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  1. Have cruxes been removed?

    Actually my screens shows what it is there...but I found where is the problem. Beneeth the initial flag should be unrefined version of the ring....but it isnt. Its same as refined one. It is probably a bug. I think before there was an unrefined version as it is in PvP ones. Now the icon is there but the version you see is the refined one. You can check on your own.
  2. As of last update, I dont see blue dragon cruxes in equipment upgrade path as a cost reduction option. I am pretty sure they were there before. Do they still work or they removed them?
  3. RIP story substance.

    How come people know about Obsidian Serpent outfit, but they dont know you can get it for zen beans? Its amazing.
  4. Idea: Red Dragon Crux Event

    What they really need to do is to lower the amount of legendary jewels needed to upgrade accessories. 60-80 of them are needed for a single piece which is just lol.
  5. If you need to restard the PC because your game crashed, that it means your PC has some serious problems...and they arent related to the game. The game just exposes them. If I were you I would look into PC specs and other hardware/software related problems. Drivers included.
  6. Mounts?? Question MARK?!?

    The reason I stoped playing Aion and starteed BnS: 1. Good action combat - true 2. No holy trinity (tank, healer dps) - this has changed now and is not a reason anymore 3. Balanced and no rng PvP - this isnt entirely true but its still the best out there. 4. Simple gearing - also no longer true, they added too much gear types and gear pieces 5. No pets - no more true 6. No housing- still true 7. No mounts - still true 8. No P2P- Partially true. I n Aion I spent 10 euros for 3 years and was top geared cleric. Here I spend only for premium from time to time. I play alone and w/o guild, otherwise it wouldnt be a problem to be f2p. You just need grind more. So as you can see I play BnS for many reasons I stoped playing other games. Mounts one of these.
  7. I am also thankful event is crap. Got more time for other things. As for the topic, the main problem is that loot boxes, aside from Tarakan and Visasa, give practically nothing. Its more rewarding killing 3kk HP mobs. I see no reason to do this event even if you are new player. Farming peachers is several times more rewarding than this, although for me farming peaches is not an option. Hate repetitive grinding.
  8. 17/10/18 Blade and Ghoul Event

    Actually...this is one of the best events for me. It practically gives nothing which means I have plenty of time to focus doing main story on my all 9 chars. I would strongly advice newbies to farm peaches instead of wasting time on event. They will get better rewards. From my side, I dont mind having "useless" events from time to time.
  9. Takes forever to launch.

    ...And during all this time you never thought it might be cuz of your wooden PC/laptop? Ofc not...
  10. As a noob casual warden without badges, I say frost is better at both , PVP and PVE. But I hear people say light gets better in PVE with legendary badges. Not sure though cuz from the discription I diditn see where lies the difference.
  11. Classes question

    Gunners for now have highest a substantial margin. Next woud come lightning sins...but ONLY IN THEORY. Pulling out a perfect rotation/anicanceling as lightinin assassin is nearly imposible in real environment, due to boss moves, aoes, hits, PC or ms lags, your screw ups etc. Thats why shadow assassin would probably pull out better dmg in most of the cases. Forcmasters should come in 3rd place alongside Soulfighters. Gear specs and builds will decide wich class prevailes here, and also some skill. Playing FM requires more skill since its not a straightforward class. The rest of the chart is pretty much equal.
  12. OMG

    Return of the gold form daily chests will again raise the prices of mats and destroy currency trade further more. NO, I dont want 1:1 ratio all the time. Add to this the reduce drops from weeklies and prices will skyrocket, which will nullify the addition of gold from dailies. These changes will not do anything good market wise. They just prove NCSoft cant properly figure out what to do so they just keep making changes every 3 months lol.
  13. I cant seem to find out which class use these 2 badges. Or at least one of them.
  14. I am always amazed when people waste time discussing something as stupid as TOI.
  15. Because Asian MMO-s focus on gear grinding and action combat PvP, while western games have similar but yet different approach. Its true, the grindfest is the reason asian MMO-s will neve make it in the west, but they are better at designing combat and skill combos, and that is the reason I mainly play the games. Asion MMO-s story lines for me are complete crap, and dont even pay attention to it, but you must admit they have good ideas. Unfortunately they ruin all with the overimplementation of grind and RNG. Take the example of Aion. Its the best idea for an MMO ever. Even story is somehow nice...(although so many dragons make it boring), faction PvP in various zones, riftin in the old days, daily group PvP and solo PvP quests, arena ,weekly arena, sieges...all was nice idea. But....they are asians. They must add 5-6 gear needed for one char, RNG on gear evolution, and they even were stupid enough to add skill RNG and a GODSTONE on top of that. That is called killing the game with your own hands. But thats how asians do it and it wont change. They like it that way. You can accept and play or move on.