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  1. NCSoft: We heard you, so now in new RNG loot boxes we will have pets that give buffs. You will now have to feed the pet every 1hr and theres a chance to fail to feed and if you dont feed for long time they will die. The food you can buy only using NCoin.
  2. Seems like the issue is instance based, sometimes the dungeons are laggy as hell and even lag after reconnect but when I go next dungeon its all fine with normal ping. Its been happening for last 2-3 days. Might be due to all the AFK farming going on.
  3. Pretty sure the new area is permanent, only the harvest feast part is temporary....
  4. Its not the keys, its the halloween hauls, the keys caused unwanted cooldowns and I have hauls that will expire unopened. Regardless, I'll contact support about. Maybe there is some hope afterall.
  5. Good for you then? Doesn't solve the problem though does it? What if I needed to do the keys and HW event on the same char? Are dumb or just pretending to be dense on purpose?
  6. NA is getting a longer time to open Halloween haul boxes than EU. Why does it matter? Cuz there was a bug that didn't get CTA key buyers open hauls for an entire week.
  7. Translated to: I used two chars instead of one even thought the rewards were char bound and didn't face any issues and so It didn't effect me. And whats the point you are trying to make?
  8. This is exactly what I think is going on. They had no problems with weekly distribution this week. And NA runs on same patch so why only EU is going down?
  9. I know there's already enough threads complaining about how EU players are missing out on weekly rewards, I am not talking about that. First there's a damn bug with the cooldown timers for ONE WEEK and that reduces the event length for us by 25% already. What do we get as compensation? Absolute garbage. Now you REDUCE THE DURATION AGAIN by another 6hrs for anyone on EU, alot of the Hauls are gonna expire unopened BECAUSE OF BUGS AND MAINTENANCE EXTENSIONS. @Hime I can deal with the complains of a game being Pay to Win but PAY TO GET DISADVANTAGE? Wh
  10. Alot of us missed 7 days worth of Hauls to open cuz of the CTA bug and all we got was 1 spell box. Haha good joke on them actually compensating properly. Best case would be @Hime wording it in a way where it seems like a good update but then after patch you realize its not and then she won't ever reply to the thread. I am so done with these joke of a compensation each time they ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up.
  11. I call absolute bull ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ on the "we need extended maint for weekly rewards on EU". EU and NA run on the same patches and somehow only EU needs this extended maint? I am canceling my subscription as well on both accounts, first you screw us over with the CTA boxes (WE PAID FOR THE KEYS) and give UTTER GARBAGE compensation. THEN YOU SHORTEN THE AMOUNT OF TIME WE GET TO OPEN THE HALLOWEEN BOXES ON TOP OF THAT. On top of that the compensation is a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ joke again. I regret spending money on this game, everyone warned me when I joined (barely 2 months in btw)
  12. You still get rewards in 6v6 even if you suck, if you denied rewards its cuz you went AFK. Also its damn gear oriented pvp, you can't just walk in undergeared, underleveled and not expect to get ass whooped.
  13. Someone here is talking out of context, alot of people bought CTA keys on last day since they would not be able to finish in time, all of us got hit by a 18hr cd for like 7 days where we couldn't open halloween hauls, thats 25% of the event time missed out, they are the ones who still have heavy hauls still leftover so yeah people paid money and got ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.
  14. oh that bug? I guess they wont wanna give reimbursement cuz people can bug boss 1 only run, then get support reset and do a proper run. Still, kinda weird
  15. whats the bug? If everyone is gonna get affected by the penalty, you might as well exploit it, since you are penalized regardless.
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