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  1. Rage Timers, Party Problems, & Schedule Conflicts etc

    As much as the enrage timers suck, there are quite a few reasons why it exists. 1 reason is to prevent cheesing them and from soloing bosses that are intended to be done with a party(low level dungeons not included). Second reason is to prevent too low dps party from doing dungeons that developer did not want them to do yet. Enrage timer is technically sort of a progression show in terms that when you do beat the boss within the timer you know you have more power and skill than before. There are party bosses you can solo if you are skilled enough to deal with the mechanics and/or have high dps, that's true. Main point of enrage timers is to show to the party that they need better gear or skill when dealing with the mechanics before doing it, to encourage becoming better. And i'm not talking about the outrageous timers some bosses like this current event has, those are a different matter. Bosses pretty much are about the dps AND the precise mechanics which requires good teamwork in most mid and high level dungeons. Problem is that players in the west do not want to do this form of gameplay and that results in them wanting to whale max gear to not having to deal with it. To that i can only say that this is an Asian game by origin so everything will be based on that. I personally think that the game should be more or less identical in every single region as that is the original way of gameplay that the developers originally designed and intented it to be. Which in BnS is party oriented and communication oriented where you are supposed to play with sort a static group to gear up together and learn the mechanics of the bosses on your own when new dungeons come etc. Buuuut people in the west kinda hate that, too much thinking :P I mean where do you think all the guides for dungeons come from? Certainly not from the developers.
  2. How to Solo Samisa?

    You can't solo her unless you can kill her before the second poison mechanic phase starts. If you get hit by the bomb 2 times, you automatically die to the second one instantly and it's uniframeable. Reason why there's 2 bomb carriers needed :P
  3. It is most likely designed as a performance optimization and not a bug since player can freely change the selected dungeons at any point so it is faster in terms of performance to just deselect the selected dungeon if someone can't enter it for whatever reason. If the server has to do a checkup as to weather he is locked to HM or CS every single time a person enters any room, it would probably increase the stress and overall response times on the server as a whole as it now has to do these tasks as well on top of everything else it does simultanously. So yea, that would lead into slighly more laggy gameplay :P The less checkups or calculations server has to do, the better it will be as this game already is too CPU heavy.
  4. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    Here's my objective opinion coming from my experience as game developing. Some probably go offtopic but i'll just list it all here anyways. There certainly ARE problems in the game. However half of the people are exaggorating quite a bit one way or another. Let's start with the events. Events in overall in games indeed should be doable for every single person in the game unless specifically stated otherwise by the devs that This part is for these players and That part is for these players for whatever Legit, Reasonable reasons they might have. Clearly that didn't happen in this event so people are mad about them doing it this way. Also events should be varied and different from the actually gameplay, which in this game is dungeon crawling. As a developer myself, I hate it when i see other devs take the short way out and not bother creating something new and unique when they clearly have that cabability. But i understand they are a giant company, and companies are bound by their bosses who unfortunately do not know anything about gaming and are only there for money. So not much can be done on that front. Now when it comes to normal gameplay and gearing and gold, I can just do a Facepalm. Compared to what it was before, it is 5 times EASIER to gear up decently and get going, no joke. You guys have 0 to complain there when you can farm stage 1 bt earring and ring, king gloves, belt and bracelet from Moon Refuge for free not to mention VT soulshields. And no, bt accessories acquired from raid has the exact same stats as the ones in Refuge. That gear is more than enough to start doing almost any dungeon no problems. As long as you know how to play and learn mechanics and not be lazy on that front. Is it time consuming? Yes. That's what every mmorpg game is about. Farming same stufff 2000 times over. Deal with it. It may not be fun always, but that's how every mmo game is on that front, more or less. That's why many mmo games offer a service to bypass that farming process with real life money, BnS not an exception. After getting all that gear from Moon Refuge you of course want gold and mats to upgrade them. Time consuming, but still EASY. As it should be. Mats no problem, do dungeons and farm Celestial Basin and done. Gold, daily dungeons give a ton. Enough to be able to do what you want. I mean CS, HM and MPS alone will give you easily nearly 30 gold. Add Circle of Sundering, Yunsang and outlaw island, thats 26 gold more. 56 gold just from 6 dungeon dailies. Not bad in my opinion, when you add rest of the dailies you can do. Do keep in mind that you are NOT supposed to upgrade half or all and get hundreds or thousands of gold in couple of days with only like 2-3 hours of gameplay. That is not realistic and is unreasonable. It all takes alot of time and some people don't have that time, yes i understand that. You also cannot expect the game to let those people who don't have time to use be able to get to the same gear level in the same amount of time as someone who plays everyday alot or pays. THat's also unreasonable. You can't have the gearing take too much time either which is also unreasonable. It all needs to be balanced and that part is one of the hardest thing to do. lot of people just are lazy or do not like farming much in the western side of the world, obviously. Still you have to remember this is not a game like fortnite where you can jump into the game and start playing every piece of content instantly and don't have to worry about anything. Only thing i would consider is p2w at the moment would be gem powders. Since there is no way to acquire them decently anywhere in the game. Everything else more or less is fine, except maybe for premium transformation stones or certain badges. Those can be quite difficult to get for a new player. As a sidenot, you don't need maxed out gems. They are nice thing to have especially for low geared players, yes but they do not affect your overall performance as much as you think. Especially since at endgame you can have over 1 million dps easily without any gems. Same for pet. Soul would be the biggest damage booster and you can get oils easily through events so no big issues there. Main problem obviously is the optimizations. Which is why people have trouble clearing content, etc and can't farm efficiently. As a developer, im surprised big game companies do not prioritize optimizations at all. Less issues = more money for them. I do know UE 3 pretty much sucks for large mmo games like BnS, still you should try to make it as optimized as possible before releasing. UE 4 coming somwhat soon should fix majority of these issues as i know it is way better optimized engine and cabable of perfoming way way better in every aspect. So be patient on that one. Class balances are another thing here. My only opinion on that is simple. Every class should be able to do roughly the same in every aspect. On some aspects slightly less well, on some more better and the way dps is achieved needs to be also different in every class. That's called specialization. But every class should be able to dish out roughly same amounts of dps and be able to protect itself as good as the other class, the methods to do so needs to be different. Some classes also needs to be difficult, some easy so theres something for every type of player, skillwise. That's balance in my book. So in overall, just play in your own pace. Don't sweat it over the upgrades and you get there. Have fun instead of being toxic to others and everyone makes mistakes once in a while.
  5. Burning Mausoleum and Sacred Longgui Stage 4+

    Fair enough. However i don't think its boring or not worth it, being able to get easily oils or petpacks or divine grace stones for legendary badge is good enough for me. I do would like to see premium transformation stones on the rewards list though and then it would be perfect. Rest of the progression materials are simple enough to get. That's my opinion.
  6. Burning Mausoleum and Sacred Longgui Stage 4+

    I dont know how mausoleum or event turtle is THAT focus intensive for you. Both bosses are the most slowest attacking bosses in the universe! It literally requires 0 effort or focus, that's how slow they are with their attacks so it only comes down to the overall dps dealt. Shouldn't be that intensive to do the bosses for 5 mins. But that's how i see it. And based on how much you need dps to clear the stage 1-3 turtle and Desolate Mausoleum, i'm guessing devs made it that way simply because you can farm stage 1 BT ring, earring and other good starting gear from Moon Refuge. They want people to get bit of that gear before doing them i suppose. As for Burning Mausoleum and stage 4 turtle, yea those are bit of a crappy ones since you need basically whale dps there. Even them don't take any effort since, again they attack so freaking slowly its not even funny. Even my grandma could probably avoid those punches lol.
  7. More difficult events are good!

    As personal opinion events for the most part should be for everyone however i also do understand the reasoning behind why they did it this way. I suppose devs wanted to give something for max geared players and something for the rest buuut they kind failed with that, obviously. At least for the rewards portion.
  8. new dungeon

    Too hard, are you kidding me? Boss attacks are all telegraphed and he attacks very veeeery slowly giving you more than enough time to know what he is doing and react to it. That is the reason why he 1 shots you with any attack. The game at lvl 60 expects you to be able to avoid attacks of that type of slowness at all times.
  9. not enough Lunar coins to make a legend badge,

    Yea, that's with 1 character only and you failed to see there are multiple characters you can do them with. The divine grace stones are ACCOUNT BOUND, that means you need to do them with 1 alt who needs to buy just 1 divine grace stone and you get everything just fine. No resets, no nothing needed. Only need to do cold storage, heaven's mandate and toi 1 time per day on 2 characters and you get it easily. What's to complain there? And its easy to do toi IF you do not complete the run by killing all 5. Kill 3 and then teleport out and it resets back to floor 1, giving you easy 3 wins every single time on your alt.
  10. Why is game so broken since ascendant patch?

    Assuming i understood correctly what you mean... Well for the item transformation, reason why its not instant is Lag. The speed very much so depends on your current connection speed. For example for me it takes about 2-3 seconds to happen unless theres some form of lag going on. So that can be put to a latency or server issue. The boss mechanics are, well depends how its supposed to work. IF for example i know its TIMED. What i mean is after the message "Yoong initiates Phase Shift" it triggers the electricity thing and then he continues normal rotation and triggers a DELAY of X amount of seconds before he does his actual shield mechanics. So no actual problems there. It's just delayed and not supposed to be instant. So if you kill him before that delay time reaches 0, nothing will happen. Same thing for Jurupo in HH, probably.
  11. May be if you stack all 21 slots with 1 single stat. Even then effects of normalization kicks in quite fast making it not that huge. Well depends on the said stat. Critical for example you already have so much of it the normalization is pretty big and you get little out of it if you already have, lets say 60% crit.
  12. Honestly, it's not worth in my opinion trying to get all purple stones or orange stones. The stat increase over the blue ones is so insignificant. At best you get like around 50 points per stone extra-insert your stat here- at orange level. Those numbers literally do very little to increase your overall performance. 7 blue stones compared to 7 orange stones diffference is only around 300 points. That's not significant in any way and does not change any outcomes in pvp or pve in any way. See here just how much you can get at max Assumming it's accurate of course. The skill damage boosts are probably only ones worth getting to at least heroic level.
  13. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    Game being old is the exact reason there are performance issues. Technology goes forward and improves leaving old games with issues since the new hardware or software uses coding methods old games cannot understand or old games uses methods that have been completely removed from the new codings. So on that note it doesn't matter how good PC you have. If any part of the code uses something that cannot be interperted 100% correctly, it will cause performance issues. *cough* reason why windows 10 and bns has so much issues. Win 10 did not even exist when the game was made so you can't expect bns to run perfectly on it.
  14. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    @Fiana One thing i do agree on is that mechanics in normal mode should not necessarily instant kill everyone. Still those should not be nerfed completely, they should prepare you for the HM version. Removing mechanics completely makes the game even more boring. Also the fact that quite a few starts to rage or leave the party after 1 mistake shows exactly what the problem with most westerner people have. I doubt any Asian country has similar large scale problems as in NA or EU when it comes to community and their toxicity. If someone doesn't have patience or not willing to write something to a chatbox that's on them. There are also people who would rather write on chatbox than speak on discord or something. You can't expect everyone to know mechanics or even to be able to play with the same skill as you. People want to get to the end game content so badly in a very short period of time that it causes more harm than good. Slow down a bit, the same content(may be nerfed when you get there) will still be there. It won't go anywhere for a long time so where's the rush? I don't understand why people feel the need to get X amount of gearing done before the next patch comes. That is what causes burnout and toxicity.
  15. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    There's something you people forget. This is a mmo RPG game. Keywords being RPG. RPG games have always been and will always be heavy on time usage. If you don't have time then don't play RPG games. BnS on top of a RPG game is also a multiplayer game which WILL increase the amount of time needed even more, cause mmos and RPG games always have boss fights with mechanics. Single player RPGs obviously have the mechanics toned down for that 1 player. BUT this is a multiplayer game meant for a 5 member teams or higher when raiding. You are supposed to work as a team and do the dungeons. Problem is, NO ONE for the most part in NA or EU is WILLING TO HELP OTHERS or LEARN FROM OTHERS or they have 0 patience to make every dungeon faster and easier to run. People do not communicate. Which results in this stupidity of nerfing everything. RPG bosses are supposed to be challenging that make you think and not just hack and slash. And don't give me the old bull.... of i have a life. RPG games should be, are and will always be very time consuming. On top of this being a mmorpg it is a Korean rpg. And you all know how Koreans love their precise movement mechanics etc. That won't change no matter what because the core idea of BnS IS the challenging mechanics that you are supposed to learn together with others and THEN start the farming process with those 4 other players and repeat same dungeons 500 times, that's supposed to be the idea of the game. NOT the part where you already have max gear. BnS was designed on that very idea. It's not the destination, it is the journey.