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  1. Facts DUDE Facts, u making completely no sense at all. I DONT have using Unreal Engine 3 at my system limit, its starting at 3.5 MH processor and 1660, and its already 10k connection with motherboard at that moment. Why u so scary to write your system parameters here to prove you "right". And you new user so u just don't know how PCs works when its lags and what "tests" results at that moment was. Plug and Play at windows was really nice, but people like you stucks on them. And what exactly do you mean by that? I see just "Need and integration" They made 10k video cards same ye
  2. Right... now anyone can see WHY no one bother to explain anything to anyone anymore. Even when "you" asking "is there optimization now for PCIE In Gen 4? for 3.0 video card series" "yes their are" well YOU NEED IT with 1660 and up video cards already 3th year...
  3. That was very cool from you to be SO enthusiastic, but instead drooping your "OPINION", prove it in facts and numbers. I write something at physically so YOU give something to, now you sound like another angry kid with his anger why sun started new day and he cant sleep longer. And there entire internet for chats like yours now Prove IT.
  4. Well test its not actual event, At "testing programs" from Geforce 740 to Geforce 1050Ti its 2.5 times increase of frames, at my system, but in reality I have Gen 2 motherboard with 5k, at 740 it using 100 % video and 40% my processor, at 1050Ti its using 40%-50% of both and newer more, yes in game I got some increase in some rare places, but mostly its staying same as before - 740 its 5k, 1050Ti its 7k. I will write what gonna be latter when I change my system and my video will be still 1050Ti.
  5. That was nice... But you sed completely nothing... i don't sed "you cant run" You can like I can run this game even better with my gen 2 motherboard and Geforce 740. Pleas write your I writed mine. Pleas write your differences with your "more motherboard chipsets", I don't trying to list them all, just saying that there is 3 who makes biggest differences. You still don't get what I writing, so again to 1st class sorry its not VIP lodge its plackart from school. So: PCIE Gen 2x4 have 5k MT/s its 5000 connections with motherboard in 1 second; PCIE Gen 3x4 have 8k MT/s its 8000 connecti
  6. Hay I decided to share little bit information about "your" Pc and your needs. I will say about AM4 system only, there almost no information about that in internet so you can believe or continue to blame game. Today there is 3 motherboards chipsets for sell (320, 450, 570) all for DDR4 All for rysen etc. What they differences well its really easy PCIE Gen 2x4, 3x4, 4x4. What does its mean for you? Your PC bus speed 5k, 8k, 16k. So what? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Nvidia_graphics_processing_units And everything was counting in Clock speed MT/s (Mega Transfers for a second, its no
  7. Well at least for now story was fun, little to control but Animes!
  8. Ok, now we have desktop view included in SteamVR, just put your glasses, start SteamVR and in it chose desktop, u will have picture at all wall, and just with just little less performance as regular, and with nothing else to get it. New systems I'm Shure can handle it with no problem. Can You make some mod to control it with controllers? I'm Shure that would be fun...
  9. Why its activated just on 1 server you don't sed "if its gonna be on 1 server its won't be enabled on another". When YOU write some incorrect info its OK U A BOSS, when someone ELSE "3 mistakes account ban" If its COST you so MUCH. CEEP IT I won't LOG IN at its time.
  10. That was BULSHIT, I craft 3 times 3 pauches, got 7 DEFENCE and just 2 AP, its NOT 50 its like 30 to 70.
  11. Its already happened, so current event ends as planed next starts 1 week latter goes on 1 week longer, auto rankings gonna be generated as always 1 hour before maintenance, Vips and ranking at next maintenance, dash stays. there is nothing to ask about anymore but you can wait admin to write it.
  12. Up to 1001, at 1 char I tried 1000 spins and get none. You better buy it at F5
  13. But I seen But I seen other, you converted box and send it or "gifted" with NC credits, so u get +1 with each box. Whatever next happening with box doesn't matter, u send it back, u sell it u open it no one else receives any points anymore. Want +1 send your daily 2 boxes, and 3 with NC, only.
  14. And gifting to yourself same account characters with Hongmoon Coins won't count right?
  15. And maybe they as bonus gonna include new stuff, u always say this game runs bad "The new API should become an updated version of DirectX 12, since DX12 itself turned out to be a rather crude application programming interface, but it is worth noting that only new video cards will support DirectX 13. New The API will be several times faster than the DirectX 12 API". So its gonna change not just UE3 to UE4 (https://windows13update.com/windows-11-and-directx-13-will-be-released-at-the-end-of-2020/), u have new Videos already anyway, so here you go where to use it.
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