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  1. As someone farming dungeons in F8 solo or even as a group, it would be very helpful to have a "dungeon reset" button that would allow for a faster dungeon reset without having to leave and potentially go through multiple loading screens over and over. Anything that would reduce or completely eliminate loading screens. For example you could have a /reset chat command which triggers a prompt for all party members after dungeon clear. If everyone agrees, all party members would be teleported back to start and dungeon effectively repopulated and reset. Would speed up the farming process quite immensely.
  2. Just to clarify all the other items of equal tier or better tier are inside a smart chest that gives you a class appropriate item when opened. For example Starcross earring and ring or even oculus earring and ring are inside these chests. Why would the necklace and bracelet be the only ones not inside a smart chest.
  3. So today I finally dropped the starcross necklace only to discover that it is not even for my class and is completely unusable. That in my opinion is unacceptable and should not be the case (dropped a necklace for blade master and I am blade dancer). Considering the droprate for it is incredibly low already. I do not think it should be the case so im considering it to be a bug, please verify and fix it.
  4. It looks like to me they decided to simplify FM and redo it by removing stance changing. To make it easier for some people? However they forgot to change the talents and their descriptions with it, making it more confusing change.
  5. The bottom line in my opinion is simply how big companies work in general. If the developers were say solo, they would have much much more control over the game than what they would have if they worked for a big company. They can't just go and do anything they like to the game, they have to follow their company rules and do whatever their bosses tell them to do. Meet deadlines on assignments they've been given etc. etc. I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case here as most of the time people who make decisions in these projects usually never have played games themselves, so they don't know what they doing. If fixing a bug or otherwise improving certain part of the game is not part of their monthly schedule, it most likely won't happen until it is part of it. That's just my understand on why some things never seem to get better in the game. Those who care and would like to fix it, can't because of the company they work for. Not to mention devs themselves might also have their own view on how the game actually should be like and maybe their views don't match ours. You make the game what you want it to be, however, when working for a big company, you cannot do that half the time. If at all.
  6. I know Ctrl+C and Ctrl+ Z helps and speeds up processes alot but remember to check you actually changed the pasted content to match 😛
  7. Hongmoon key is account bound and normal brilliant key can be traded with other players. That is the only difference.
  8. The issue with droprates is how rng works at individual level. All the droprates usually is calculated based on: how rare you want the item to be * how many active people there are in the game * how many runs do they do every single day and then average it out. This works in mass scale but alot of unlucky individuals suffer from it. If every player uses their own seed to generate the rng numbers, it means unlucky ones have lesser amount of "win" numbers in their rng seed or they are at the very end of the line. If all players uses the same seed, other players can "steal" the good drop right under your nose. What I mean by stealing is, let's say a hypothetical situation with 4 players. We take a seed 1 and the first 12 numbers inside it are 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0. They do 3 runs. after clearing each player rolls the loot number in order. first 8 numbers are 0's so first 2 runs give nothing. On clearing the 3rd run, since it's done in order, player 2 is the person who gets the good drop and others get nothing. Doesn't matter if the 1st person has never gotten the drop, that's how it works. So in this case even your party position matters as to who gets and what. When you do this in mass scale, it's not distributed with the playerbase equally. Only way to fix such is by adding a system that would eventually guarantee you a drop. The rng system is not bad per say, it just has a tendency to be unequal towards the playerbase, leaving some people with nothing.
  9. I know that certain mechanics or moments in boss fights cancels stances. For example in Sandstorm Temple last boss during the aoe spam the boss always cancels my draw stance for no reason whatsoever. That's the last thing I can think of. Well bugs are bugs and this one should be fixed for sure.
  10. It happens if you use lmb or rmb too fast after entering draw stance. It takes like .1 seconds before your new stance skills are what they should be. If you attack while they havent been fully changed, you use the normal stance lmb or rmb instead and any lag makes it easier for this to happen. That's what's going on. Seen that on lightning bd as well where next blade point gives you Fatal Blade BUT you end up using Storm Cleave instead cause pressed V too quickly.
  11. It is a disguised tier system. there arent just 1star, 2star and 3 star crits. There are also tiers of them. Low tier 1 star, medium tier 1 star, high tier 1 star and so on. You got the low tier 3 star crit. Rng withing Rng within Rng type of stupid.
  12. All this tell me and sort of prove it to me at least that the issues are all in how the game handles combat information. There are too much variables the game has to keep track of in real time when fighting. Too much buffs. We have weapon buffs, earring buffs, ring buffs, necklace buffs, bracelet, soul, talisman, heart, pet aura etc. Not to mention all the debuffs accessories can inflict and class buffs. Trying to individually calculate all the rng checks weather a buff is activated or not and all the amount of attacks/hits players do every second in real time is obviously taxing performance. Especially when there are 11 other players next to you so its effectively 12 times worse and everyones' pc is unable to handle that much information every second. That's why in high dps parties you get more lag usually because they have significantly more buffs they can activate and the game has to inform the damage every player does to every single player. Every second. The devs need to somehow combine buffs and damage hits together to lower the amount of information game has to handle. This alone should increase performance quite a bit. It looks fancy seeing all those 20-hit combos and multihits you do in less than a second with high speed classes but that comes with a high performance cost.
  13. Yes it does still drop there, in HM too. Due to the nature of RNG it is more than possible to not see drops for many many weeks for some people. The only question is how long will it take to break that cycle of 0 drops.
  14. Actually yes it did happen, I know from experience that it indeed was the case in UE3 as well and even worse than now and I've been playing for at least 4 years. In ue3 every time im in a group it lags like crazy and everything is unresponsive. Especially with high geared people who do over 30m dps. Now in ue4 that issue is gone completely. Some skills feel unresponsive because everything is serversided which gives you even less time to react than what you would normally have to button presses such as F roll. Everything in your screen does not happen in real time, it is slightly delayed based on your latency. So if you try to change anything in your normal combo moves and do a dodge move or something else instead, you have to take into account the latency. That's normal. If it really feels like playing with 600ms, there is indeed a problem somewhere and since not everyone has these problems it is safe to say it is not just the game. If it was, every single player would suffer from these same issues you have. Also I know exactly how high lag feels like as I have played games where closest server is in NA and im in northern part of europe and I can say there is -none- in bns atm. Not even in UE3 did I have that much issues. Only when in high dps party or raid. At least for me. Apart from koldrak but it's nowhere near as bad as it was in UE3 where I could get frozen for 10 seconds straight but that's just the server capacity reaching it's limits clearly and getting throttled.
  15. Looks like to me that it's bad connection routing. Nothing to do with game itself since its between you and the game. People often forgets this part where neither side can do anything to make it better. I have perfect stable connection between 30ms to 45ms 99.9% of the time and without lags now thanks to ue4. So i very much disagree. Most of my "unresponsive skill using" is due to me pressing too many buttons too fast. Game does not like that and often locks you from doing skills if you move around, press too much too fast etc. Bad connection enchances this and makes it look worse.
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