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  1. What would be the best combo for firebuld KFM?

    Spam 2+f and 4 when it proccs.
  2. Thank you NcWest

    You do realize that you need ~360.000 Zen beans to get HM skills right? And that as a premium user.
  3. Vote Kick - Add an UI to know who has voted

    Check his name.
  4. So... finally got back

    In terms of fun...I can only suggest KFM and SF. At least for me. Stay away from Lyn classes...boring as hell. FM is fun in PvP...but wouldnt say same for PvE.
  5. Dungeon AFKers

    I suppose your outdated laptop has nothing to do with it, right?
  6. New crafting mats changes, ...really

    The Elyseas Orbs and Moonstones are a problem indeed. I would say Elysean Orbs more.
  7. I have Downforged dagger stage 3 and I am thinking about switching to Riftwalk. I know it wont make big difference in long run cuz at one point I will go Raven, but still the bonus seems a bit better. I dont know what to do. I also got Galaxy stage 12, but I dont have resources to go Ascendant. The Elysean Orbs have gone to 12 gold each and I need 70 of them to craft the Empyrean stones. So what I should use in 6vs6? Galaxy or Downforged? I noticed that I kill people faster with Downforged, but I also get more damage due to less crit/deff.
  8. Rosethorn drop rate is way too low

    Ita always like this. Koreans will soon or later turn every game into e gamble. Its cultural thing. In Aion even skills and PvP are RNG.
  9. Buying new desktop. Can it compete.

    Since I have build my own PC-s in the past 17 years, I can give you one advice that pretty much is 100% accurate. - NEVER listen to people who tell you that INTEL si better than AMD....or AMD better than INTEL. Same can be said for ATI/AMD cards. (although with e slight difference). During the course of history...and also at the present, both INTEL and AMD have had their advantages and disadvantages over each other. Yours as a consumer is to make sure you know what you WANT, how much you can PAY and what product gives you the BEST regarding these two things. Not always one option (be that INTEL or AMD) is the best option.
  10. Buying new desktop. Can it compete.

    Indeed. I didnt notice its APU. Integrated graphic cards are not for gaming. Surprises me some dont know that yet. If you are on low budget...go for i5-2500 which is the best cheap option as CPU, a card between 80-100 euro, 8 GB RAM (at least)...and SSD.
  11. Buying new desktop. Can it compete. need to add...just to remove.
  12. Buying new desktop. Can it compete.

    LOL...I suppose you dont play BNS or....
  13. Buying new desktop. Can it compete.

    Whatever you buy make sure you get an SSD disk. And yes....that configuration should do fine.
  14. New crafting mats changes, ...really

    Rare element is not the problem when it comes to crafting. I mean not the main one. The real problem is the overall cost of other mats. Just a hint. You need 150 Elysean Orbs + 600 Sacred Orbs+ 150 Moonstones+600 Soulstones + 300 gold fee to craft 20 Empyrean Stones. 150 Elysean Orbs = 1500 gold (EU prices) 600 sacred Orbs = ~550 gold 150 Moonstones = ~450 gold 600 Soulstones = ~100 gold Fee = 300 gold Overall price = 2900 gold. It might aswell go to 3000-3200 gold depending on the time you buy mats. 20 Empyrean stones would not sell highers than 3400 ( 170 gold each)gold in EU, and I have seen 160 gold each also. So even if you make profit, it would be ~200-400 gold at best. OH..btw...this craft also needs 50 Rare elements and 5 days. GL crafting.
  15. New Crafting System, All you need to know!!!

    As i have previously stated in another thread about crafting, new system is not for making profit. Unless you are a hardcore farmer with 10 chars New craftin system is very simplified and streighforward, which means you use it for your own benefit and to gear up easier. This is a good part. The bad part is that if you want to make money you need to farm all the mats yourself, otherwise you will end up with negative profit even if you provide some of the mats. The Empyrean stone example is a good one. In order to craft 20 of them (cheapest version material wise), you need mats that cost 3200-3500 gold, depending on market. Unless you are able to sell for 200 gold each, and you arent, cuz their price is ~150, you wont make a profit. It may even cost more to craft than to buy. Unfortunately, they didnt design the bound to account verison of these stones as they did with keys, which would have been really nice.