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  1. Hi, I searched online where to get the Talus Dominion uniform and the wiki + all the players said it would drop from Talus NPCs in Misty Woods where people do Faction missions. I've been there killing Talus bots for 2 hours and nothing. The only thing it drops is healing tonics and dumplings. I'm also lvl 50 and i passed all the story missions in moonwater plains. I doubt it would be this difficult to get this uniform. Maybe there's a bug ?
  2. Hi, I've just arrived at lvl 50 and i bought the Lycan Pet from the Market. I searched how to upgrade this thing and i noticed there was a pet aura, basically the samething but without having that thing following me around, which is awesome and depressive at the sametime because i spent 400 gold for the best looking pet and at the end i don't need to show it. Anyway... I have no clue how to get the aura... First i saw a video where the guy has a violet aura which he can upgrade with the pods. Then i saw another video where the guy had in a menu 3 different legendary auras to " buy
  3. Hi, I want to do the Blackram Narrows dungeon, but when i press F8 to find a party, the Blackram Narrows is not there, actually all the dungeons available are locked. A friend of mine said it should be there because he played the game when it was launched. The wiki also says it's there but i just can't find it. Thanks,
  4. Hello, I was searching for the crafting system and radiant ring produce hongmoon brilliant key which seems interesting. So i went to the market place and couldn't find any, i was only able to find " brilliant key ". What's the difference between both ? Thanks,
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