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  1. New Event - You just don't care enough

    The thing about oils and pet packs is that the last tier upgrades are not meant to be gotten until those are the only thing left to do. That's why they nerfed the oil gain and why the last tier upgrades cost so much. The currently best soul or heart or talisman are sort of meant to be something you do AFTER you have upgraded everything else there is to do aka weapon, accessories etc. Only reason the best tier items cost so much is simply to give the people who have maxed out everything else something to do or to have people pay. You can get a good soul and heart with very little oils, you don't need much to get a good boost. But people just look at the very best item and they want that power basically instantly when it is said to be something to work towards in a very long time period. Sad truth is you either need lots time or money in most mmo games these days, especially Korean mmo games. You don't need 300 oils to get a good soul that gives you a good boost, you only need like 5 oils for a decent soul. Basically they don't want you to focus on upgrading soul/heart to max and you shouldn't either. It's not worth it to max them with that many oils unless you are an elitist who wants to min max damage and have the absolute highest damage possible at all times. Same would go for the gems, not worth it if you already have decent ones. Nice to have them of course, but not worth the trouble. Just focus on other gear that gives you more damage after having good soul/heart/gems. And compared to some other games I know, farming in BnS is like nothing. In another game I know, to get currently best gear to max in that game you are looking at minimum 10 years of dailies and farming every single day. 20 years if casual. So yea getting stuff in BnS is not too horrible so far. In fact it has gotten slightly easier.
  2. Broken classs, How long we must tolerate this?

    To explain wallbang more thoroughly: It's a byproduct of a another system put in place which means it's not a glitch. When you hit any wall due to a knockback be it in PVE because of boss knockback or PVP because of FM Force skill knockback, game automatically disables all skills for the duration of the "hit wall animation". That is why you can't escape it in anyway. People in PVP just loves abusing that particular system. It's not a glitch, the animation duration just happens to be bit too long to make it inescapable in PVP. It's more like an oversight from the developers if any.
  3. Don't know why it is necessary to have 120 fps all the time, all I care about is stable fps that is 60 or above. That's all that is needed to have good enjoyable gameplay, as long as it is stable and doesn't go up and down alot. Also biggest issue with raids or certain areas as far as I can tell is that either, 1. Networking between players is bad, causing ton of lag. 2. Too much stuff from that many players causing CPU overloading on players' clients. 3. Insane amount of polygons on character models or/and weapon models or/and particle effects overdraw causing lag. 4. Some or all of the above. Thing about UE4 is half of those issues can be quite easily be solved, assuming the developers do it right that is. And yea Frontier is just a test server, as they have said, to see what issues they need to fix before releasing the PC version of UE4.
  4. It's NOT a mobile client lol, that is not possible to do. I know exactly how UE4 works as I work with the engine closely myself. I'm creating my own game with that engine. You create a client for each version. You cannot create a mobile client and stick it to the PC version, does not work like that. Engine itself most likely would throw number of error messages during the packaging process. As for optimization. UE4 itself is fine. It's up to the developers to properly do everything so that the assets don't cause insane performance issues, most importantly visual effects, post-processing and polygon counts on the screen at any given time. If they can't or won't do it properly, well guess nothing can be done then. Also if they have a mobile version already that means they already have done making the UE4 version. They only need to create the PC client version of the UE4. If they just use a copied mobile version and doesn't make the appropriate changes, that's a whole another story which would be a dumb and lazy thing if they did that.
  5. Unlock "Blast From The Mast"?

    you unlock "Blast From The Mast" by doing 100 "Shadowmoor" dungeon runs.
  6. This line here says exactly that they ARE working on it. Also how do you think mobile version is made? There already is PC version of UE4 as mobile version has to be made with PC in the first place. Both PC and Mobile version uses the EXACT same copy of UE4. Only difference is the scalability configurations and some minor game changes so it could run on mobile. They have to change it all back to "normal" for PC before releasing it as PC can handle more than what a mobile can.
  7. Blade Dancer training room bug.

    You doing something wrong then as I can complete all training room stuff with no problems on wind and lightning. Issue is that in order for Dual Strike to work you have to be lvl 60, hm 7 and unlock Talents for that skill and then select the one called "Air Resistance" or something for Dual Strike that gives the skill the iframes it needs to work.
  8. Producer’s Letter – February 2020 Update

    The issue with class balancing and other forms of balancing is simply that developers only look at the top tier Korean players and how they use their class or how they get upgrades etc. and do changes based on those statistics more often. They don't look at the casuals in NA/EU at all which is why lot of changes they do hurt NA/EU players. That's something a lot of mmo games do actually. Developers read through what top tier players think and then may or may not make changes based on those statements. This easily hurts class balancing the most especially if developers see like top 5 people performing insanely good(most often in pvp) and then they decide to nerf that particular class or specialization down to prevent such "gap" so to speak. Another issue is indeed that Koreans already have the mindset of an insane worker so to speak, which is why you see lot more grinding than usual in these games and due to that their idea of things such as good cost reductions most often can seem relatively "not good enough" for westerners. In their minds lowering the costs even further or making it easier would make the game too easy for what they want it to be I would think, not to mention its a mmo game meant to be played with a static 6 party members aka friends. As for complexity of the game and having lots of things to upgrade etc. I don't see the game being that complex to be fair, for me at least it's quite simple to see most often what to upgrade and why certain upgrades like psyches are there for and so on. I get it some people may not be as good at seeing it so I have a suggestion to make. Suggestion. Would be nice to see a form of "sandbox mode" introduced that would work like the boss training room but for upgrades and gear! You can select any weapon, accessories, gems or soulshields and infuse it with any stats you want and temporarily while inside that specific room you can test the gear and how all the upgrades affects you and your damage output. That would give even better picture on what upgrades to focus towards and what can you sort of leave as last thing to do for your specific class and gameplay style.
  9. UE4 is just the mobile game ported.

    You do realize that both mobile version and PC version comes from the exact same UE4 project? Only difference will be with the tweaked settings, etc to meet the requirements of porting to mobile or to pc or whatever platform of choice. They just need to make the game play be smooth without stutters and it's fine in my opinion. 60 or even 50 fps is still good and very playable as long as it doesn't stutter or fluctuate insanely.
  10. That would be the smart way to do it buuuut let's face it, that almost never happens in most mmo games :P
  11. You know, rng has a funny way of how it works. A. The chance for merchant to spawn most likely is around 0.5% - 1% only because of the amount of people doing CS and HM every single day and how easy and fast those are. B. Less people playing the game in NA/EU = less chances for merchant to spawn due to less amounts of time the rng for "weather to spawn merchant or not" is checked every day. Higher in other dungeons as you can spam them and thus triggering the check up more often. C. It is entirely possible to fail that rng spawn check for many many months in a row and actually quite likely thing to happen at times. Even with say 50% chance it is quite likely to fail 50 times in a row(transmutations, wink wink). D. And because of all the above it is also possible that only certain "lucky" people are the ones who see the merchant spawns regularly. So no, just because it now spawns less does not mean the spawn chance is changed. You'd have to show actual coded % numbers to actually know if it's changed or not, otherwise it's all just speculation.
  12. In my opinion that still depends on weather the dev team approves it or not. I don't know what kind of contract ncwest has with the devs but giving something for free probably is very limited in the contract. That's just my guess though.
  13. Please buff all bosses in the game

    Here's an idea i have how to balance dungeons and make every single level 60 dungeon relevant to anyone. Have dungeons scale based on the gear your party has and how many party members you have. If you have 2 player party and both have say raven level gear, every single level 60 dungeon would scale down to that level, including boss hp and damage. Also boss mechanics are scaled down to make it possible for 2 players to clear the dungeon. For example if you are going to dreamsong theater with 2 players, the first boss mechanic is scaled so that you don't need all 6 players to do it. As for rewards. Quest gold rewards would be as following, base gold reward + scaling. Boss drops would change based on what gear you have. If you have raven, bosses would drop stuff to help you gear towards aransu, if you have aransu they would drop stuff to help gear towards GC and so on. This would make every dungeon always be sort of challenging no matter the gear you have and worth doing and no body is left out as you could even go solo but of course with less rewards cause easier difficulty. The more dungeons you do aka the more time you have to play, the more rewards you get. However this does have its issues that needs some fixing like how to scale dungeons if there are high geared players and low geared players. Other than that it would be a nice change.
  14. Any statement to the current situation ingame?

    And this is where the problem is. Koreans and their licensing is... not so great to say the least. To give an example from another game called Elsword. The type of licensing Gameforge has with the Korean devs is that, they buy updates from them to the game. Yes buy them, they don't just get new content. Reason why game in EU is behind others as it becomes cheaper to buy outdated updates later. Similar type of thing could be with BnS too.
  15. Here's the issue with gearing up to max gear too quickly. If a completely new player were to be able to get 100% max gear in about 4-6 months of playing, that new player would stop playing after those months and go play something else because he has now done everything there is to do in the game and would be bored of the game. Most likely. Especially if it takes 3-6 months to get new content, which it usually does. You would have fun with the max gear for couple of weeks or so and then quit the game. Developers don't want that. They want you to play the game way longer than that which is why they make currently max gear be very hard and time consuming to get. Not to mention it's a Korean mmo game designed for Koreans who farm stuff 24/7. When looking at the point of a new player, you are not supposed to get max gear that easily in just couple of months of playing the game casually. Max gear is meant for those who have lots of time or the money to get it(Meaning if you want max gear in a short period of time). That's what mmo games are about in a nutshell. Everyone wants the max gear obviously, that's how p2w and game balancing debates started out to begin with. The option to get the gear with money is obviously meant for people who work say 10 hours a day and don't have time to play much. Or for those who just don't want to actually play the game and skip farming :P. That is why this "p2w" thing exists. To give those people a chance for a price. Common method of business for a free to play game unfortunately. It has bad sides to it also.