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  1. Dead game :(

    @Astarae Your example is not even close being the same thing. Yes, some people may not be able to do certain things due to how their brain has developed. They still can learn, every person can learn. There is a game in Steam that specifically tries to explain and showcase this to the player called The Witness. The point is, every person is able to learn however each and every person learns in different ways and rates. Dungeon mechanics are no where near as complicated as coding. Problem i see is these games usually have lot of crap going on all at the same time which makes in very confusing for some people as well as you need to have quite good reaction speed. Mechanics alone are not complicated but when you add to the mechanics boss attacking you and possibly other players or adds, it can get overwhelming for those who cannot focus and multitask so well. Let's take that monkey in IF for example. Nothing in him is complicated if you understand everything there is to understand, after that it's only a matter of teaching you hands to actually do them. Unless something prevents those hands from actually doing them somehow. I mean I could recite everything that monkey can do and how everything works. That information alone helps me greatly to deal with him solo on my BD. I could even do it on my FM after enough gear to not hit enrage timer. My point is, you can always learn it or understand it however being able to actually do it is a different matter. But let's be honest, anyone can do things such as move from point A to point B or use specific skill when boss cc bar opens or use evade skill if you clearly see something coming etc. Most mechanics work in one of those ways. Btw you do not need hp against that monkey. You can iframe the bomb explosions which are the ones that deals most of the high damage.
  2. Dead game :(

    Depends how it's done i suppose. There's a game called Elsword that has this system and it's bad, veery bad. That's the problem. Laziness. When game has to address these things because community don't have any manners, you know it's bad. The game shouldn't need to start babysitting players to show whats right and whats wrong. Checking videos do help however it doesn't give you the sort of "muscle skill" needed to actually do the mechanics. Even after watching guides you most likely still fail the first couple of tries, depending how it works. That's why it would be nice to have those bosses in training room too.
  3. Dead game :(

    Boss mechanics in this game are not that complicated. Thing is, some people learn faster while others learn slower. The people who learn slower makes faster learning people annoyed and be toxic. That's all it is, nothing to do with the game in itself. This game is a RPG game. NOT a game like Fortnight where you can just jump in and do stuff without any kind of farming. That's not what Blade and Soul is supposed to be. This game is designed for those who find it fun to learn and practice new boss mechanics and then farm dungeons over and over again till they have what they need to progress, with friends or a friendly random group. Problem with open world stuff is that some people will then be constantly hogging everything and thus preventing other people from getting anything. As an example would be the old crafting materials you gathered with pickaxes and stuff. Bots basically made sure no one else got them. Which is why all the good stuff are in dungeons as boss drops. One thing that i would suggest is to revise that training room to included every single boss in the game and scale them into soloable level and so that every single mechanic is included. That way people can practice the bosses before going in to the actual dungeon. No more toxicity there. Balancing pvp is almost impossible. If you rebalance 3 classes then another class is going to be OP. If you rebalance the another class then some other class is going to OP after that. No matter how you do rebalancing there will always be that one class that is considered broken by the community. So yea, you can't really fully balance pvp. Ever. I have never seen balanced pvp in any mmo game i have played. There's always that one class that dominates others. Which might change between updates.
  4. Game freezes and low fps

    There's nothing really that could fix it completely since it's partly a game optimization issue. It's possible that there are lot of people using the same connection route during certain hours and that slows your internet down enough to cause it. New Unreal Engine 4 update for the game, which comes at some point this year based on the hearsay i have heard, should help fix it better and if not, well nothing really can be done at that point then.
  5. Game freezes and low fps

    The fact that it's random like that makes me think it's something to do with your internet connection to the server being throttled up by something random. For example, when you open up inventory the client has to freeze your game until client gets necessary information it needs from the server to successfully open inventory. So if something slows down this process, opening inventory can take longer time than normal. Same concept can be applied to game freezing when boss fight starts etc. Random fps loss and mini stutters show those freezes. You can test this and see for yourself what i mean about all this with this trick. Open inventory, hover your mouse to any random item and then hover back and forth between all your items and see your fps go down to 10 or so depending on how fast you do it. When you stop, it goes back to normal which means its "loading lag freeze" caused by your pc having to wait data from the server before it can show you the item information. Apparently it takes a long time to get that info lol. So yea, it can be something in your connection or the server is being a douche or maybe both. Game is not well optimized either so there's that too.
  6. Thing with RNG is that, there are multiply types of RNG. Some are more fair than other types. Mmo games usually use the unfair type RNG. RNG that has RNG that has RNG in it to make it even worse. Example of "fair" RNG: Wheel has 8 slots so have computer randomly choose a number between 1-8. That makes the chance on all 8 items be 1/8. Clearly that's not what is being used here. Example of more unfair RNG: Computer has certain chances to choose certain numbers like getting numbers 4,2 and 5 has been made 75% chance, getting numbers 1 and 3 is 23% chance and getting 6 and 7 is 1.5% chance leaving number 8 with only 0.5% chance to get. These are only examples and do not represent anything in the game. Only the devs know how exactly their RNG works. But my second example is something you can expect it to be like however probably way more complex. To make it worse for the wheel spinners someone could "steal" your item drop by managing to spin in between your spins and triggering the Win spin (happened to me once) since both of you activate the exact same piece of code so the results are not individualized. What i mean by that is IF the wheel "decides" that 14th spin gives you outfit, then the first person to spin that specific wheel at 14th mark will get it. So if you spin 13 times and second person spins 1 time after your 13th spin, he still gets the outfit since he was the 14th. That is why some people never get anything while others always seem to get all of it. Sometimes resulting in very unfair distribution of rewards.
  7. Tower of Memory Quest!!!!

    As dumb as it sounds, it is the only logical reason as to why they would lock the dungeon to once per day. It's locked because otherwise Korean players might farm the crap out of it, idk if they are that nuts to farm something like that but you never know, and they don't have time to change the settings just to suit us. That's the only logical reasoning to it, end of story.
  8. Tower of Memory Quest!!!!

    Only reason it's locked to once per day is to prevent people who are still level 20 or so from getting levels too fast too easily (not like it isn't already but still). Both daily quest and dynamic quest gives you xp. Dynamic quest would be farmable since it gets reset when you re-enter the dungeon. That's the reason it being locked, so low level characters wouldn't be able to farm it for level ups. To fix it you would just need to remove the xp gain from dynamic quest and maybe add it to daily quest and it doesn't need to be locked then now does it.
  9. I have never seen a single mmo game that has balanced pvp classes. There's always that 1 class that can be abused in some ways to basically guarantee a win even after supposed class balances. 1 reason i absolutely hate mmo type pvp as it never can really be fully balanced, especially if game companies keep doing what they are currently doing.
  10. mature game?

    What I think is that people in the west have become so so butthurt over anything and everything to put it very lightly. I mean look at the news, all you see is people getting angry over almost everything. Everything is bad, everything is too revealing or racist. You can't bring up your own opinions in a civilised manor without instantly getting bombarded by 1 side or the other. 20 years ago people didn't care, they were chill and understanding about all this stuff. But now, now lots of stuff gets censored, changed, left out or whatever just to make sure that no one gets angry, upset or anything else of the sort over it. It's good, and there should, to have ways to "censor" or otherwise deal with sensitive issues like the profanity filter, however too much is too much and people have gone way overboard about it all. I could go on but I better not :D Let's just say that it feels like people are getting less and less smarter over the years instead of the other way around.
  11. What could be done, isn't done.

    The reason why those 2 happen is this: After the game crashes or is shutdown, the game does not fully close instantly because they have some form of "after shutdown commands" that client does in the background after shutdown or crash. While this is happening, xingcode is still active and your character is still logged in to the game. Thing is, for whatever reason those commands take a long time to complete, which is why you see these 2 problems happening. I don't know what the commands are but my guess is the game is doing some form of clean up and resource management after shutdown. So if you want the game to not do these commands, you have to open task manager, find bns client and end process manually. Then xingcode instantly closes and you are fully logged off from the game.
  12. If you have enough gear to power farm master hong(as in kill in under 1min or so), that's you're best fastest source of elysian crystals since it also has fairly good elysian orb drop chance and is not even hard or that long.
  13. BT vs Myth Ring: opinions

    Actually mystic is not always > crit damage. Reason to that is a thing called Normalization. If you start having too much mystic then normalization kicks in and reduces the overall gain more and more the higher your mystic goes, eventually making crit damage significantly better choice. If you have, let's say 2k mystic, that means 500 mystic at that point will roughly give you only around 7% more damage compared to around 12-15% if you have no mystic. Getting 2k mystic without ring or necklace is tricky, but most certainly possible making mythic ring and prophecy necklace very very powerful compared to raid ones. Now the skill buffs from raid ring is actually not that significant as i believe it adds that 5% boost to either unbuffed non crit damage or to the base skill damage. Making the effect quite low. To give a better understanding i have some math to show what i mean. If you have 1.8k mystic without ring, 95 points of mystic will give you 1.75% damage. Divide that with 95 and you get what 1 point of mystic gives. BT ring at max stage gives 458 mystic so that be (1.75/95)*458 = 8.43% damage boost. Will be slightly lower because normalization constantly kicks in the more mystic you have. Now compared to Inheritor's ring max stage, you would gain total of 1714 crit damage. Just for comparison, let's say you have 247% crit damage without any ring equipped. 95 crit damage gives 1.8% at that level. So that is (1.8/95)*1714 = 32.47% crit damage boost. 247% becomes 269,47%. Now if we start calculating your actual damage output we need to take the average hit you do. For BD that would be roughly 45k per hit non-crit damage that he can do easily with Aransu weapon and soulshields. That's without ring applied. Let's add BT ring's skill damage buff to it which is 3% at max. 3% to 45k = 1350 = 46350 non crit damage With BT ring you gain 500 crit damage so (1.8/95)*500 = 9.47% so total crit damage is 256.47%. That makes total crit damage be 46350*2.5647 =118873 points of crit damage on every critical hit. With Inheritor's ring it's only crit damage boosts so calculation will be like this. 45000* 2.6947 =121261 points of crit damage on every critical hit. Obviously BT ring gives you more non-crit damage but critical hits are going to be lower than with inheritors ring with the stats i mentioned. But because inheritor gives you 10% crit chance passively, it might actually be way better than BT ring. Combine Inheritor with BT earring and yeah, you got TONS of crit chance to make inheritor's ring be even better than BT ring. The differences in damage is not huge however upgrade costs certainly are. And this is just inheritor's ring, mythic ring will give even more boosts. In my opinion it's not worth spending all those premium transformation stones on trying to max out on BT ring. Grand celestial ring probably is worth it though.
  14. Honestly, getting a decent good soul (aka awakened cosmic stage 1 or so) does not take long with the amount you can get from events. And if you really want one, store sells a cosmic soul stage 1 basically. It's 1 time per account but still. Point is, having max soul is a luxury, NOT a necessity for anything other than showing off your 2-3 million dps that is not a must to clear dungeons/raids anywhere. Devs do not want every single player to have max soul in 4 months or so as that would break the very meaning of this game. Reason why you need so many oils is simple: They are the BEST items in the game that give insane stat boosts, obviously it makes sense that this kind of items need to be extremely time consuming to get if you do not want to "whale" it. In my opinion people having this mindset of "I want max gear before next patch" is the reason why players are leaving the game. That's not how mmo games work and that's not how it should ever work, period. Go about with the upgarding on your own pace, you cannot always expect the game to just come to your level and make things easier if you cannot farm that much or have lots of work or whatever of the sort. There could be more ways to get items such as evolved stones, hongmoon powders etc. for sure, I agree on that. Otherwise, everything is good as it is right now.
  15. It indeed is a huge problem caused by very bad optimization. Basically what's happening is that your client and/or server for whatever reasons have insane loading times when it has to load what other people or monsters do and that's what is causing your ping to rise to high levels, game can't let you continue playing until it knows what they do thus a freeze occurs lol. It even affects loading screen times. Loading time when CTRL+F is enabled is significantly decreased which makes no sense. I get a small freeze every single time warlock uses SB or sometimes when bosses do certain attacks like what, Why, How? Everything should be loaded already. This should not be happening at all no matter what pc you have. I'm guessing loading assets is ordered by the server whenever the host client needs them and then instantly unloads them when done but it's somehow coded wrong or something else causes the server not respond quick enough. Can only guess how bad it's going to be when servers get merged next wednesday.