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  1. Up to 1001, at 1 char I tried 1000 spins and get none. You better buy it at F5
  2. But I seen But I seen other, you converted box and send it or "gifted" with NC credits, so u get +1 with each box. Whatever next happening with box doesn't matter, u send it back, u sell it u open it no one else receives any points anymore. Want +1 send your daily 2 boxes, and 3 with NC, only.
  3. And gifting to yourself same account characters with Hongmoon Coins won't count right?
  4. And maybe they as bonus gonna include new stuff, u always say this game runs bad "The new API should become an updated version of DirectX 12, since DX12 itself turned out to be a rather crude application programming interface, but it is worth noting that only new video cards will support DirectX 13. New The API will be several times faster than the DirectX 12 API". So its gonna change not just UE3 to UE4 (https://windows13update.com/windows-11-and-directx-13-will-be-released-at-the-end-of-2020/), u have new Videos already anyway, so here you go where to use it.
  5. And about speed and numbers if u care to look what your where to start looking: "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HyperTransport" So my was " HyperTransport™ 3.0 Support for up to 5200 MT/s" (https://download.gigabyte.com/FileList/Manual/mb_manual_ga-970a-ud3p_v.2.x_e.pdf) My video vas Geforce 1050Ti "Clock speeds Memory (MT/s) 7000" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GeForce_10_series) "Some people choose to improve their graphics card's performance by manually setting their clock speed to a higher rate, known as overclockings. People usually overclock their memory, since overcl
  6. Very nice: 1. My PC 5 years old, its bus speed 5.2 and PCIE2.0x16 have 5 so its right whatever you say, 2. My video speed 7 Gtps, so pleas put 7 to 5 as start (https://www.quora.com/What-is-difference-between-PCI-Express-3-0-and-2-0) 3. Internet "The delay is critically influenced both by your Internet access technology and by its utilisation level" (https://www.rtr.at/en/tk/netztestfaq_testergebnis_0300); 4. And I have 6 cores, and just 1 core was working on 50% at boss fight, when my internet "ping raising" rest cores very low, and ram 9 from 16, video was same around 50%
  7. And with your attitude they gonna ban 2.0 systems sooner, ask when makers, 4.0 system be 1 year or 3, earlier this platform on system 1.0, then one day we got message, sorry improve to continue.
  8. Well lets chat true always from interacting. How NC can make lag your ping when you getting it just at fight moments and where lots of PC recourses video cards power requested? I see like now he crawling at distance hiding in bushes and Watching all time whaching, and when try to do something... its Jumps on you with its ping... And as I writhed before, lets back to reality, your single core not working on 100% probably 50 or so at lagging moment, your video was working probably on 50%, by the way video have recommendations to PCIE2.0x16 and PCIE3.0x16 was have differences, they write it
  9. Go turn on your ping and look when its laging, if when increasing "ping" at fight with bosses then its your PCIE2.0x16 motherboard, sorry buy 3.0 system or play something else, have same problem, but know why. And game evolving u here for increasing graphic's anyway.
  10. And well, you probably gonna found something useful here to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9kFXnomRWQ ;)
  11. As everyone who not layze to look knows this game not uses 4+ cores in PC so you can leave 1st core to your system and rest give to game, then your system won't interfere with "game" working process and your internet line will be safe and your winamp won't gonna work at game speed cost... Why? because, as smart people already knows UE3, well I'm werry sorry but UE4 same uses 1 core for 1 process and cant splits on more, so if rendering process taking 2 seconds u have speed 2 seconds anyway on it and rest corres rests until its done, so we don't want windows to clean rum and to make it 3 right?
  12. This game have hard time to coexist 5 year peoples and new peoples, PVPs, events, daily quests and so one. I found possibility to be happy of both sides, pleas dont say NO now say it in half year... Can you pleas start new server each 3 month? Like yours "Jinsojun" as main server, every 3 month starting new server for new people to come and play, then its joins main server and new server takes its place..? I know its lots work and no one knows does its gonna be worth, but still...
  13. And no I'm angry because some people puts all hatery they have in their life just because someone new come in it, and its not enought "servers starts to blame you why you come in you gonna be baned if you come again, and cant do of WHAT minimum? where new peoples sees "MINIMUM" u get quest you GO DO IT daily? No? What point of this game? See 100 quests try them montly What I strong to do now? ITS not raid of 12 people or its it? Why get quest 55 if its starts at hm20? And As I sed you smart you sty I go do something else, enjoy your time. And stop bulshit 60k its 500k, and u that muc
  14. Or you know I gonna go lvlup some more some where else, enjoy your sty thanks for remembering why I left, Happy New Year, maybe at next.
  15. Can you change starting level instead writing "your quest was denied and you get nothing and if you continue gonna get stronger consequences" for going at 57 in your damn 50 starting 6v6 event? Or its still to much peoples in it, its to popular and who don't like can get lost or be banned because "someone disapprove something". Its supposed make me in Euphoria and now I gonna REALLY want to play and Pay more? That was your "Family oriented game" style strategy?
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