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  1. Ok then, good to know about this contest, and what about all LOADINGSCREEN that are available on KR client and we get none ??! All new one ..?? Where are they .. you have 10 copy of the sames loadinscreens ..
  2. When you are capped at 2M per chars , good job
  3. Yes, also beside having no stats, if they fix it im sure they going ot cucked off all to not being able to transmute with other "pet gem" and going to make them "immuable" //content.invisioncic.com/w306168/emoticons/72.png
  4. i agreed with that ... this dungeon takes for ever since its a mech dungeon ... its a waste of time !!
  5. You want sheath, go back in ice , you'll get it 😕
  6. ok, since its going to be a thread to help others, some have find this trick have made them fix their low fps on raids even with high end setups You'll need to disable FTH in windows To disable Fault Tolerant Heap entirely on a system, set the REG_DWORD value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\FTH\Enabled to 0. After changing this value, restart the system. FTH will no longer activate for new applications. and Rundll32.exe fthsvc.dll,FthSysprepSpecialize in cmd resets list of apps tracked by FTH if some programs were acc fixed by it they might not work agai
  7. There is some translation that need to be reworked on Spiritwalker necklace, Since its the same buff why make 2 lines on it ? i dont know if its since UE3 or on UE4 but quick fix apply 😄
  8. All "pvp" square pet gem missing "dueler" on their name
  9. Yeah, i can agree with that, they ditched every dungeon, and even psyche that was only dropped from this dungeon, at least make it available to Junsorei !! FFS.
  10. Oui le bug a été fix pour ma part, mais d'autre ont encore des problèmes donc pour l'instant je laisse ça en vue , "au cas où"
  11. I dont know what "bonfires" you talking about but you can even repair from "dragon spire" on each dungeon entrance ; you just need to click on your repair tool close to the dragonspire, or via merch .. You can still check them you just need to uncheck option in your menu :
  12. idk what you're talking mate, but your screen came from "BnS Frontier" not KR actual UI ... its still the same as our..
  13. Azzuray

    DX11 error

    man that GTX 260 is DX 10 compatible, not DX11, you clearly need to change your GPU if you want to play BNS UE4..
  14. he's still there : if its yours , make sure you connect to the right region before starting game 🙂
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