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  1. Returning after 3 years

    You'd do better to just uninstall and never bother with this game ever again.....
  2. the new gold chest

    Are people still being fooled and scammed by these people?
  3. over 5000 keys 0 penta gems

    I just said that same thing. People complain and whine but yet still throw money at this game lol
  4. Cowards devs/staff

    I agree with you 100%
  5. Cowards devs/staff

    The fact y'all still even playing this game and giving y'all money to them is why they continue to do what they are doing. Stop spending your money and playing their game.
  6. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    I've already uninstalled this game. Not even worth the effort. Freed up a lot of space good riddance NCScam
  7. Do you even care at this point?

    Back when lvl 45 was cap those were some extremely fun times. I LOOOVED when E-fleet and Nightshade harbor were the hang out spots.
  8. This game is getting worse every day

    I've already called it quits with this game..... Its literally no longer worth playing anymore. Much better games out there than this trash
  9. Stuck - can't complete download

    Just open your firewall and allow the NCLauncher2 to run
  10. When do things get fun?

    The game starts when you open your wallet and swipe.
  11. Based on what I saw... people are asking for Aransu 6 for MSP 1-3 which is freaking ridiculous!! The player base is super toxic now
  12. Can we get the option to remove this effect?

    I guess this explains why I been laggy as hell lately
  13. Bring this back

    NC why did you guys take away the ability for us to buy gems with gem powders? That was such a great idea. Why do you guys always do stupid stuff like this and don't let us know about it? get rid of them stupid gem tickets and let us buy gems with powders again. Stop making stupid decisions like this.
  14. Freezes/Lock ups/Crashes in MSP

    This explains why I kept crashing after defeating the boss yesterday. Was freaking annoying..
  15. what really ticked me off about this change was we had to antique our white orbs and didn't even get compensated for them. I was extremely disappointed I had to antique over 100 white orbs and got nothing back for them. NC is getting ridiculous with these stupid decisions.