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  1. Tried didn't work, ended up just swapping my SSD SATA cable to another port and I'm able to play.. all that work just for a SATA cable swap..
  2. Unfortunately support has stated they've expended all resources to resolve my issue and can no longer assist me. Great. Well, I plan on building another PC anyways so I'll just test on a fresh start I suppose. If anyone else has any suggestions feel free to drop me a line, I am all ears until my parts arrive.
  3. I'll forward this to support and see if this may be viable thing to do. I don't have anything from the store downloaded as far as I know so I don't know what apps would react weird other than system defaults.
  4. I've already ran sfc with support, my SSD is fairly new and hasn't given any issues like this with any other game aside from BnS after I quit playing for a couple months. Also the BSOD isn't about the store app, when just searching the BSOD it almost always points to drivers but all of mine are up-to-date (checked OEM websites for updates), I even removed some as per the suggestions on the reddit thread I posted and support confirming that I tried that step. Also there's no way to uninstall the store app just disable it, the only way to get it to update/reinstall is through Windows updates. Th
  5. I've tried removing GameGuard and it doesn't help, still getting help from the support team though so that's good.
  6. TL;DR - Issue is resolved see Edit#3 Has anyone figured out the cause of this issue? I haven't played Blade and Soul since Black Desert Online dropped last Feb (2016) so I haven't actively played but I was more than capable of signing in when I wanted until this year when I reinstalled the game to pick it up again after receiving an email welcoming back returning players. Nothing has changed about my setup other than two RAM slots going bad limiting m RAM to 8GB instead of 16GB. Windows is up-to-date, only antivirus I have is Windows Defender, all drivers are up-to-date, etc etc. I've been
  7. What's wrong with being trans? Very transphobic of you, too bad we don't have a real life name/face to put to this comment. Because we don't want to play just female chars? They still have boobs on most races even if you slide it to 0. It isn't the same.
  8. You gotta love the NA/EU community, there's always SOMEONE who has to force their preferences on others because it makes them uncomfortable (usually with their own sexuality). It's just pixels, and if I wanna dress my males in feminine clothing I should be able to! The costumes are already made and NCWest has nothing to do with actual design of them, they are handed a patch with items and updates and push it to our launchers to download. The same goes for the masculine outfits for females, they're already out in other regions and there is no reason why we shouldn't get them unless they are reg
  9. Upgraded? You sure NVIDIA -> AMD is an upgrade? When it's a known fact a lot of games are optimized around Intel/NVIDIA? Hardware aside, the issue is a game optimization, spec the settings for Combat and it should lighten the load otherwise Ctrl+F.
  10. That's cool, different game/company though. I'll be leaving now. :)
  11. Nope, never said that. That's a first because every other game I've played they take feedback through the ticketing system just as they would through the forums. Either way sending it DIRECTLY to them rather than HOPING they see a thread is still what I think is best but again that is my PERSONAL feeling. Feel free to continue with making threads I've already said my peace about it.
  12. Well when it is sent via ticket from everyone who have same or similar gripes it's easier to sort/see rather than it being on the forum to be buried where there isn't 100% chance they'll reply versus them HAVING to reply to you and you have proof past a thread that may or may not be deleted/merged. It's just a suggestion and how I feel, but this is just a temp game for me I'm trying to move away from F2P and go into B2P/P2P models more so I don't necessarily have to deal with this a lot.
  13. I wish people would use the ticket function, I understand the want to post feedback but the general discussion forums usually isn't the best place if you want them to see, especially with the recent flood about the RNG boxes. I think they're avoiding most negative topics.
  14. Well I'd say just wait til Feb 10th for the update when you can get them through Arenas but... :P Just wait though the price will drop more than they are from the boxes and MP saturation with all the recipes/crafters.
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