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  1. When do things get fun?

    The game starts when you open your wallet and swipe.
  2. Based on what I saw... people are asking for Aransu 6 for MSP 1-3 which is freaking ridiculous!! The player base is super toxic now
  3. Can we get the option to remove this effect?

    I guess this explains why I been laggy as hell lately
  4. Bring this back

    NC why did you guys take away the ability for us to buy gems with gem powders? That was such a great idea. Why do you guys always do stupid stuff like this and don't let us know about it? get rid of them stupid gem tickets and let us buy gems with powders again. Stop making stupid decisions like this.
  5. Freezes/Lock ups/Crashes in MSP

    This explains why I kept crashing after defeating the boss yesterday. Was freaking annoying..
  6. what really ticked me off about this change was we had to antique our white orbs and didn't even get compensated for them. I was extremely disappointed I had to antique over 100 white orbs and got nothing back for them. NC is getting ridiculous with these stupid decisions.
  7. Regarding F10 store

    So, NCsoft now that there is a change in staff. F10 cosmetics are in dire need of a revamp. Some of those outfits have been up since the level 45 days. I think its about time you guys refresh the cosmetics in F10 I'm sure that's not a big hassle. Can you guys make this happen please?
  8. Treasuere tove a rip off or not?

    Complaining about Trove is like going to casino and gambling up all your money they get mad and yell you feel ripped off. Trove is like a MMO casino. Spend your money smartly. I just buy 100keys and call it quits afterwards
  9. Issues with the Gon Race

    Dude you bugging. Gon women are the sexiest women in BnS. My Female Gon KFM gets followed around so much people always taking pics next to her and bowing to her. You bugging really hard man.
  10. It really happened

    Don't feel bad. I'm a 1.3kap summoner with Aransu 7 full VT geared. I got kicked from a NS party by a snob that doesn't like summoners lol. Some people are just toxic like that.
  11. Weapons for Wardens

    Can anyone explain to me why Wardens don't get certain weapons such as field boss ones like the Golden Deva, Blight weapon among others. I don't just mean as illusion skins I mean to actually use and fight with like all the other classes have while leveling up?
  12. Treasure trove Opening 350 keys

    I did 150 keys, Got the wings all the outfits and a grip of materials. I had no interest in gilded gems. I got pretty much all I wanted from Trove.
  13. The Bikini Thread
  14. You do realize that VT neck is still current gear right? There is no other neck better than it atm as someone already stated it is currently BiS for everyone. I got mine to stage 10 soon as I got it cause I was smart enough to save up all the mats needed for it and went right to 10 in one sweep. But I have to admit that neck does eat moonstones like a mofo. I just recently decided to go awakened 1. Stage 10 is all ready really need to be honest. But until a new raid comes out with a better neck than the VT one you will have to wait until that new content comes out fam.
  15. Treasure trove bugged

    Complaining about Trove is like going to a casino and gambling all your money don't win nothing then cry to management about the machines being rigged. That's what Trove is an in game casino. No one told you or forced you to spend that much money when you know how it goes from start. I only did 100 keys and called it quits after that. I got all I wanted from them 100 keys all the outfits and some mats. Stop with the complaining and just don't spend your money if it's that big of an issue.