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  1. Tower of infinity: new scores won't save.

    TOI is stupid anyway so this bug just adds to the whole idiocracy. Hope they never fix it.
  2. Legends Reborn Event extended until May 15

    Yes, but you still can transmute them and open the chest. Just make sure you dont sell them as antics.
  3. Victory Token Why unable to trade?

    Almost 4 sentence lines of complete nonsense :D
  4. Starcaller RNG Box

    I bought 20 of them to try and see. But those HM coins I bought with ingame gold and ddidnt really care. Ofc I got nothing special but I dont complain cuz I already expected it. Trove actually is a gold sink and looses you money. It cheaper to buy mats from marketplace.
  5. List of ideas to improve

    1- Definetely. 2- Definetely 3- Definetely 4- Moonstone and Elysean Crystals need more ways of farming them and Naksun wont be enough. The amount of them needed is crazy and unless you are mazochistic, there are only few ways of getting them. 5. Definetely 6- I am not into fashion and this for me is not important, but might be to other people. 7-Those instances need better drops, as for more challenge I am not sure. I say this because we already have 2 difficult solo instances. 8-I stoped buying premium when I saw that Trove and RnG boxes are main focus of devs. 9- Definitely, but not only for BT accs. They need to lower the crazy amount of jewels needed for accessories. You cant even think about upgrading any accessorie on your alt when you already struggle upgrading them on your main. It took me around 100 jewels ti upgrade my VT neck, thats 1k gold, 1k soul crystals ans sacred crystals. Its just sick. 10- Definitely 11- Definietely NOT. With the faction imbalance we have, no open world faction event should be considered. That doesnt mean they cant come up with something else that would be interesting though.
  6. Starcaller RNG Box

    RNG boxes and trove in BnS (and not only BnS) have always been a scam. I dont know why people keep buying and still complaining.
  7. Is it Time to Cut the Cord?

    1. People complain where there are no updates and then complain again when there are too many updates. 2. That is how it should be. In what world do you live in? 3. That is quite right. Event in this game are pretty much boring. But at least this one is fast. 4. That is also debatable. Some people like , some dislike current changes. I am somewhere in the middle. 5. This is related to the above. 6. This can only be referred to the latest event. And I am quite OK with it cuz the rewards are nothing special. However I agree that events shouldnt be gear related. 7. This is how f2p games work. I played Aion for 3 years and now BnS for 3 years. In Aion I spent 10 euros and was top geared player. In BnS I spent likely 100 euros and I am nowhere near endgame. Why? Cuz I dont really grind here as I did in Aion. I am not even in a clan. 8. That is also thecase in many other games unfortunately. 9. That has nothing to do with the game but the people who play it. And they also exist in other games. 10. Korean games will never be popular in the west. Their rng/grind approach is not accepted here and will never be. Especially the amount of rng they implement in their games. The ony reason they get some players is because of their superior skill/gameplay mechanics over western games.
  8. Naryu tablets

    You get Riftwalk/Downforge weapon from main quest at lvl 6o fo free. As far as I know that weapon doesnt need naryu tablets to upgrade.
  9. Thanks

    TBH I thought this event dung will be about mechs not braindead dps...but wth...better skip it.
  10. Thanks

    Tha difference in dps between 1h wep and my Aransu 3 is 100k dps. I tested it. So w/o other gear its not doable. Maybe some classes like gunner can manage it with 1.6k, 1.7k AP with proper gear. But I doubt others can do it with less than 1.8k
  11. Thanks

    What is wrong with people today. He was refering to Grand Celestial weapon ....not the shitty 1h one. With 1hour one you cant do nothing. And even with Grand celestial you wont pull 1.2-1.3k dps if you dont have other gg gear.
  12. Thanks

    And how did you get the wep? CUz you neeed drops from stage 4 for it. Just admit you dont even play.
  13. Thanks

    You need 1.3 mill dps over 3 mins on stage four Longui. Thats not possible for more than 90% of the players. I bet you dont even play the game.
  14. TOI kfm

    TOI is a stupidity that shouldnt be considered serious. NPC-s that can predict with 100% accuracy what you do, have no cd on skills and act according to your gear= korean junk design at its best. I need 40 lunar coins for my badge upgrade but I wont be able to gather them cuz I dont do TOI. and I will not do it no matter what they put in there.
  15. Bug with Assassin KFM lmb rmb skill icons

    That it what I also thought initially. But Warlock LMB/RMB also need target to cast....but they do appear, albeit they are greyed out.