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  1. BD in PVP can ignore enemy skills in grab

    Well only thing I can think of that he is in a iframe state as SS iframes last a bit too long even after the SS animation much like with KFM block. That or they changed the 2 timing or made the attacks that could be countered with 2 not counterable anymore. I personally don't have any cheese knowledge of SS bugging something out during grab.
  2. BD in PVP can ignore enemy skills in grab

    As far as I know, it is intended that BD can use SS during grab. And yes it works everywhere so even more so likely that it's not a bug.
  3. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    Anyone can correct if I'm wrong but as far as I know, RU has their own dev team that can modify the patches to fit there. EU/NA does not so we get whatever KR devs give us. Think half the regions have their own dev team to modify the game to make it "better" for their region. Reason it's great for them. Don't know why there isn't one for EU/Na. NCwest staff can only recommend stuff to kr devs and they decide weather or not to follow up on those recommendations. Obviously they have not followed most of those for whatever reasons they might have.
  4. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    Here's an idea for the devs to try help the situation maybe? Create a system score level based on your unity level, hongmoon level or/and gear level. Anything that cannot be changed by high geared players to cheese more gold. Then use the system to give gold rewards on dungeons based off this score. A dynamic gold reward if you will. Each dungeon has their own score level assigned to them. If your score level is higher than this, your gold reward will be nerfed in this dungeon. This would give the new players the ability to still get some gold.
  5. Weapon Gems

    The only point of the gilded triangles is to help a new player to have decent gems until you can get and craft your own transferable hongmoon gilded gems. That's the only use for them and why they were introduced to begin with. They were never meant to be multi use transferable items.
  6. Wind archer instant storm bolt skill

    Some more knowledgeable archer may correct if im wrong but as far as i know, only way to get that instant cast is via bns buddy xml editing A.k.a Cheating. So don't do it. Just because you can edit some files because of whatever reason doesn't always mean you should and some people don't have that level of integrity if you get what i mean.
  7. is a stage 4 tb weapon transaferrable (sealable)

    Nope, only stages 3,6,9 of any weapon are sealable. You can see it in game by looking at upgrade paths via CTRL+I.
  8. Area causes jittering

    My hypothesis of the phenomenon is that maybe that location is supposed to have an object in it and reason why it jitters is because server recognizes that there indeed is an object there but the client does not. So when you walk through the spot you get stuck in the server side but go through in the client side. Result being the jitter you see. I definetly feel this to be the case in Khanda Vihar area where there are supposed to be pillars on the spots where you get stuck at quite often.
  9. Why is my hp so low?

    If a player has a level 60 character, he unlocks and is able to level unity rank. The rank bonuses it gives is applied to every character in your account, including newly created characters. So if you have high unity rank level, your level 1 characters start with 15k + hp and bit more ap and other stats. That's how your opponent had more hp than normal.
  10. That lag happens only because the game is so big that it takes a long time for your client to find the correct item information to show you. Nothing else than that and it cannot be fixed by anyone except the developers themselves. There's too much assets in the game and client has trouble finding everything fast enough to not lag. Game needs to be cleaned up, a lot.
  11. training room archer bug

    When you use any skill that has the following line on skill description "Resists damage and status effects" you do a Iframe for the duration of that skill. Some work bit differently but in most cases that is how it works. After using the skill, if you did it at the correct time, which is right before monster attack hits you, you hear a sound that tells you it worked. If you do not hear a sound that means you either did it too early or too late. As for the training room. You must stay inside the attack circle and use dodge skill right before the attack is about to hit you, only then it will count and let you continue. You will hear the sound effect if it was successful.
  12. Chapter 1: Waiting for Dawn

    That is end of story. No more story left. Wait for new story to come.
  13. Constant FPS Drops

    Half of the fps drops are caused by server wide synchronization events(my opinion based on tests and common knowledge) that happens because server is extremely stressed due to games bad, mainly, combat optimizations. So yea not much you can do to that. Basically, like lot of people say, there's so much more damage modifiers from gear and new classes and 3rd class specs that the game cannot handle them all when there's 6 players or more fighting the same boss. And because game can't handle it, game gets slowed down and that causes issues on server side, mainly lags and fps drops. 1 way I know this probably is the case is a simple test I did. I went to a location where i have constant 120 fps and no other people around. Then I waited until the next fps drop and lagspike and started taking time using a timer. What I figured out is that it does not happen randomly, instead it happens exactly every 1 minute. This suggest some form of sync events where server tries to keep up with everything and have every player up to date also as to whats going on in the whole server. Aka server freezes every players client for X seconds until everything is in sync again and then resume. That kind of event won't take that long so it looks like random fps drops or lag spikes for a normal person. Explains the reason why your graphic settings don't matter almost at all for fps. Other half is just either bad PC or windows settings or bad general optimization in the game.
  14. Game is Crashing/Connection Issues

    If the disconnection happens at the same times, that would suggest your IP address is refreshed after every X amount of minutes. You should look at the settings of your router which you can do by typing the routers IP address into your web browser(same way you would go to youtube but just the IP address) and then logging in with the admin account and look at the settings of how often does your IP address expire. You should have the information about that account password with your papers that came with the router. Usually an IP address expires after 24 hours which never really causes issues but if that setting for whatever reason is not 24 hours and lower then issues like what you have can happen. In BnS if any kind of static information changes in your connection, IP address for example, it forces a disconnection.
  15. Where are the Hongmoon Pentagonal gems?

    OK, lemme try again with a different example of what I mean. Drop rates are done based on how many trove keys do I want to entire server to use before a gem drops. Plain and simple logic that makes sense. It's not based on how many keys I want a player to use. It's based on the entire server. If I want that the entire server needs to use 10000 keys before 1 gem drops, boom there you have the drop rate. More players opening troves = better chance to get a gem since the rng is being triggered more often than in a low populated server. It does not mean you have a better chance to get it, chance is still the same. The amount of times that chance is tested is the only thing that increases and makes it more likely to get it. Hence the saying rng is rng. Im not saying it's a good thing, on the contrary. This type of rng can actually **** people over very hard depending on luck which is why I personally would want something like every box gives a coin and then you can use the coins after you have enough of them to buy the item if you really got unlucky on every rng thing. Mao gloves for example being one.