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  1. Main reason why DC is the way it is, is because devs wanted to push geared players to higher level dungeons and they did that for the main following reason: Before any gold reward nerfs and so forth me and my friend did the purple train up until Sanctum everyday. We were able to accumulate around 15k gold in under 2 months. THAT alone is the reason for the nerfs. That number is insane, imagine if hardcore geared player would farm those dungeons on 3-5 characters every day. It would be nuts, thats why they nerfed low level dungeons and forced geared players to go to their level content. To prevent them from farming super mega easy dungeons to get insane amount of gold. And so DC quests also were shifted to that area for the most part. It hurts low level new players, yes. That should be fixed in some way. Now the "lazyness" and "unable to do mechanics" part. Since they pushed everything forward, low level players are now too "forced" to do higher level dungeons and that is a major problem. They may not have the necessary experience to deal with those dungeons properly therefore creating the now existing problem of lot of people almost demanding high geared players to carry them. New players especially won't be able to do much since even they most likely are skipping all the lower level dungeons and going straight to Sanctum or something. Sure you can skip them and go for higher level more relevant content, but that makes them harder since you don't have the skill and experience required from doing the lower level dungeons first. For example the 2 Asura bosses in ET, it will be significantly harder if you have never done Asura's Lament which technically now prepares you for that raid boss. And since those low level dungeons no longer give that much rewards, people don't do them and it results to this where people don't know how to handle the bosses and start calling the dungeons too hard for them. There's a reason why in mmos you don't go to endgame high level content instantly. You can but you most likely die. Game was pretty much designed on the idea that you get together a 5-man static group and start doing low level dungeons and progressively move forward while gearing and helping each other out on your own pace and not rushing straight to endgame.
  2. Bns flaws

    5. Because entire boss fight and its mechanics would be pointless if you can just revive and go back in and thats not what devs want :P plus koreans love their instant wipe, heavy mech stuff and they aint gonna change it just for us. Most likely because no one in there has an issue with any of these.
  3. fps spikes when pressing alt or going new place

    Sounds to me your hard drive is having trouble loading the game assets fast enough to not cause fps drops. Consider cleaning up hard drive, defraging it and if you are using hdd drive, consider switching to sdd drive for better speed. These things aint gonna work as good as can without constant maintenance :P
  4. F2

    This and this alone is the problem in the game, nothing else really. For example put 5 random players, where most or all of them are new, with starting lvl 50 gear to Yeti or Asura and you see exactly the issue. The random group would probably quit the run before learning it and getting a clear through patience, perseverance and co-operation. Really tells alot about people these days. Another thing to take note on is that this game is heavily based on group play and not solo. You can't do much without a group which is the main idea of the game. You get a group together and then together you farm all dungeons and help each other to gear up for higher level dungeons are progress in that way lol, dungeon by dungeon you go forward. One reason why devs have done some of the changes that they do. You get so much stuff done that way and the farm doesn't feel like a farm anymore.
  5. Blade and Soul IS NOT PAY TO WIN

    Quite sometime ago i had my friend join the game. after she reached max level we started doing the purple train and daily challenge almost every day. When she got enough gear we did most if not all that we could as duo since she didn't want to deal with the bs people do. We did daily challenge, weeklies, purple train and events. With that she got from 0 to riftwalk stage 6, awakened soul early stages, and awakened pet all in little bit of 4 months of play. Would have been early stages of raven and raven accessories if she had the courage to start raven farming earlier. Also she refused to pay any money on troves or any other "p2w" stuff. This was before heart existed yet so 1 less item to use stuff on sure. point is, if 4 months of simple gameplay is too much to get in my opinion semi good gear you definetly can do stuff with, if you know how to play, then you people kinda are in a wrong game. The main idea of this game is to NOT have maximum gear, it is the giant farm which gets you there and which is supposed to be the fun part. What will you do if you get max gear too fast? you most likely quit until next big patch, thats what. I understand having too much farming also is an issue but the main problem game has is the toxic people in both whale side and f2p side and the toxicity they both generate which prevents certain players from progressing. Fix that first. 4 months to get pretty nice gear as fresh starting player is not bad at all for a korean farming game. Name another region excluding Europe and NA where people have difficult times progressing due to other people not taking them into dungeons or having insane entry requirements or any other community generated issues.
  6. Ping Issues

    I might add that during any connection tests you will not see the actual server as end destination as the server most often blocks(to prevent possible ddos attacks) that connection from coming through. Your test ends at the last known location before you enter the actual servers location.
  7. microfreezes

    Reason you need more than 8GB ram for 64bit client is simply that BnS is poorly optimized and has no memory release system in it. What that means is everything you do is stored and kept in memory until you shutdown the game, so longer you play doing all kinds of stuff the more memory is consumed and since the game is more than 30 GB large you will evidently run out of ram to use resulting in a game freeze.
  8. Lasers are not the main source of damage though. Excluding the op gear, main steady source of damage comes from the debuff your gun inflicts on the boss. Higher the stack higher the damage he gets over time, until it reaches max stack. If boss gets hit by wrong laser he takes your gun away and the debuff stacks most likely has the time to reset itself making the fight longer.
  9. Help with WinMTR results

    My interpretation would be, you live far away from the server + your ISP provider generates random lag spikes that causes even more unstable connection. The "Wrst" section shows the worst ping ms you have had during the session, and having 169ms as worst already on the Singtel-ACPlus is not good. Your normal connection seems to be about 220ms, now add the random spikes the ISP provider gives and yea, no wonder there are disconnects. Assuming i understood it right, so take everything i said with grain of salt :P.
  10. Unusual Server Lag After Maintenance This Week

    To answer to your question, there isn't anything particularly wrong with the servers. It's just the fact that after the maintenance every single player wants to play the game, so that overloads the internet connections across all the ISP providers. What i mean by that is that each regional ISP provider is being overloaded by all the players in your region and on top of that the server is getting overloaded by all the players from everywhere. So if your region where you live happens to have, lets say 5000 players wanting to play BnS as soon as maintenance is over, that will most definetly affect the ping of all the 5000 players in that region no matter how good pc or connection you have or how good/bad the server is. Obviously. Those 2 reasons will cause some players to experience a ton of lag depending on how good ISP provider is in these types of situations and how the server prioritizes them. Those who get processed first obviously wont suffer as much lag as others. Or at least this is my understanding for half of the lag, any one with more technical knowledge can feel free to correct me if im too wrong about it. Other half simply comes from poorly optimized game connection code. Or you just live too far away to have decent ping constantly.
  11. What i'm saying is that coding of the game is badly optimized, not the servers themselves and that's what causes the most ping problems.
  12. Actually the reason why other games doesn't have that much issues is because of the way the connection has been coded, not because of the servers. Connection in BnS works very differently. Even the slightest disturbance to it makes you lose connection or cause lag. I once had my router change my settings accidentally and it made my IP address change every 1 hour and i was DC'ing from the game every 1 hour because of it.
  13. Just to make something perfectly clear about this game. If the ingame latency meter tells you that you have 110ms connection, what that means is your ACTUAL connection to the game is roughly 55ms. Therefore having around 100ms in BnS is considered normal. I'm from europe and i have played lot of games whos servers are in USA, games like Lotro, so i KNOW what a high latency like 140ms feels like and i feel none of the delays what comes from that kind of latencies in BnS with my constant 100ms to 140ms latency therefore i cannot possible have that high latency in BnS even though it says i do. Also if the actual servers were 100% source of the problem then every single of the 100000 players in the game would have insane lag constantly. Do you see that? No you don't. I'm not saying there's nothing wrong with the servers, i'm saying that servers ain't the only source of the problems.
  14. How to walk on the wall ?

    The purple quest for wall walking is slightly different from other purple quests. You get it in Misty woods only after completing the Misty woods story quests about to halfway (after the cave story instance you should get the purple quest for wall walking). Majority of the people now often skip everything in Moonwater plains so they won't ever get the wall walking skill. I think you have to do basically ALL of the Moonwater plains story quests to get the skill if im not mistaken.
  15. Based on how most Korean mmo games work i can say that they mostly ignore westerners when it comes to feedback and often even excludes them out of certain content or changes saying its for Koreans only. As for the game itself, it was kinda designed and meant for players with alot of time in their hands and have pay to progress for those who don't have the time or is just not willing to grind. Also mmo games are supposed to be grindy where you farm same dungeons 500 times over and over again until you get what you need, but there should always be the option to get all in game items, well in game through decent amount of farming. That's kinda supposed to be the fun part, not the part when you have max gear and level and there's nothing to do anymore. As for the optimizations, they most likely optimized the game enough for Korean infrastructure and pc specs and left it there. Therefore performance issues for us. Again further suggests they don't really like us or something of the sort. You can see it in almost every Korean game that the west gets the bad version of the game.