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  1. i was talking about an other thing type of reward, when they deliver the Russian Contest Outfit, NA got 2 pet pod while EU got only 1 😉
  2. Its not about not working on each region, its about reward been different on both region like this post..
  3. Because this has always existed, when they rls some "promocode" from Amazon Gaming or smth else, is always different from EU to NA... Sometime (A lot of) EU get screw over rewards, now its NA 🤷‍♂️
  4. Hey, you should have Yellow quest, you need to follow them, Open your "J" Quest letter, you'll find them
  5. Can i suggest you to just ask to dev, to "remove Den of the Ancients " from the ranking system it will probably resolve a lot of trouble 🙂 Regards
  6. I have an other one.. Can we get some info about this ? There going to be a Maintenance tomorrow? Or you had just used the old item from 2021?
  7. Hello Green Storm ! (Yeah i wont tag you :P) After seeing your announce on the "fix" on the soul incoming , what about the "heart" we are still missing like the Soul you are fixing tomorrow? How it is going to be for thoses wo already claim the soulboost level or are beyond/completed it ? Where are we going to get the 2 stones ? Thanks 😄 Also, about MaO ranking still fordidden us to enter it , any news on a fix incoming ? Thanks 🙂
  8. By being more "active" you mean explain yourself on other topics than the one we need you to ?... PS: We need an other "Directory Letter" or RoadMap "kind" to see where are we going now.. We are just here blind and need to get infos from a Third party to know whats comming.. i dont think its the right way to do so imo
  9. It doesnt occur for all players and it was explain why on the previous post...
  10. Ok then, good to know about this contest, and what about all LOADINGSCREEN that are available on KR client and we get none ??! All new one ..?? Where are they .. you have 10 copy of the sames loadinscreens ..
  11. When you are capped at 2M per chars , good job
  12. Yes, also beside having no stats, if they fix it im sure they going ot cucked off all to not being able to transmute with other "pet gem" and going to make them "immuable" //content.invisioncic.com/w306168/emoticons/72.png
  13. i agreed with that ... this dungeon takes for ever since its a mech dungeon ... its a waste of time !!
  14. You want sheath, go back in ice , you'll get it 😕
  15. ok, since its going to be a thread to help others, some have find this trick have made them fix their low fps on raids even with high end setups You'll need to disable FTH in windows To disable Fault Tolerant Heap entirely on a system, set the REG_DWORD value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\FTH\Enabled to 0. After changing this value, restart the system. FTH will no longer activate for new applications. and Rundll32.exe fthsvc.dll,FthSysprepSpecialize in cmd resets list of apps tracked by FTH if some programs were acc fixed by it they might not work agai
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