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  1. In your position i should be happy that i get that GC steels.
  2. I not understand why you ppl complain. We not wanted RNG Boxes and we have been heard, we not get it. Instead we have RNG Pouches
  3. Of course people get their equipment needed to clear a final boss *before* that boss for do it, like BT with VT/TT gear required, VT with TT+ gear required, etc.
  4. Buahaha, new raid where minimum dps of each party member must be at least that to kill curent event langui stage 4 (1,3kk), where 3/4 server or more, can't do that. Good luck for those few "choosen ones".
  5. Oh no, you totaly wrong Darksilnet, they perfectly know what they are doing. "Burning bridge" strategy is what they do.
  6. All know what that kind of merge mean.
  7. Please don't more "reheated chop" dungeons, that is a past and should stay there. That idea fit only for limited time events in my opinion, but not as permament.
  8. I don't think so that consider non-sealed Heart of the Thrall, Frostburn Orb and Iron Conqueror Medallion, i still have some for non my class in bank from guild raids random rolls, and they can't be sent to any alt. But in korea they are bound to account (non sealed of course)
  9. At least they listen to voice of the folks, and present us double chest from msp in weekends, thanks for this.
  10. Thanks for suggestions, fortunetly my mouse have some software then i can set that shortcut to one of buttons and work.
  11. I wish also know after which update we will get also Bound to Account VT Badge mats. After Temple of Succesion patch maybe when new badge enters??
  12. I agree, factions are useless in present times where latest faction content "Skypetal Plains" can be easy clear by one person. In my opinion, only glimpse of help for factions is add passive bonus for each faction, example 1% crit and 1% accuary for crimson and 1% hp and 1% ap for cerulean. Another option that can help faction by ignoring it, is merge faction chat to one, combining full of trash talk crimson to silent dead cerulean.
  13. Greetings, i wish ask if in near future there will be chance to set certain skill or items use for addtinal mouse buttons like Mouse 4 or Mouse 5. For now using talisman effect by default is very unconfortable, and when i wish change that shortcut to mouse 4, that not work, like not find that button.
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