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  1. Hey guys i have been wondering if we will ever in this lifetime get the option to transfer characters across regions as i need to switch my main from na to eu for various reasons such as high ping etc need to know will nc ever allow us to play/enjoy this game ................
  2. truthfully i can tell you something interesting regarding amd with bns lol its funny actually (if you changed any global settings in your amd adrenaline software to boost your game performance i would recommend against it because it will cause game to blink / graphic driver to fail and recover etc or send give an error of blue screen video_card_TdrDelay. etc) this is something i only experienced in bns other games are fine even if u tweak your graphic card just remove your bns from the global graphic option keep everything at default and if it still keeps blinking during game you can try
  3. Dochun 75% 50% 25% will jump to center of map you have to stay out of that circle the moment his jump is complete dash in and cc him stun/kd after that he will continue normal rotation till 50% and 25% which he will repeat all you have to do is make sure ur not hit twice by those mechanics you will then enrage him if you fail to cc anyways hes a simple boss come to hong and you will find out the meaning of torture first you can get Battalion bracelet from hong at 5 tranquility emblem cost prophecy necklace at 25 alpha tokens which is dropped in den of ancients god bless you with that if y
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