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  1. Haha my friend! Are you ready for more 3am Koldraks while kneeling on Lego bricks to stay awake? I sure am! ...no of course I dread it but until they acknowledge those of us playing from outside NA we can only sit in a corner and suck on our thumbs.
  2. I second this. Let us finish our achievement within this lifetime.
  3. If you thought about it for a minute you would realise that you can do that dungeon on easy mode and get the event box too, since the event boxes are tied to the daily quest and not the dynamic. Daily quests are the same regardless of difficulty.
  4. Either you guys learn to deal with it or you start kicking raid members one by one until you don’t freeze anymore. Then you will know who the culprit was. Not even joking.
  5. If you moused over both rarities of the unity stone chests you will see that the tooltips show you which merchants they spawn on. The sparkling version allegedly spawns only on hard mode merchants (maybe both hard and easy modes?) and never on the HM/CS merchants. Now I did say allegedly because you know tooltips can be wrong.
  6. Hajoon will be very disappointed in you. Despite him telling you for the umpteenth time: "Read the Letter, Cricket". Until he ran out of breath and keeled over. You still forget to check your letters everyday. He's rolling in his grave.
  7. They can easily make Koldrak appear throughout the day at 3 hour intervals and simply limit the number of times you can run it per account or character however they deem fit. That is, if they were worried about people with no jobs, no school, no family or friends from doing too many a day. But of course it won't happen because it makes too much sense or they "simply do not have the technology" to do so.
  8. Oh so you mean ncwest was actually looking out for the little guy and at least made the main part of the event doable by the lesser geared? Not sarcasm by the way. They should have left it at 900+ million hp for DM so I can lap up more tears.
  9. I think Jonathan already mentioned on twitter that the pleb charms can be used up to hm14.
  10. I did bring this up a long time ago because I too found it really difficult. The only timing I can really go for is the one at 3am since the others would occur while I was at work. I suggested to let Koldrak appear every 3 hours throughout the day and if the devs only ever intended for players to do it a maximum of 5 times a day they can simply put a 5/5 lockout to stop people with no jobs or school from doing all of them. I hope they never tie Koldrak to another event like they did before until they see to this issue.
  11. Might wanna check the Warden’s Fury patch notes again. Pet auras are only BoA for the first 10 stages. Meaning Hongmoon Pet Aura Stage 1 to 10. After that you cannot trade them to your other characters anymore.
  12. Why don’t you try using your tab when in fire stance? The timing is a great deal more lenient than it used to be and you don’t even have to turn to face the orb to do it. You can simply continue hitting the boss and press tab when it’s time to parry the orb, without turning around. The catch to being able to block both orbs is to not block the first orb at the very last second since you won’t trigger the cooldown reduction to make the skill refresh in time for the next orb.
  13. The event is definitely catered for people to catch up. Whales don’t need to do events. Events are for poor people.
  14. Well, a better fix to this would be to add more time slots especially in the other half of the day. NA community is very diverse in population because it is where predominantly English speaking people play regardless of high ping or not. I gave up sub 20ms just to be able to communicate in English and not feel like a freak in another region’s server. We have so many players from regions outside NA that cannot make Koldrak timers because it’s either in the wee hours of the morning or during office hours. If their intention was to limit people to do Koldrak 5 times a day then just limit the acco
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