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  1. Will these boxes still be useable after the 13th? Or will they expire, despite the lack of an expiration date on either the boxes or keys?
  2. I mean, that evo stone rate is probably why the content was kinda dead even when Silverfrost was considered relevant content....
  3. Summoning a Giganura takes a total of 90 plog essences, which makes it nearly impossible to summon at anything resembling a reasonable rate. In fact, there likely aren't even enough plog essences being generated within the entire game over the course of an entire day to support a single giga summon. This is because most essences being generated are going to come from killing the 3 mini-bosses, which each have 30 minute spawn timers and will normally produce 2 boxes each (1 for each person who gets credit and 1 for whoever gets the last hit). Most of the time, the boss is going to die b/c someo
  4. A somewhat cheaper alternative would be to use the moonwater pvp accessories (bought with the insignias from killing the faction bosses) as fodder
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