5. Have problems with dual dragons it just wont work for me. Sup.
  6. Two lyns brother and sister are always there for noobs and show how and where.
  7. Graphics? Lol, WoW and Lineage 2 have no graphics at all, but many people play them.
  8. Oh i understood u mean the scorpion in the desert. Yea this one drops maximum 2, like told above 1+ 1 extra. As i remember same in Korea.
  9. Thats strange. And your friend got how much?
  10. He dropped 2- 3 essences for me. This means your damage to him is low so u get only 1. The quantity depends from the damage u did to boss.
  11. U cant buy 2799 here. U can buy 400-800-1600-4000-8000
  12. I agree here. To buy same stuff on one account is nonsense.
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