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  1. Actually yes it did happen, I know from experience that it indeed was the case in UE3 as well and even worse than now and I've been playing for at least 4 years. In ue3 every time im in a group it lags like crazy and everything is unresponsive. Especially with high geared people who do over 30m dps. Now in ue4 that issue is gone completely. Some skills feel unresponsive because everything is serversided which gives you even less time to react than what you would normally have to button presses such as F roll. Everything in your screen does not happen in real time, it is slightly dela
  2. Looks like to me that it's bad connection routing. Nothing to do with game itself since its between you and the game. People often forgets this part where neither side can do anything to make it better. I have perfect stable connection between 30ms to 45ms 99.9% of the time and without lags now thanks to ue4. So i very much disagree. Most of my "unresponsive skill using" is due to me pressing too many buttons too fast. Game does not like that and often locks you from doing skills if you move around, press too much too fast etc. Bad connection enchances this and makes it look worse.
  3. It's supposed to be impossible. Buying keys from store is part of the official event and is taken down after event ends. Only reason why redeemable time is that long for any event item is simply for anyone who already has all the currency needed but hasnt used them for whatever reason. So in this case the redeemable time is for people who already have the keys or enough remnants to buy keys so they dont get screwed just because they didnt use the event currency or open all the boxes right before event ends. It should not be possible to get any keys after event has ended apart from what i said.
  4. It is not a bug. Devs on releasing UE4 Revamped all classes and their specs and how they work. Including those changes on lightning BD that you think are "bugs". NcSoft did not add these informations to patch notes so you dont see them there. I kind like how it is now, dont want any of those to change.
  5. What you are experiencing is delay between what is happening on your screen versus what actually happens in the server. For example if you press dodge skill to dodge something in your screen but in the server you already got hit by the attack, your dodge will not be registered and your character just continuous dpsing. Since everything happens in the serverside, you have to anticipate what actually is happening currently depending on how high your latency is. Low latency means you dont have to do it that much but if you have mid to high latency you have to be pretty dam good at kno
  6. @Askaria Here's a question for you genius, why cannot 3rd world players do the dungeons or raids with other 3rd world players? Problem solved. Easy mode dungeons need minimum of 350 to 700k (depending on dungeon) dps to clear the dungeons, 800k to 1.5m to have 0 issues in clearing (more or less depending on the enrage timer as well). For normal mode you only need roughly 1.5m dps or 3m dps to clear them with no issues. It only comes down to you and your willingness to actually do them with other players with low level gear and learn how to do the dungeons without dying
  7. You misunderstand what it reads. It says "Prepare for UE4". That means it is a preparation patch/event for UE4 that comes later. It would be made very very clear on the patch notes about UE4 if it was to come now.
  8. @Rynara The lag indeed only happens inside Kaebu Village and as person above me stated, it mostly happens with multihit characters such as Astromancer. In my opinion the game is unable to keep up with the amount of combat data it needs to handle every second, causing significant loss of performance and sometimes extremely long freeze durations everytime a skill is cast, if you attack more than 5 enemies at once. The way game handles combat every time you attack seems to become more and more inefficient as the amount of attacks per second increases. This is just my observation based
  9. Ncwest has full access to the shop since shop is region based however, they do not have full access to the coding for rest of the game as it requires the entire project files of BnS and only Korean devs have access to that(unless you buy the rights to get access to them) so have to wait for them to fix that stuff for the west, simple as that. At least this is how I understand it. And if Korean devs for some reason don't see it necessary to fix the bug instantly, you gonna have to wait a long time for it.
  10. The lag seems to be tied with specific classes. On my BD and WL I get 0 lag no matter how far I get but on my astromancer insane lag after stage 4.
  11. To put it bluntly, why should you be able to acquire event items AFTER the event has ended?. That makes no sense no matter what kind of event it is. The entire point of events is to get event items during the event and not after the event, that would make the event no longer be an event 😛 Event redemption time at least to me means you get to use the already acquired event items if you still have those because you couldnt get online or for any other reason to use them before end as to not get screwed in that regard. You should not be able to get more event items after the main event
  12. Simple mode in my opinion greatly helps out by doing half of the rotations for you taking away that exessive button smashing and in some cases gives you far higher speed for skill casting than what you can manually do. Some class specs won't benefit from it that much and messes things up mostly but for warlock it works nicely. Simple mode does the core rotation for you and the rest you have to do yourself to get the most out of ( which there aren't that many skills to do manually) and also lets you focus on dodging attacks more. In the case of reaver skills you need to manually do
  13. It is in "Hongmoon Coin" section and there you go to "Services" tab and you should find it there. You won't see it in Ncoin section at all anywhere. Most if not all free stuff are at hongmoon coin section.
  14. I can confirm coins do still drop, just very very low chance. Got some couple of days ago from one of the premium squares.
  15. How I remember it, many people straight up whined and demanded that the leveling process needs to be changed and a lot of the "useless" quests removed so the developers did exactly that eventually. Removed blue quests and made story and the general leveling process more linear. Other reason probably is that overtime when the game gets older, leveling gets eventually revamped in any case to allow people reach the new max levels faster. Unfortunate but it is what it is.
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