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  1. Don't bother its his RAM, and u just cant prove him anything. But just in case if I'm wrong download RAMMAP, and clear your 16 GB before running territory or raids. and from your motherboard owerload, we can see u running Gen 2 system, so rest specs doesn't matter, he don't like that Gen 4 PCIE with DDR4 was released already 7 years, so world was to blame for His DDR2.
  2. Well its sounds like u still not found your VR headset have integrated camera, just to enable it u Must first connect to USB 2.0 slot todays PCs have 3 of them grey blue and white. U need connect to grey if u have colors. Then probably need set enable camera in steam (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\resources\settings\) https://www.thetechreview.xyz/2021/03/vive-camera-not-working.html so use some program to track your keyboard when u IN... there is some programs who turns on camera only when u looking at your keyboard
  3. Cool, your progress works well. from 300 AP to 3000 but basic increase same, so now u need work 10 times more AP to advance (to get like from 10 milions to 13 u need 900 points) dungeons from 1 item from 1 zone to 3 items from same place, from 1 at 100 drop to 1 from 1k runs. your "mystic" now worthless because today 10k of it is less than previous 1k from 3 years ago. raid items cost from 300-700 to 15k+, yes u increased gold from 30 to 150, its 5 times, but all market increased 10 times. Game more and more boring, because for some reason your decrease daily 1 char 14 hou
  4. Yes your RAM is fool, when RAM overloading, then u see your problems - frames slows disappears. What to do? Download from Microsoft RAMMAP, and clear your StandBy files in your ram at least each time u starting see your problems. Windows restarting not always clears your RAM, sometimes after 3 try's start game I use it to, sometimes needs 2 times, moust starts from next try. Game to close start MSDos console system administrator right (Taskkill /IM BNSR.exe /F)
  5. Where u found that info, all what u showing its secondary advancement with Fusion Stones, they all have same chance, starting weapon.
  6. And once more lets go back to basics, there is "Myth" that RAM was cleared after u shutting down your PC. Even yesterday I reed about achievement RAM-SSD hard drive where u can store your information because ram was loosing it. Well reality its different, and windows keeps all last loaded information to his fool, then decides what to delete and load something else. Maybe that was worked before, but with programs 60 GB+ its started to make problems, and instead clearing what u used probably yesterday, (at this point game) gets message RAM is fool so program was "crashing-closing". Who to blame?
  7. Well.... u know in standby lists was adding all files u akscesed, so if u downloaded 10 3 GB movie clips packs, sharing 10 GB archive with uTorrent, and running game, they all in it, until u gonna clear it by hand or until windows decide to do it, when I can't say. I restarted PC and I have 900 megabytes free memory even before I started BnS. Even more game won't started until I cleared Standby list, and I have 64 GB ram... And as u shud know each character changing adds about 0.5 GB to Ram standby list, check yourself. What adds raids its for u to look. So probably its Microsoft problem, or m
  8. Becouse its not exakly games "problem"? and game crashes becouse of RAM stanby list increasing to much, more u have RAM the bigger stabil list, less u have more ofter its crashes programs. UE4 gives preload system so more RAM use, so faster and bigger RAM "standby" list. Go check internet, its like u blaming for what they just cant change.
  9. Happy for you, and your 100% running system
  10. DUDE, your 5th round lag means u using to slow mother board and its just cant process all information in time (cant say to old, because 5k was released this year to with lower power consumption and cost), as u say its 5th so u using 5k motherboard speed as known as 2x16, u know right world released 3x16 as 8k, and 4x16 as 16k? So do you really asking game management keep this game in lowest level just because some people don't want to progress?
  11. Well there was moment when "Zayvei" and all quests after was added, its not released as base game content, now doesn't look that way? Its just one more step, cosmos will be latter.
  12. And why everything supposed to be a same and all for you, where challenge and possibility to grow advance and improve. Stuck - play what released 10 years ago.
  13. Well no one posts his PC parameters for some reason, but if we would accept its his 1660 geforce as todays games limit, and UE4 shud go much beyond it, then your so generous 20 FPS as you noticing its 2X to RT3080 (https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-RTX-3080-vs-Nvidia-GTX-1660/4080vs4038) its shud be more than 50, and pleas don't stop here FTX3080 its 2X even again (https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-RTX-3080-vs-Nvidia-Quadro-P5000/4080vsm197331) its shud be more than 100. PCs newer stopt progressing why u need it only on your 15 year old hardware...? Its your opinion? Than
  14. Facts DUDE Facts, u making completely no sense at all. I DONT have using Unreal Engine 3 at my system limit, its starting at 3.5 MH processor and 1660, and its already 10k connection with motherboard at that moment. Why u so scary to write your system parameters here to prove you "right". And you new user so u just don't know how PCs works when its lags and what "tests" results at that moment was. Plug and Play at windows was really nice, but people like you stucks on them. And what exactly do you mean by that? I see just "Need and integration" They made 10k video cards same ye
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