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  1. OMG

    Return of the gold form daily chests will again raise the prices of mats and destroy currency trade further more. NO, I dont want 1:1 ratio all the time. Add to this the reduce drops from weeklies and prices will skyrocket, which will nullify the addition of gold from dailies. These changes will not do anything good market wise. They just prove NCSoft cant properly figure out what to do so they just keep making changes every 3 months lol.
  2. I cant seem to find out which class use these 2 badges. Or at least one of them.
  3. I am always amazed when people waste time discussing something as stupid as TOI.
  4. Because Asian MMO-s focus on gear grinding and action combat PvP, while western games have similar but yet different approach. Its true, the grindfest is the reason asian MMO-s will neve make it in the west, but they are better at designing combat and skill combos, and that is the reason I mainly play the games. Asion MMO-s story lines for me are complete crap, and dont even pay attention to it, but you must admit they have good ideas. Unfortunately they ruin all with the overimplementation of grind and RNG. Take the example of Aion. Its the best idea for an MMO ever. Even story is somehow nice...(although so many dragons make it boring), faction PvP in various zones, riftin in the old days, daily group PvP and solo PvP quests, arena ,weekly arena, sieges...all was nice idea. But....they are asians. They must add 5-6 gear needed for one char, RNG on gear evolution, and they even were stupid enough to add skill RNG and a GODSTONE on top of that. That is called killing the game with your own hands. But thats how asians do it and it wont change. They like it that way. You can accept and play or move on.
  5. You want to be able to play the game for 3-4 months and have endgame gear same as those who are playing for 2 years? This must be trolling. Unless you are ready to swipe, every MMO is time consuming for a reason. And that is to keep away cry babies who think they deserve all in a short time w/o doing much. Add losing interest if all is that quick as a bonus. If you want endgame gear be prepared to spend time in game. Thats like that in every MMO. And no, 3-4 months is not a real measure. BnS has a lot of problems, but gear progression is same as in other MMO-s. However, they need to adress the material accessibility for upgrading gear. I am not talking about gold here, but materials that are a must and cant be obtained easily, or you need insane amount of them. As for had too much gold already. Prices of gold-HM coins are still 1-1 even after the drop nerf.
  6. Is this for real?

    This is a second time I fight assassin that this happens. Since I am assasin main I am confused to what really is this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. I was on my BM this time in arena and I noticed than my Tab escape dosnt work vs this assassin. As soon as I get stunned it appears for a blink of a second, but then the icon dissapears right at the time I press it. The whole 2 rounds I wasnt able to use Tab escape. The first round (which I won) this wasnt the problem, but after he went full Blue buff dps mode+poson and I was dead in 3 secs cuz couldnt use Tab escape. This is btw sesond time I see this vs assassin. I remember being on my kfm when this once happende too, but I thought its just some ping problem. Any1 knows what is this?
  7. Taikhan's skin/flower of lament exchange bugged?

    Princess cannons have also been removed from jadestone. I wasnt able to log in yesterday and on some of my chars I have 2-3 cannonballs that now can only be traded for COPPERS?!! Couldnt cannons stay there till next maintenance?-.-
  8. Servers still down?

    I updated and started the game but it says its still under maintenance in EU?!!
  9. Destroyer vs SF

    Shadow Des is not a real Des. I would never play that abomination.
  10. TOI - Reduced NPC AP - really only this ???

    I am still amazed people discuss TOI as something serious. Get over it. Its the most stupid feature I have ever seen in ANY game (only AION's godstones are more stupid), and no point discussing it. Features like these are the main reason korean games had never, and will never succeed in the west. Its a matter of gaming mentality. And its not only TOI. Korean games are based around RNG. Not skill, brains, + a lil bit of RNG...but RNG+lil bit of skill and brains. This is how it works there and koreans like it that way. It wont change. All their games are made for korean market and suit korean mentality....which wont work in the west. Discussing these issues wont change anything. Korean games are however very appealing to those who focus on combat system (myself included), otherwise nobody would play them. They have nothing else interesting. Storylines of their games are boring (mostly childish), characters even more (lyns as example), and they also have incorporated western games bad features (pets, housing). Verdict. If AION havent succeded , there wont be any korean game to succed in the west. Ever. Happy TOI-ing.
  11. Raven-->Exalted or wait for Aransu?

    I am a Raven 7 lighning assassin, and now I have a choice to go Exalted, Raven 9, or Aransu. Here is my dilema. I am a solo player, dont have a clan and not planning to join one. My options of gettin Hive Queen Rancor are almost inexistent unless I buy it, which might be an option later on. Going Exalted seems a downgrade comparing to Raven, and is not cheaper to upgrade than Aransu. The difference is doing the VT instead of Drowning Deeps for mats. My questions would be. Should I upgrade to Raven 9 and wait for better times to get dhe Hive Queen Rancor? Upgrade to Exalted...and wait for better times to switch to Aransu? Or try to buy Rancor now and continue upgrading Aransu? I appreciate any answer.
  12. Need help to choose crafting profession

    There is no money making out of crafting atm in B&S. You can get few gold but its not worth considering the time and resources spent. As for profession choosing, I's say Forgekeepers and Sould Wardens would be best for gearing up.
  13. Premium transformation stones fail / success Rate

    I tried to craft them twice. First try i suceeded 1 out of 5 and second one 4 out of 5. 1/5 is bad, means only 20% success rate, but 4/5 is just being lucky. I think overall succes rate is around 30-35%, but you might end up with much less and you cant do anything about it. Its RNG.
  14. Need Feedback. Will this PC Run Blade and Soul?

    Nonsense. The GC wont change a thing. Only more RAM will help you with loading and stuff....and a better CPU. But yours is good enough to run it perfectly...just FPS might drop on high level settings in crowded areas.
  15. Which adress to use when tracing ping?

    Bump. Nobody from forum staff knows something about it? It's important.