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  1. Will the liberty tokens be tradeable at the end of the season? I would like to know this so I can know whether to exchange my badge or not.
  2. According to some friends that I talked to, the Nightfall Sanctuary nerfs that we got this patch seem to be incomplete? In particular, at Peacekeeper we don’t seem to be able to Tab escape from boxes and the 3-hit AoE that you have to HMB still knocks back. Can anyone clarify if this is an oversight or intended?
  3. Is there a soul event coming soon? The last one was a very long time ago (Warden release, which has been like 5 months) and my alt has been sitting without a soul for a while now because there is no point upgrading when we get awakened ascending for free.
  4. Will the VT badge mats (Frostburn Orb, Heart of the Great Thrall, Iron Conqueror Medallion) be made account bound soon? I think it's strange how every single other item from the raid can be sent to alts (HQ wings, HQ hearts, HQ weapon mats, not accessories obviously) but those 3, which are shared across classes, are the only ones not.
  5. I'm looking to buy a new computer to run B&S more smoothly, as this 4-year-old shitter Mac just doesn't cut it. I want to play at at least 60 FPS on low (1-2) settings with Ctrl-F enabled (all characters turned off). What are the minimum specs required in order to do this? The laptops I am currently looking at already have these: SSD: Trying to get one with 256 GB SSD, irrelevant Memory: Trying to get one with 8 or 16 GB RAM, irrelevant as well Processor: Trying to get one with Intel i7, not sure what the difference between each is, but I don't think it's TH
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