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  1. Why so much patchs

    Fanboys found new topic. WTF to many patches: "Bad Game", "Bad NCsoft", "Bad Community", "I am a noob and i cant own top premium members and u add more stuff." "Bad Game", "Bad NCsoft", "Bad Community"
  2. Where is the problem u get the drops so and so? Or u really worried about those who rush?
  3. I am telling that Warlocks should be added with lvl 50 cap and all class fixes. If they add them on this 45 lvl cap, warlocks will be op class and every noob will create a warlock to search 1 or 2 other class chars on whole server and show how they rock in PvP. Against other warlocks ofcourse they will lose so we can expect +100500 whine topics on forums about bad game, leaving, bad class, bad balance and bad NCSoft.
  4. Mainly to force masters

    Learn to tank. This really pisses me of when i do the most damage and i actually kill the boss and others are like ballast or they die or they build s..t. And when they dead they start to teach me how to DPS, me who actually did the whole job. Learn your classes use pt skills i always use them when needed. I sleep the kitties some lol wakes them up. Always. I sleep the destroyer minion on Chief someone wakes him up. I use ice shield on Sashimi nobody runs to me to hide, And so on ....
  5. First mats u need to craft Legendary Weapon. Few new boss costumes and many other good stuff.
  6. End of March. 99 percent of chars on all servers warlocks. Yes i see the future.
  7. Lineage 2 PT system is needed here thats all.
  8. After lvl 45 this game is getting to job. Every god d....n day the same. So most players just bored from this and start to leach. BSH 24 today: 20 ppl standing on last boss and trash talking, 4 ppl kill sub bosses. When i asked them, go kill the twins, they told that the already done. Till there will be white knights which work for others this will never end and even more this will be more worse. And will end like in China, when a guy just starts the game and a 6 pack of bots do all the job.
  9. Soulstones...WTF?!

    This is a PvP game, many stuff for u char u get from PvP. So better train or u will never get legendary gears. Otherwise collect gold, a big sack of gold.
  10. This doesnt change the fact that it is 3 times cheaper to craft the stones by yourself since u need plenty of them for yourself. I never sold mine.
  11. Enough is enough

    They failed with the EU servers. U first connect to NA login servers after you are directed to Germany. I want to see in the eyes of this DEV who got this ''NICE" idea. I even dont speak about maintenance days when EU servers are closed during the day. EU players for NCWest are second sort of people so they treat us like trash. Seriously better u gave the EU servers to lol Innova company.
  12. Enough is enough

    EU servers?
  13. Speed Hack

    Now NCSoft will ban you for calling a cheaters name on forums.
  14. So, what the hell

    You get the beans even when u loose so i dont see here any problem. From other side to those: "In Lineage 2 pvp better", "In WoW pvp better". Ofcourse it is better in that games when your enchanted bot pack does all the work and u during this time trash talk in chat calling others noobs. Here u need to have some gaming skills, in this trash game, yes?
  15. Master looters need to yeah....

    No 1 gold 5-7 gold from the start, this is a clear exploiting of the biding system based on other players inattention.
  16. Master looters need to yeah....

    We just need i side made database where NCSOFT have no power and we will see all those scammer heroes and could own them in game. And for now just block those lols. I have evidences how 1 guy scammed 3 other guy in a row. He was standing AFK in big four and when we kill boss he increased the tear cost to 5-7 gold before others. So the next bidder almost always fell on it. Form other side people should carefully look what they bid, but even i told to other pt be careful they payed for the tears 5-7 gold.
  17. Don't Hate the Beginners TEACH them.

    She summons him and in Po 24. In Po24 many people, they kill her fast. Anyway u need just sleep the minion thats all.
  18. Don't Hate the Beginners TEACH them.

    Different? With what? What boss in Po6 use different attacks than in Po 24? Difference is only in the strength of the bosses nothing more.
  19. Don't Hate the Beginners TEACH them.

    Dont think that am rude to you because last week i encounter too many as..holes in this game. If you had proper gears and the pt wanted to kick you than they were as..holes if you had not a proper gear than u leached. Simple as hell. I have proper gears and not one PT wanted to kick me. I play from Korean Beta and i am not a pro. I went to Mushin got to F6 and got owned there by Dokumo. People say roll to get the Piggie. I dont want to roll the Piggie, if a was owned by true sacred beast, i have nothing to do on F7. Need to upgrade gears pass F6 than do F7. Most people who complain here are 45 lvl lowbies that want to have everything from one hit. All their complains are trash.
  20. Don't Hate the Beginners TEACH them.

    So u never did Poh 24 dailies just went to Poh 6 ?
  21. Don't Hate the Beginners TEACH them.

    Rude? So when u enter dungeon by exploiting the system using Dokumo weapons and than just leach from others, this is ok and not rude. And when people in PT say that u weak and need to leave thats rude. Just before in game one more Dokumo, asked him to leave, called us noobs and boys and yes didnt left.
  22. Best Soulshield Mixup?!?!?

    Combinations suck. U need to have a whole set and evolve it with others.
  23. Don't Hate the Beginners TEACH them.

    Tried to teach. But most of this "noobs" are high quality as..holes. You cant be a "noob" at lvl 45 u can be only an as..hole. Only so i can explain those Dokumo heroes destroying every pt. People already dont enter dungeon because before they check the equipment of other players in pt.
  24. Seems that on Dochun play many Greenpeace and animal lovers. Because on Windrest BW is almost always dead.
  25. Nerf Stalker boss 4th floor

    Fanboys always complain, you will nerf the boss they will come here in a week and complain about not interesting game. This is new species of people. They stuck in evolution somewhere between a monkey and human.