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  1. You need the next tier stones to transmute, aka dark red mythical tier. no one is getting those any time soon without credit card though.
  2. Not just in BnS but in many other mmo games as well, gear nerfs are based off on it's current value, not how old it is. Doesn't matter 1 bit how old the gear is, it won't be hard nerfed until it loses the value completely compared to current max gear. Thornbreaker (especially stage 9) has not yet lost it's value completely therefore no hard nerfs coming for it. Get used to it.
  3. @Zuzuzuzuzu And I enjoy actually having to engage and do something during a boss fight instead of them dying very fast. Reason I solo some dungeons to actually have some fun as they dont then die instantly. It would be too boring of a game then. Enjoying the combat system and slowly grinding the gear is what the game is supposed to be, not reaching max gear in relatively short period of time. Using 15 minutes is actually ok for a dungeon that is supposed to be endgame content. It's supposed to be enjoyable to fight all the different boss and deal with their mechanics in
  4. That 24-hour cooldown comes from the event exp charms so if you use those the cooldown is applied on all exp charms. Normal exp charms have 2 second cooldown so no worries, it's not a permanent thing. Just for the duration of the event as they didn't make event charms have separate cooldown for whatever reason.
  5. 1. Havent really noticed this so no comment 2. Never really had that kind of bug happen or I just have never noticed lol. You get the ability to use funeral pyre slightly before he goes away aka during dark bidding buff which lasts 6 seconds. So after thrall disappears you have still like 2~ seconds to use the skill so if you have high lag or latency, that could explain why you won't be able to use it sometimes since lag cuts that time down by a lot.
  6. It will only count for person A. See it like this, each box has their own unique tag that says "not gifted". As soon as you give the box to anyone (I assume outside your account characters) it will change the tag into "gifted" and increase the gift count for that person who gave it, meaning any more gifting will not be counted ever with that same box.
  7. You cannot get the same box back to your main. If you do, you lose the gift count. This was said many times in many posts by the GM. This is the point of the event, you either use the boxes yourself OR you send them to someone and lose the box unless that person gives you 1 back that is not the same box. Only then will it count towards the rewards.
  8. And the point he is trying to make is what benefit does compound gear storage have to a player since ALL compound gear you can use in compound is legendary stage 1 or unrefined items that are never used in any breakthroughs making such storage pointless. There simply is no reason for such as compound window already acts as sort of storage for second set of accessories. It's just like the second soul shield set but without ability to remove them once inserted. You don't even need to upgrade items for compound, it will not give any additional benefits, unupgraded version of the same
  9. You're all just snowflakes wanting extra rewards that were SUPPOSED to not be acquirable AFTER event ends. NcSoft literally told that even before the event started. No scamming here. You had 4 weeks time. 4 WEEKS. If you can't do it in 4 weeks or too lazy or started too late, that is not the games problem. Even if it crashes alot you can still get it done in 4 weeks, no excuses. Enough time to complete the event fully with full rewards twice matter of fact. For fishing find a spot with less people, try a different time of the day to find a spot with less people. Try a different cha
  10. When Ebon Realm event area was out, I tried that auto-hunt mode. That mode gave me true insight on how the game combat is SUPPOSED TO WORK. Granted it was with 0 delay combat since server was doing it for you but still, the insane attack speed and skill excecution was completely unreal. The current state of combat is in unaccepteable levels when compared to that mode, nothing else to say. I used to not have much issues with it but now even im starting to get affected by it and after seeing what it is supposed to be like, it starts making me angry when I know the flow of combat could be mu
  11. As I understand and what I have heared, core issue is in how the game was originally built on UE3 by the original creators. The way it was built made it impossible to expand the game without significant performance issues hence why performance has progressively gotten worse over the years of new content adding. It was never meant to have the crazy damage scaling and amount of gear we have now though that's just my opinion. That means devs only have 2 options here if they want to fix it. Recreate the game on UE3 or... Recreate the game on UE4. Logically recreating i
  12. The patch notes CLEARLY states this: Event duration september 23 to october 21st Reward redemption period duration september 23 to november 18th What reward redemption period means is you CANNOT get event items that would allow you to get rewards after october 21st. This includes armory pearls since they allow you to get rewards, aka keys or armorer remnants for other rewards. You must have all event remnants and pearls BEFORE 21st of october. That is what it means. Nothing done against the patch notes here. Works as intended. If you start the event too
  13. The game is automatically installed to same directory where your game launcher is installed. So you have to install the launcher to another drive to make it install there.
  14. Game automatically converts it to a raid after you invite 7th party member, nothing else to it.
  15. Your attack speed is based off your latency. Higher your ping is, slower is your attack speed unfortunately.
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