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  1. Major patches

    Because of the lack of player base the Money(Swipes) that NCWest was used to is gone. So they have no incentive to improve the game play. All game changes are made to target whales, you too can become a whale if your willing to spend thousands of dollars, to get them spend additional money on the game. Here are the facts. There is no hope that NCWest will improve game play for non-whales. So, don't spend money on a dead game, just have fun if you can. U4E never will happen- cost factor. All changes, removing gold, will never return to original game play. All changes are made to funnel you to NCoins. Server lag will never improve, just get worst. Player base will get smaller. Sending any ideals to NCWest on game improve is a waste of time. They are NOT going to spend any money on this game. And finally this game is dead, sad to say. It will limp along, but will never be the game we once played. Greed has killed this game. So sad.
  2. When BnS came to NA there were 8 Servers, now NA has one. Because of the lack of players and having two servers I agree with the previous post, merging of NA-UA will happen. Plus cost savings of two servers. NCWest is trying to suck out as much money they can before the cost of maintaining the servers cost more then NCWest is making. We know U4E will never happen-not cost effective. We have seen changes to the game benefit whales, not the average player, however if the whales stop spending real money-> server shutdown?
  3. When the content creators are leaving BnS that says a lot, their reasons seem to parallel what most of us feel about what happen to this game. NCWEST is behind the reason for me leaving, all paths lead to "swipe". Their efforts to impact the game "swipe to progress" has been effective, no longer can a play grind to progress their character. So, if you like the current NCWEST version of the game I can only say, you are fueling the greed of NCWEST and it will only get worst. Don't.
  4. Goodbye Blade and Soul

    Yes, it is a CPU bound game. You could being running a 2080super and the game still suck. Unreal engine 4 should solve this CPU bound issue, but NCWEST will NEVER invest the capital in this game to improve it. Server lag is a NCWEST direct issue. When NA went from 8 server to ONE, NCWEST went to the cheapest solution; the server in someone's basement. To the point, NCWEST can't even fill one server. To bad I really liked this game, but I refuse to spend one dollar on this game and to the people who ruined this game I'm done, seeya.
  5. Any Update on The Gold Fix?

    NCWEST has decided that it is now a swipe to progress game. If you are willing to spend real money, and I mean alot of money, you can progress. If not, you will be stuck at a level and that's the realization of this game. No begging or what ever will change NCWEST mind. I personally will not give NCWEST ONE DOLLAR. I just want to finish the story, but NCWEST is dragging it out as long as possible. So, I will come back once the story continues.
  6. Enough is Enough

    Like most of you I loved this game and when it came to NA I was so happy, but that's the past and here we are. Let's list we're are current game stands. 1. One NA server down from 8 and can't even fill one server. I lay this on NA producer. 2. Server ping is bad. BnS must be running on the cheap's hardware they could find. 3. No more mechanics, if you can't one shot it, we don't want you in our party. 4. Paywall(PayToProgress) starts at 1600ap if you want to progress your character, be ready to swipe. This is their business model, "Pay to Progress". I'm waiting for my Premium to expire then delete the game. It's sad to witness the death of a game that I loved to play, but we gamer's have no control over the mishandling of NCWest.
  7. I think everyone has a point with the current conditions. Here is mine. Anyway, lets look at this current conditions game from a business view. Free to play is great with this game, however the producer is not making any money unless the f2p player "swipes". The premium player $14.00 a month may not be enough profit for the producer. I don't know what the red ink is on this game, but to generate revenue it must come from "swipe". So, I believe a new business plan target was implemented ("swipe"), all activity must lead to "swipe". This is nothing new, however it is with BnS in NA. So, I believe ever update my have a change that moves the player to the targeted business plan("swipe"). The player who doesn't "swipe" will reach a level of game play and stall, but doesn't restrict their current game involvement. It makes me wonder if BnS(NA) will be listed on "death of a game" site one day. Well that's all see ya in you favorite game and remember it's only a game.
  8. Is game gonna die ??

    This game is still popular in Korea and that is were all BnS patch's and update originate, so this game will continue to get new updates. Any other this or that look to Korea forums to find out what the trend(path) is being talked about.
  9. Started by platonel, 26 Nov 2015 thanks to him for this I was disconnected from the game, when I tried to relaunch the game I got the E01008 error. I restarted the computer same error E01008 I restarted my modem/router same error occurred E01008 rounded and rounded I went until I found this post in the BETA section and it worked. here you go and thanks again to platonel were ever you are. I had the launcher stuck with E01008. If you've got the same try this: 1. go to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc 2. Copy the host file to your desktop and open it with notepad 3. paste this on a new line 4. copy/paste replacing the host file with the edited one. I hope it works for you aswell.
  10. I have posted where NCSoft has screwed up on things were they should not had touched example: Market Place. Here again we have NCSoft screwing up something they should have left alone. Last Beta and this important bug has never been fixed. How can this game be ready for release. I've been playing BnS for the last two years on TW server and for the life of me can't understand how a released game (5 years) can be so full of bugs(new), incompetence? So what kind of released game are we going to get next month I believe it will still be buggy. I'll see you all on the battle field stay clam and have fun.
  11. I was going to post about this, thank for the topic. This point is very important when you are setting up for a high level dungeon you can see what point you have in what tree or skill, how in the bleep did NCSoft NA break this. There is some green tab were the skill points should be. Have these guys even played this game before screwing it up? Other things lol. Will Blade and Soul NA be a success?I currently play on a TW server were I received 5 charter slots at the start, ping and FTP is petty good. To begin with lets look at what NCSoft NA received. The latest code(game) from KR, which has been released for years. It should be noted there are some inherent bugs in the latest release so we overlook those. Let us describe this as "Vanilla" release. Also, keep in mind NCSoft NA is not adding any new content to the game at all. So NCSoft NA receives the Vanilla release. What needs to be done to make it NA ready?1. Text to English, text,map,story, etc.2. Voice over, cut scenes .this is a big one. 3. Renaming items,towns, supplies,etc.4. Marketplace Lets review the items.1.Text to English, text,map,story, etc. -translation errors, grammar errors, misspelling, some areas not translated.2. Voice over, cut scenes, this is a big one. -You have a elderly NPC that has deflection in the voice in the Vanilla release. The NA version is of a English voice that has no deflection and does not match the NPC portrayal. They have done a lousy job of voice over, cut scenes. The voice-over causes a lost of the game intent. 3. Renaming items,towns, supplies,etc. -mismatch items that are called on thing and the same item called another name.4. Marketplace -This should not be on the list but NCSoft NA decided to screw up the AH. In closing why is the NCSoft NA having problems the Vanilla release does not have. In my opinion NCSoft NA doesn't know what they are doing.No clear plan on what to change and screwing with area's they should touch, Marketplace for example.The game lagging, decision to put all server in Texas, so much more, will cause the game to fail in NA/EU release. Only two character slots to start. You have to have the pack or buy more slots is lame. sorry to be so long winded
  12. After reading the posts on the founder pack, I agree it should be for all created characters, there wasn't any information provide that the founder pack was only for one character account bound or not. Kind of disappointed with this. However, having the Dragon pouches bound to the character and not account bound is lame and that should be amended if nothing else is done.
  13. Cannot find NPC Chengun Chapter 20 act 1

    You have reached the ending story at max level 45 there is no more story. To progress from/beyond Chap 20 the max level needs to be increased to level 50.
  14. This may help. I did a post on why the "New" market place has problems. Here is a short version. On TW server Market Place if I enter "Clay" I get a list of all items with Clay in the item description. On NA server Market Place if I enter "Clay" I get a list of all items with Clay in the beginning of the item description. Clay something. Difference being; TW uses *Clay* for the search *=wildcard NA uses Clay* for the search. So to get a item or list you must know the item starting description name or part of.
  15. Horrific, Laggy Server

    I don't mind helping out on Beta, however this is NCSoft way of using us to find there bugs, are we being used? and we paid for the privilege. They should be paying us. I stopped playing NA Beta 2, when the FTP dropped to 26 and the lag made the game unplayable. Also, my dealing with submitting Beta 1 real bugs, when I checked it said resolved with no information and the bug(s) are still in the game. So, what to do humm. go back playing on TW server were my FPS/Ping is good from Florida or continue with the crappy port of BnS, most likely running on outdated hardware. 10 seconds later I closed NA and went back to TW, however I do review the Beta forums looking a hint of hope NCSoft will respond in a way that informs us of their commitment to make BnS a success. What I'd like to see from NCSoft is how many dedicated developers and programs are working on BnS. Where are they located, India?. What kind of servers are they using for BnS. What is there plan to respond to players concerns. So far, I have seen nothing from NCSoft other then resolved on bug report.