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  1. Need help to choose crafting profession

    There is no money making out of crafting atm in B&S. You can get few gold but its not worth considering the time and resources spent. As for profession choosing, I's say Forgekeepers and Sould Wardens would be best for gearing up.
  2. Premium transformation stones fail / success Rate

    I tried to craft them twice. First try i suceeded 1 out of 5 and second one 4 out of 5. 1/5 is bad, means only 20% success rate, but 4/5 is just being lucky. I think overall succes rate is around 30-35%, but you might end up with much less and you cant do anything about it. Its RNG.
  3. Need Feedback. Will this PC Run Blade and Soul?

    Nonsense. The GC wont change a thing. Only more RAM will help you with loading and stuff....and a better CPU. But yours is good enough to run it perfectly...just FPS might drop on high level settings in crowded areas.
  4. Which adress to use when tracing ping?

    Bump. Nobody from forum staff knows something about it? It's important.
  5. Mail system bug?

    Couple of weeks? You're kidding right? I cant send mail to any of my chars, and I have to wait weeks for it? Just LOL!
  6. Graphic card advice help please

    I have i5 2500k 8gb RAM and HD7800 graphic. I almost never crash (exept sometimes in Whirlwind), and got stable ping and FPS. One of the reasons high machines have problems with some games, including this one, its due to the games being old, and new hardware having conflicts with that. This is mainly driver-optimization propblem...and it wont go away. At my work we have a 2k euro worth of PC that has major issues with some older versions of Adobe, and constant conflict with Windows 10.
  7. disapearing crafts

    Lol.WTF! Thats why I couldnt find my thanksgiving mats on my main . I crafted the mats from 3 chars and on the maintenance day I was supposed to collect them. On 2 chars I had them, while on my main the crafts where not there. I thought I forgot to start crafting (although I was pretty sure I DID start). And that happened to me once at the begining of the event too. I thought I simply forgot.
  8. Framerate drops to ~20FPS until I alt+tab

    Its propbably a hardware issue. It might be drivers or something else. Hard to say.
  9. As the title says. Old one , seems no longer works.
  10. Drop rate of Hongmoon Duster? (Heaven's Mandate)

    Since its a garbage looking outfit I never really cared about it. But hey. I have it on my main , all my alts.. and God knows how many times I passed on it. So if you really want something, chances are very low to get it....if you dont then you will see it all the time. :D
  11. Account termination policy

    No mater what your friend says, these data cannot be obtained without his contribution, willing or nonwilling. If your are saying he is being robed by NCSoft , that's a different story.
  12. P2W??

    The game is not a pure game is. On the other hand , playing without premium, or Gold pack (Aion) gives huge disadvantage.
  13. Account termination policy

    If there are other people who can provide the same account information as your friend, than support did the right thing. Your friend either shared account information with other people or got hacked , which again makes the dicision of the support right. It might be due to his gullability or something else, but you cant fault support on this one.
  14. Need info about BM badges and also more info on other choices aswell. I have doubts about some of them stated above.
  15. Status of Servers

    I am playing since 2 hours and not experiencing any problems. If there were any DDOs attacks all would have problems. I guess it region problem thing or smth else.