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  1. And the point he is trying to make is what benefit does compound gear storage have to a player since ALL compound gear you can use in compound is legendary stage 1 or unrefined items that are never used in any breakthroughs making such storage pointless. There simply is no reason for such as compound window already acts as sort of storage for second set of accessories. It's just like the second soul shield set but without ability to remove them once inserted. You don't even need to upgrade items for compound, it will not give any additional benefits, unupgraded version of the same item gives exact same boost as fully upgraded one. That is why there is no reason to add storage for compound items only since storaging them makes no sense to begin with. If for example you get a second pair of elevation necklace, you just slot it to compound gear slot and thats it. Storaging it for later use makes no sense since you already have 1 on your real accesory slot and it will not be used for any breakthroughs since it is a legendary unupgradeable item. You cannot even put any breakthrough items aka purple gear into compound slots as far as I know. Im not bashing the idea, I just see no reason to storage any items meant for compound use as only legendary items are used for compound gear anyways and no one stores those items unless they plan to send already upgraded gear to an alt. At least shouldn't store them as there is 0 other reason for storing them apart from compound and that you can do on the fly immediately as you get the item without the need for storage. I think compound was designed so that you wouldn't need any storaging for those items but that's just my opinion.
  2. Where is armory pearl waiting for so long

    You're all just snowflakes wanting extra rewards that were SUPPOSED to not be acquirable AFTER event ends. NcSoft literally told that even before the event started. No scamming here. You had 4 weeks time. 4 WEEKS. If you can't do it in 4 weeks or too lazy or started too late, that is not the games problem. Even if it crashes alot you can still get it done in 4 weeks, no excuses. Enough time to complete the event fully with full rewards twice matter of fact. For fishing find a spot with less people, try a different time of the day to find a spot with less people. Try a different channel with less people. If you can't play at another time cause of work or whatever life, that is not the games problem. games job is not to cater to your time schedule. NO GAME DOES THAT NOR THEY SHOULD. Performance issues is another matter but those can also be mitigated with optimal settings on your PC. You don't schedule the game, the game schedules you.
  3. What would you say to NCSoft West?

    When Ebon Realm event area was out, I tried that auto-hunt mode. That mode gave me true insight on how the game combat is SUPPOSED TO WORK. Granted it was with 0 delay combat since server was doing it for you but still, the insane attack speed and skill excecution was completely unreal. The current state of combat is in unaccepteable levels when compared to that mode, nothing else to say. I used to not have much issues with it but now even im starting to get affected by it and after seeing what it is supposed to be like, it starts making me angry when I know the flow of combat could be much much faster which was originally intended. Unable to use skills and deal with boss attacks in real time when my connection to server is less than 50ms is when I start making a fuss and that doesn't happen often. At least make the combat client sided instead of server sided. Without player syncing. If someone lags, let that person lag. It shouldn't affect me. I don't need to see what other people in my party are doing in real time lol, well most of the time.
  4. What would you say to NCSoft West?

    As I understand and what I have heared, core issue is in how the game was originally built on UE3 by the original creators. The way it was built made it impossible to expand the game without significant performance issues hence why performance has progressively gotten worse over the years of new content adding. It was never meant to have the crazy damage scaling and amount of gear we have now though that's just my opinion. That means devs only have 2 options here if they want to fix it. Recreate the game on UE3 or... Recreate the game on UE4. Logically recreating it on UE4 would be better since it has all the new engine improvements as well. Both options would take significant amount of time to do though, we are talking about many many years of work. Something they might not be willing to do or do not have time to do so. All comes down to what the company wants to do with BnS when it's about performance. If they continue creating content on BnS, it would be better to recreate the game as a side job and upgrade when it's done and considering the fact that they are using UE4 to create stuff on mobile already, there is no excuse to not recreate it on that engine.
  5. Wheres Armory Pearl in dragon express?

    The patch notes CLEARLY states this: Event duration september 23 to october 21st Reward redemption period duration september 23 to november 18th What reward redemption period means is you CANNOT get event items that would allow you to get rewards after october 21st. This includes armory pearls since they allow you to get rewards, aka keys or armorer remnants for other rewards. You must have all event remnants and pearls BEFORE 21st of october. That is what it means. Nothing done against the patch notes here. Works as intended. If you start the event too late or were too lazy or whatever and cannot get it done, that's is not the games problem at that point. You have 4 weeks time to finish it and it takes roughly 10- 15 days to complete it fully. So during that 4 weeks you could have done the event 2 times fully if you took full advantage of it.
  6. The game is automatically installed to same directory where your game launcher is installed. So you have to install the launcher to another drive to make it install there.
  7. Converting too a Raid

    Game automatically converts it to a raid after you invite 7th party member, nothing else to it.
  8. force master and attack speed!

    Your attack speed is based off your latency. Higher your ping is, slower is your attack speed unfortunately.
  9. BnS to get GeForce Now

    Tried it myself: Resolution is bit meh but that's expected from streaming service. No input delay whatsoever assuming you have good stable internet connection and the streaming server you have selected is decently close to you and the game server. No additional lag either from what I seen, if any it decreased a very small amount(like -5ms overall). It's not the NCsoft people who works with the settings on the rigs. It's GeForce peeps. Also the problem is not the graphics card, it's the CPU and game coding in general that causes all the stutters. Game with its current condition of coding simply needs like a super CPU for it to work without any stutters whatsoever. Your internet connection amplifies these issues further, especially if you have over 100ms latencies.
  10. Item reversal limit

    Well as I said, the limit on what you can revert is there to prevent misuses. As the saying goes, couple of idiots ruin the fun for everybody and new rules are enforced that affect everyone.
  11. Item reversal limit

    The limit is there to stop and discourage people from abusing the system for free resources when something gets reduced in cost because it now became an outdated item. Simple as that. You either upgrade it with current cost because you want the power immediately, hence the higher cost or wait for cost reductions is my opinion on it which is why this is quite good. And if someone makes a mistake in upgrading, they should have 1 reversal to fix it for that purpose only.
  12. They did, here in the actual patch notes of the update Patch notes usually contain more information than the preview.
  13. Unable to find bundle & Crashing a lot

    Its in the hongmoon section of the store at the Hot Items listing. Just scroll down that and you find it. It for some reason is nowhere else except only in there.
  14. The new Call to Arms is a bit...

    There is the 4 easy raids and then there are 2 PVE weekly quests where you just need to clear certain F8 dungeons giving you an easy 6/6. That is why it is the way it is. They don't take into account of the kicking from groups thing in F8 or toxicity in the west in general. They expect the opposite, to have people take in a bit lower geared people with them and help out. Even though SP, H0, CC are perfectly easy almost 0 mechs needed dungeons and can be cleared with less than 2k+. People are just not ready to do that, that is the only problem here. It's only the gear up to TB3 because that is the target they are aiming with this event. Would be dumb to have it on higher geared stuff like IA weapon since it's not part of the event. It's gearing event for low geared people and high geared people can then benefit from the other stuff like oils and pet packs with the remnants.
  15. Major patches

    And my point was that if they are already paying for that, how can there be an additional increase in cost if you decide to upgrade to latest release version of UE? Only time I would see there be a cost in upgrading is if epic games says so to them. As far as I understand their terms, devs would not need to pay for both UE3 and UE4 versions since it would be the same game upgraded to latest version generating the same income. The devs responsible for managing BnS on UE3 already is being paid... and they most likely are working on UE4 on the side as part of their paid job. That is just speculation of course, I don't know how things actually are there. But I would assume they are, especially after that 1 comment I read somewhere in these forums about some dude talking to the devs in Korea about the game. Assuming he actually did talk to them. Don't remember on what thread it was on but it's there somewhere. And if they are indeed working on both engine versions, then there is the reason for it taking so dam long. Creating content(events and such to keep people occupied to some extent) and work on UE4 afterwards.