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  1. Hmm... looks like my point was not understood at all. Let's try again. Firstly, DO NOT make assumptions about how i got my gear or about me in general. Especially when those assumptions are not true in the slightest. Secondly, I am not talking about the p2w aspect of this game. There clearly are some pw2 elements here. All Korean games have that, it's their core gameplay mechanic. That will never change just because game is ported to NA/EU. My main point is still that you can get gear reputation etc. in a reasonable amount of time in game without having to use insane amounts of time, create billion alts. It is doable. However toxic people are the idiots that prevent people from getting things done. That has nothing to do with the game itself. it's the people themselves that are causing most of those problems. Gear necessary to do any dungeon without issues, as long as you know how to play and have decent ping, can be easily obtained with reasonable amount of time. That is my point. Game cannot fix the problems a community creates, unless it forces it and that is a nono. NA/EU are probably the only regions that are this toxic to prevent regular players from gearing up. As soon as you play with some friends everyday and don't have to deal with random people, you suddenly start progressing way faster and having more fun in the game. Reason my and my friend duo everything so we don't have to deal with that toxic bs. She even refuses to play in groups most of the time because of how toxic things are.
  2. My dps btw is 1.2m think thats enough for almost anything except newest raid.
  3. You don't know what content i play lol, I can do absolutely any dungeon even warped citadel
  4. Dude, I am nowhere near a casual who doesn't know anything. You people are too content on getting max gear/fame WAY TOO FAST. You do no need them to be maxed to enjoy PVE content, bgs perhaps but that's a different balance problem and nothing to do with gearing. You aren't supposed to gear yourself with only gold and even then 9k gold is more than enough to get full aransu gear. Ofc this game requires time investment, its Korean game. That is expected. My point was, you can get enough resources with almost no gameplay in a reasonable time to be able to do every piece of PVE content there is. If having full aransu gear + GC weapon is not well geared to you, idk whats wrong with this world. As a side note, I consider max soul to be not worth getting based on its stats compared to true tiger. Cost is too high compared how little boost it gives. Even true cosmic is enough to give majority of your dps boost, after that it ain't much of a boost.
  5. Meanwhile me sitting at 9k gold after 2 months of 2 hours per day gameplay with only 1 character, except weekends. Don't see any issues with anything when it comes to gold and material acquisition. But that's just me lol. All solo dungeons, all dailies from NS to shadowmoor, HM and CS and sometimes msp. That's literally all i do and i got no issues getting things in reasonable amount of time. And that's with 0 farming. I personally don't see any issues here.
  6. Weapon appearance

    No, if you change grand celestial weapon skin to look like aransu. It will have aransus weapon effects. You lose all grand celestial weapon effects. The special effects come from the weapon skin, not the weapon upgrade itself. So if you use lets say a level 10 weapon skin on grand celestial, it will have 0 special effects and it looks like a level 10 weapon.
  7. It works the same in ANY game depending on what kind of difficulty developers want it to be. You work for the "currently top tier best gear in the game" and that's why that gear is always the most difficult to get until a new item comes that makes previous item no longer be best. That's why those items need 100 runs to buy or something similar. To prove that you are eligible for that reward with skill instead of "I did 10 runs by shear luck". Better the item, harder/longer it is to get. That's how it should be. Usually in all MMO games top tier best items in the game are meant for very skilled players only who also have time to farm, unless you pay that is. But even then you cannot buy absolutely everything either so you still need some skill, Ma'o gloves being an example.
  8. Unity

    Pay2Win is pretty much a double-edged sword. Without pay2win people with jobs where they work very long hours every day will not be able to get anywhere near end game and then they more or less quit the game. Also if you take out any grinding aspects, it just becomes too boring too fast when everyone is sitting at max gear after 1 month of starting the game. Gotta have balance which is difficult to find. 1 year of farming for insane super mega power sounds very reasonable to me. More power it gives, harder it should be to get. But pay2win should have its limits as well. That's why it is a double-edged sword. Without some form of pay2win a free2play game can't really survive that long. I mean what are those people with jobs gonna do? They don't have time to grind out gear so they just pay2win it. And making the grind so easy and short that even those people with jobs can get it all would make the game uninteresting for a lot of people after awhile.
  9. Game is worse because have a lot of freezes and fps drops

    @Merlin DE Let's look at this from a different point of view. If I was a game developer and have a game that has some bugs. Now if I know I am working on a new better version, in this case it would be old UE3 version into new UE4 version, I would NOT bother fixing any bugs in the old version unless it is very urgent and game breaking. Why? Because it would a complete waste of time. Yes, players would have to endure the bugs until new version comes out but I would rather do that than fix the old version, then convert old version into new version which most likely WILL break 90% of the code and forces me to redo entire game code all over again anyways because stuff has changed in the engine. That's just my opinion about it. Assuming that's what the BnS devs are doing of course. It's a different matter if that is not the case.
  10. based on my observations and own experiences with the game I can say to stop blaming games graphics being unoptimized or servers being too bad. If what i read is true and the game is filtering out localized text, that is where most of the problems are. If I also understand it correctly, it doesn't take much to see how that type of filtering can easily cause unexpected random errors and lag when it has to constantly changed Korean text into English in that manor every time you open inventory or target a boss. When something is hard coded and some other program attempts to change that hard coded material, in this case localized text, it can easily break the hard coded code and cause issues. I think this is what we are mostly seeing. Why I think this? Since people say that turning down graphics to essentially 0 will not help them and gives no changes whatsoever, that obviously means graphics and bad PC specs cannot be the main issue here. Something completely else is causing the problems. May it be localized text causing incompatibility issues or windows settings causing conflicts or something completely else, no one really knows for sure, can only speculate until proven. Main point is, it is probably something completely different than just graphics being unoptimized or servers plain crappy. To be fair, i'm starting to think that server problems and fps problems are just the symptoms caused by something else lurking deep in the game codes.
  11. He had high Unity Rank which gives extra stats to every single character in the account. To level up that rank you need at least 1 max level character and do dailies with that character. For example Unity Rank level 50 gives extra 16k hp and if you create a new character, that level 1 character instantly gets 16k more hp. So that's how :P
  12. Grand Celestial vs Aransu (Wrong)

    Reason why stage 1 or stage 3 in this case feels weaker and worse is not just the stat increases but also the chance to get stacks. At stage 1 of any weapon you have lowest chance to get a stack. At stage 9 you have the highest chance to get a stack. That is why when you upgrade from stage 9 weapon to stage 1 weapon you think that stage 1 weapon is weaker, because the stack trigger chance goes back to lowest chance. Thus lowering your dps since you now get less stacks due to lower base trigger chance. Stage 1 = lowest trigger chance, Stage 3 = low trigger chance, Stage 6 = medium trigger chance, Stage 9 = highest trigger chance That's why GC 6 to 9 becomes better than Aransu, you get more stacks more frequently. Also GC does not have Aransus random 1500%-2000% additional attack power boost you get so that also decreases your dps. GC's main damage boost comes from 500 mystic and 55% crit damage boost at stacks 4-5 which is enough to make it better at stages 6 above.
  13. Unreal Engine 4?

    As a side note: Unreal Engine 4 is free to use by anyone. You only pay around 5% royalty fee for any profit you make past certain threshold.
  14. Dead game :(

    @Astarae Your example is not even close being the same thing. Yes, some people may not be able to do certain things due to how their brain has developed. They still can learn, every person can learn. There is a game in Steam that specifically tries to explain and showcase this to the player called The Witness. The point is, every person is able to learn however each and every person learns in different ways and rates. Dungeon mechanics are no where near as complicated as coding. Problem i see is these games usually have lot of crap going on all at the same time which makes in very confusing for some people as well as you need to have quite good reaction speed. Mechanics alone are not complicated but when you add to the mechanics boss attacking you and possibly other players or adds, it can get overwhelming for those who cannot focus and multitask so well. Let's take that monkey in IF for example. Nothing in him is complicated if you understand everything there is to understand, after that it's only a matter of teaching you hands to actually do them. Unless something prevents those hands from actually doing them somehow. I mean I could recite everything that monkey can do and how everything works. That information alone helps me greatly to deal with him solo on my BD. I could even do it on my FM after enough gear to not hit enrage timer. My point is, you can always learn it or understand it however being able to actually do it is a different matter. But let's be honest, anyone can do things such as move from point A to point B or use specific skill when boss cc bar opens or use evade skill if you clearly see something coming etc. Most mechanics work in one of those ways. Btw you do not need hp against that monkey. You can iframe the bomb explosions which are the ones that deals most of the high damage.
  15. Dead game :(

    Depends how it's done i suppose. There's a game called Elsword that has this system and it's bad, veery bad. That's the problem. Laziness. When game has to address these things because community don't have any manners, you know it's bad. The game shouldn't need to start babysitting players to show whats right and whats wrong. Checking videos do help however it doesn't give you the sort of "muscle skill" needed to actually do the mechanics. Even after watching guides you most likely still fail the first couple of tries, depending how it works. That's why it would be nice to have those bosses in training room too.