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  1. The new Call to Arms is a bit...

    There is the 4 easy raids and then there are 2 PVE weekly quests where you just need to clear certain F8 dungeons giving you an easy 6/6. That is why it is the way it is. They don't take into account of the kicking from groups thing in F8 or toxicity in the west in general. They expect the opposite, to have people take in a bit lower geared people with them and help out. Even though SP, H0, CC are perfectly easy almost 0 mechs needed dungeons and can be cleared with less than 2k+. People are just not ready to do that, that is the only problem here. It's only the gear up to TB3 because that is the target they are aiming with this event. Would be dumb to have it on higher geared stuff like IA weapon since it's not part of the event. It's gearing event for low geared people and high geared people can then benefit from the other stuff like oils and pet packs with the remnants.
  2. Major patches

    And my point was that if they are already paying for that, how can there be an additional increase in cost if you decide to upgrade to latest release version of UE? Only time I would see there be a cost in upgrading is if epic games says so to them. As far as I understand their terms, devs would not need to pay for both UE3 and UE4 versions since it would be the same game upgraded to latest version generating the same income. The devs responsible for managing BnS on UE3 already is being paid... and they most likely are working on UE4 on the side as part of their paid job. That is just speculation of course, I don't know how things actually are there. But I would assume they are, especially after that 1 comment I read somewhere in these forums about some dude talking to the devs in Korea about the game. Assuming he actually did talk to them. Don't remember on what thread it was on but it's there somewhere. And if they are indeed working on both engine versions, then there is the reason for it taking so dam long. Creating content(events and such to keep people occupied to some extent) and work on UE4 afterwards.
  3. Major patches

    Excuse me but what cost? UE4 is free to use by absolutely anyone so there is 0 cost. Not to mention they already are working with UE4, mobile version is proof of that. It would be dumb to stay on multiple different platforms when 1 of them is clearly superior to the other. However you can't just CTRL+C and CTRL+V the game from UE3 into UE4, that won't work. They have to rebuild the entire game from almost 0 and that takes an insane amount of time considering the size of this game and the content they need to do with UE3 until UE4 is finished. Only thing you would pay for is royalty from your game if it sells for certain amount of profit. they already are doing so. So again there is 0 cost involved in it.
  4. Reason for that happening is those are exploited pets and clothes that ncsoft deleted from the market. But apparently they didn't delete them properly and they still show there or they are pending deletion idk what is the case. Only the legit ones can be bought.
  5. Solo Dungeon:Den of the Ancients

    It is normal. I have gotten few times pet packs and one vial from Mao. The way random drops is done in mmo games often makes it very possible for some people to nearly never get certain drops or it will take more time for the average person. Reason for low drop rates in Den of Ancients in my opinion is simply the fact of how many people run the dungeon every single day and that you can run the dungeon without limitations. Downside is exactly what you experience, some people won't see any drops for a long time. Low drop rates meaning values of 5% or less depending on the item value. This should be countered by adding gloves to the mechant so you could then buy them with emblems but that hasn't been done yet unfortunately.
  6. Simply because it is pointless to use 2 times more time to fix the same bug on 2 different platforms, UE3 and UE4 that they are/should be working on. They do not have time to do everything so they have to choose what they want to do. Fix bugs on UE3, try perfect it more and ignore/delay UE4 update like many many more years than what it already has or ignore bug fixing altogether(unless it is 200% game breaking bug) and everything else and only give content updates for UE3 while working on making a fully working UE4 update. I would choose the latter if I was a game developer but I would obviously communicate it for the players which they haven't done.
  7. Why remove non tradeable outfits???

    NCsoft definetly didn't handle it so well. My guess is someone along the chain of command thought to themselves "We can fix it later, no one knows about the exploit anyways" and thats why it took so long for it to get fixed. That type of bug should be fixed instantly. I also blame players themselves too. I mean using currency(in this case threads) to get more said currency infinitly without restraint is most certainly something that should make you stop and think "Hey this is not how it is supposed to work." But obviously it did not and that tells alot about these people. Imagine if it was something bit more meaningful like RL money. You wouldn't exploit it then would you? Since it would most likely get you into reeeal trouble.
  8. cant create new accounts.

    The problem happens because of following reason: The persons account who owns the house most likely has multiple authorized IP addresses saved on the account. If your friends use any of these IP addresses which is more than likely since you are all in the same house, you cannot create a new account because that IP address is already IN USE on another account aka the owner of the house. So by deleting all the authorized IP addresses from your account settings that are not in use should allow them to create an account, however that might cause issues for the owner of the house later on when his IP address changes again and potentially lock himself from being able to play bns on his account unless you use the correct IP address. That IP address change will most likely happen eventually. So they would have to create an account and play elsewhere, not in your home unless you and your friends want to constantly have to manage bns authorized account IP address settings to delete unused ones etc. I assume this is the issue though, haven't confirmed it.
  9. Does anyone actually care?

    Someone else can correct if I have misinformation. As far as I know there is a law in Korea that states every single game company in their domain has to have ways to limit player ingame playtime so they have less and less reasons to farm and play the game for like 15+ hours every single day since that can be a big problem there. Think most these limits in variety of places exists because of this law. Secondly they really never bother to change much of game content to suit the western people. So those 2, apart the obvious one, are more or less the reasons for all these cooldowns and limitations ingame.
  10. Legitimately obtained outfits removed

    No one knew about the exploit for many months, im not talking about that time period, that is irrelevant. Im talking specifically about the last week when everyone heard about the exploit and obviously started mass spamming it. If any one intentionally and knowingly starts mass buying 200 pet pods or selling 20k soulstones because of the exploit then you are cheating alongside with the actual exploiters since it was not supposed to happen and now it is being fixed although poorly. Cold hard truth. If using market for them was done not because of the exploit then ok fair enough, otherwise byebye items. And theres not many who did not intentionally start mass buying pets cause of the exploit. Even if it's just a little bit, the intention was still there. Also im not talking about items you legit acquired like from events, those shouldnt be deleted. That is a different issue. However since nc used a bot to do the job without much of a filter settings, they deleted everything instead of the exploited ones. Doesnt matter how quickly they fixed it, exploit is an exploit and everyone should use their brains to judge weather its ok to use it or not based on the situation.
  11. Legitimately obtained outfits removed

    "Bought or transmuted pet pods legit way" I'm sorry but no. If you know about the exploit and start buying pet pods/pets or selling soulstones or whatever similar in mass quantities which ncsoft can see from their data if you have done so, you are part of the exploiters and deserve to get the items deleted with no compensation. Just because you buy pet pods or pets from market with gold does not make their acqusition be legit. 90% of the pet pods especially pets in market are most likely gotten via exploiting so if you buy alot of them, you are indirectly using the exploit aka cheating. People who did not legitimately know about the exploit are a different matter, however, how are you going to prove you didn't actually know about it? Deleting legitimately acquired outifts or items from people who used or didnt use exploit is also wrong, that should not happen. So I agree on that part at least. That happens when you use poorly thought out automated bot to do the job.
  12. The fact that nc handled it poorly and way way too slowly is undeniable, im not arguing against that. It still does not change the fact that they MUST purge the items that was abused in to the game. There would be no point in fixing the bug if they let everyone who used it keep their gained stuff. Which is quite a lot of players apparently.
  13. By using your head to think. Being able to buy boxes with threads to get more threads you can use to buy even more boxes doesn't sound wrong at all? That would make the rng boxes 1000% meaningless not to mention the ability to get infinite items. Name a single mmo game which lets you buy end game level stuff like this for free without limits.
  14. Easy, in Yehara's Mirage in Cinderlands the same merchant sells the box for 25 threads. In Bamboo Village its 2. That is a clear indication it indeed is a glitch which was not supposed to happen. Someone forgot to put 5 after the 2 and never noticed. Also being able to get 5 billion designer threads just like that doesn't make your bell ring? In no game should that be possible, end of story. And if you abuse it, well that makes you a cheater. Pet and Talisman should not be this accessible, which is why i'm for ncsoft deleting all gained pet packs 1 way or another. Even if you already used or bought them, they can easily see who has been getting hundreds of them pet packs. So what you used 5k soulstones or whatever worth of gold to craft them? That loss would be just punishment for any who was abusing the bug. I'm more surprised they have done literally nothing to try end the exploiting bit more forcefully lol.
  15. BD in PVP can ignore enemy skills in grab

    Well only thing I can think of that he is in a iframe state as SS iframes last a bit too long even after the SS animation much like with KFM block. That or they changed the 2 timing or made the attacks that could be countered with 2 not counterable anymore. I personally don't have any cheese knowledge of SS bugging something out during grab.