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  1. Please make daily challenge work both ways.

    Before that daily challenge patch i did a Hardmode train everyday. Just to grap this little chance of a better drop. And bcs easy/normal mode is pretty lame. It was never a problem i had alot of mates doing it and if i was alone i just got a group through faction chat within minutes. But since this patch that was thought to motivate ppl to do Hardmode it dropt within 2 weeks down to zero hardmode runs. Why? I guess its since these changes for the dailychallenge does "force" players that actively did hardmode previously to do easymode instead. And nowadays most ppl come only do 4 dungeons solo and go offline again since if u have ET gear u can do pretty much ALL content solo except raids. This means jeah i can support this request and want it aswell since i guess the players do see clearly that this patch did not do what it was intended to do, but the reverse worked excelent.
  2. Max Character Slots 11? Why is it not 12?

    yeah dont worry to much since this seem to be shop related it will propably be fixed within 1 or 2 weeks
  3. Max Character Slots 11? Why is it not 12?

    i have all classes so jeah i have 12. Might be a bug with the shop so just report it as such so it will be fixed asap ;)
  4. Yay another complete trash event to skip

    "since floors 1–8 of Mushin's Tower have been re-balanced to match current content difficulty" so u multiplied the HP of each Mushin stage by 2 .. a boss back from lvl 45 content .. and call that a "re-balance". U brought a piece of content back into these days that, back then, got one of the worst feedback bcs of its doorlock mechaniks, which ofcourse got fixed later on the higher tower stages. U did it once? jeah the event wants u to do it twice a day. u stay there and wait either for a door to open a boss to spawn or a oneshot lock to expire ... rly a funny thing .. doesnt even matter what "maybe rng loot" could be in the pouches .. whatever the rng loot isnt even existing anymore the extra rng posibillitys arent giving ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ since a year means is there a % behind it dont even hope ... (except its something out of a cash event of course that is another story) The event isnt crap bcs of its "loot" its crap bcs it is simply no fun at all to play it day for day .. its just a dumb thing u have to do if u want the event currency .. same as Candycloud Park the probably less played event dungeon at all bcs ontop of not being fun it doesnt even give ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ... or the frozen yeti one .. yeah sure .. experience is always good .. but year over year the same awful events .. if u get awesome feedback for an event sure why not bring it back .. but no, give us always the same ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ over and over again year for year, i mean hae mujin and the turtle were nice, not atleast because they were new, but it gets simply boring to get the same events over and over and over and over again ..... especially if they are not even fun ontop. And pls dont call mushin a new event .. in my eyes it is a shame to call HP multiplied by 2 a "re-balance" .. game back then was not divided by 2 in HP ....
  5. The best way to progress is to find ppl around ur own capabilitys. If u have mates that want do to the same things u will have mostlikely no problems starting these dungeons even if they might be more challenging with "no OP endgeared carry" it will simply force u to play the mechaniks, and with that u dont need far from the "recommendet" AP or gear. Even so in the end the game is about finding people to progress anyway. U cant LFP or Solo the raids for the important gear. the game doesnt give u much helping hands with that but i told that not only one person and all of them did find buddys, most of them reached endgame in not to much time.
  6. Oblivion Chests

    Did anyone already get anithing else out of the Oblivion Chests? This looks like a big scam u have to farm weeks for the tokens and then u get a single unity charm out of ur 1-2 Month work ... nice ... @NCSOFT Pls take a serious look at this chests it cant be that the only drop out of the legendary chest is the one "guaranteed" charm ... give us rewarding stuff for the work we do, atm these chests are just a big waste of time.
  7. I have like 1500 Legendary Gem hammers on my account at all. And im happy that i have them i can just upgrade here and there make a pvp weapon or whatever without thinking anymore about "getting all the gemslots". Yeah i dont rly need anymore of them but thats ME a player playing active for a while now. If u just stop getting them now what will u tell a new player then? "Hey bud u startet the game a week to late, now u wont get them without F5 paying thousands .. have fun". It´s the same with naryu coins/silver. U dont rly need them anymore but "New" players will still be happy to get those stuff even so u dont care about the item anymore.
  8. Neuer NC Launcher

    Mir ist beim kürzlichen Neuaufsetzen meines PCs ebenfalls aufgefallen das die Felermeldungen des Launchers nicht wirklich übersetzt sind, mit koreanischen fehlern können die meißten hier wohl wenig anfangen. Ebenfalls sind die "Systemvorraussetzungen" nicht mehr ganz akkurat da unter Win7 der neue Launcher das "Service Pack 1" benötigt ( was jedoch nur mit einer halbübersetzten und in der form ebend nichtsaussagenden fehlermeldung endet)
  9. Just to be honest jeah i want my loot aswell i want the winter mane loot i want the kaari lord loot i want the HM loot. and i get it by providing my orb in a solo run. to give the kaari and HM loot to the orb user is most likely a little piece of kindness im happy to see in the "normal" F8 community but the discussion for "MYMLAOFEISAM" groups .. jeah lets be honest, to discuss this there need to be one thing fact over all: "u cant solo it" so maybe just think about that fact next time greeding for winter mane loot bcs ur orb .. if u want it so bad do it solo. if u cant do it solo "what is ur loot without the others helping u" ? ??
  10. u have fused gems right now ok, i do have them aswell even if that doesnt matter. sure if u fuse gems right now dyad or any other gem, rly any other gem it doenst matter if octa gilded dyad ... every gemupgrade right now will result in a loss of around 50% of the materials invested. the salvaging of an fused gem aswell results in the same loss of 50% .. i repeat every existing gem u have right now will result in a 50% loss compared to not having any at all prepatch ... and again i ask u why should ppl with the highest gems possibly atm get a better refund then everyone else? the refund as it is will work fine like last time aswell i wouldnt argument like "because you need to pay more for the next tier than a player who didnt have dyads before" because its a cost reduction due to more upgrade path. Same as happend for weapon a few time already -> no refund, same as for VT neck -> no refund, same as nearly every existing gear ingame right now -> no refund. just to point it out again smo who has upgraded a gilded triang has around 200 gem powder loss (50% of its original cost) against smo upgrading after patch following ur calculation ... and maybe it was even just a typo and we will be able to upgrade fused gems at the merchant with a fused and 2 more triang + salt that would dodge the loss of fuse gem salt but would ontop cost u the possible refund of 192 gem powder, just to note, at this point it most likely doenst matter aswsell since it would then again go straight up to the same range of prepatch material loss as for every right now existing gem ... ..
  11. its a "cost reduction" not a "free upgrade" and we get a partial refund like last time bcs otherwise it would be a way to heavy loss. The refund for a gilded triangular is also not a 100% refund of the "original price" its around 30% refund what gives u still a loss of about 50% the original price, thats the same 50% refund u get for the fused one tho. If they would refund u the complete difference to the "original price" of a gilded triangular ( or fused dyad) u would get the exact amount of stuff needet to now upgrade to a whole TIER higher ... would that be fair? i mean its a whole tier higher as u originaly upgraded and u want it for "free" ? Upgrade path for the whole rest of ur gear gets reduced more or less regulary and u dont get anything back .. maybe just say thanks that we get a refund for the gems at all.
  12. Lvl 60 Voucher questions

    The new lvl 60 voucher can be used on new "or" existing characters since its a lvl 60 "boost" voucher so it should work on any existing character that is not lvl 60.
  13. Salvage weapon, will this ever be a thing?

    check it again its around 200 gold more per stage + more bound materials on top stage 3 -> 4: 10 transformation stones worth ~80 gold 40 moonstone crystals 25 elysians on PVE path versus 1 premium transformation stone worth ~ 280 gold 50 moonstone 30 elysian crystals. thats 1 stage and i found ur 200 gold already ... The damage might be more valuable for some classes but if u want to catch up its just the wrong path. And the Problem i see is more that players reach that upgrade before they rly understand the whole gearing thing in BnS due to story materials calculatet til bale/seraph 10 what might result in an early frustration since, i dont know what new players u know but, these one i see often are struggling hard with early PTS farming. even tho around 1000 gold more expensive early weapon upgrades ontop is even more frustrating if u start understanding the whole thing somewhere midst raven upgrade. with group searching i had never had problems with any stage of PvE weapon on my smurf no matter with or without whale gems, but i might point out that im not jumping around to find a "carry group" i just look for ppl around my own gear.
  14. What soul and what mythik badge should i get first

    if u go with earth summoner u should keep in mind that u need the magnum batch when ur getting ur vt badge since it´s the must have badge in the dynasty mystic badge (VT raid) sinergy for earth sum. U will get more dps with alluvion as long as u dont have ur vt badge but thats at the current point of the game just the question of how fast u will get vt gear (dont know ur group situation, if u have a guild that can do VT easily u should skip alluvion for sure). for purple mystic batch u go either with skyrift or Pulse badge. with 3 parts BT soulshied the Pulse badge will probably give better results here. For further information about earth summoner i would suggest u taking a look at the class section for summoner here:
  15. Salvage weapon, will this ever be a thing?

    i had a raven 3 weapon from some event on a smurf char and did start a new one to go the PVE way since it´s just cheaper to start a complete new one then continue on some raven stage ... they should change that for sure bcs that will demotivate new players probably since its easy to just quickly upgrade to raven and then be stuck there with PTS upgrades instead some dungeon weapon farming. either they should nerf the raven weapon costs or remove raven weapon complete since its pretty much outdated at this time. a weapon crux? nah i dont see this in any useful way. just reduce raven path or make the switching between raid and pve on all stages accesable.
  16. Cant access the website

    i had this issue aswell and can confirm u that they will help u. What they for sure cant do is giving u acces if u submit a ticket over another account. How to submit a ticket for login issues is listet in the ncsoft knowledge base found here
  17. Bitte mehr Leidenschaft

    Da sich der letzte Satz mit einem "k" irgendwie leichter von der Zunge geht und es sich auch schlüssiger anhört in der formulierung, mal gefragt: Tippfehler?
  18. Sogun's Lament should get a length nerf

    Why dont we just place a fresh boss loot chest behind the portal? ... It was a awesome dungeon at its release and if u dont like it? Be happy there is no need anymore to enter it at all. If u want this single event toke so badly u just have to eat the pill.
  19. If ur cpu reaches 90° it rescues the cpu from near death by reducing it,s max power. That is the moment ur fps drops randomly after few sec. A while later temp has gone down again cpu gets power back fps go up for few sec .. overheat again .. cpu hits break aaaand .. fps drops back down ... Those problems also happening in every single loadingscreen and at boss phase changes i guess ;) So u can do as much ccleaner scans, bluetooth deinstalations (?) and graphic card upgrades as u want, it wont help. Just visit ur local worldwide onlineseller and invest 5€ in a cooling pad hoping it cooles atleast enough to hold the cpu in semi acceptable temperatures. After that there is mostlikely only the way to a tower PC or some rly experimental laptop cooling methods :S
  20. New Returning Player (Class)

    If u just want to play "highest dps class" ist not rly a point what gameplay u prefer, i can say u neither Gun nor WL is the top DPS. Just play a class u rly like and want to play perfect, all classes do pretty good dmg and are in some way needed in the endgame. (except gunner )
  21. Arena der Schreckensflut

    wüsste nicht warum das entfernt worden sein soll. Ist halt nur extrem selten. Hab meins bei nem langeweile run vor 2-3 wochen dort bekommen also ja es droppt dort immernoch. hab aber all over sicherlich auch ein par runs zu viel dort gemacht. rng rng ...
  22. Divinity Bracelet for Earth Sum?

    since the tiger bracelet has benefitet very strong from the vt badge+magnum badge combo, u could say the tiger bracelet is infact pretty strong with both these badges .. but it´s just not like the vt badge needs the tiger bracelet in any way bcs the bracelet get "triggered" by thorn strike, not enhancing it or making it stronger. It´s buff goes on sunflower. With the new bracelet u just need to look a bit more on ur petal cd. Even without any resets u can get an 50% uptime, thats easy math still a 2.5 times stronger buff then the 100% up tiger bracelet. and on top of that there are more buffs on the divinity bracelet and ~150 higher critical dmg. At the end the new bracelet is for sure an upgrade.
  23. Chinese bot invasion??

    Nun das kann man schon seit geraumer zeit beobachten diese posts werden idr. aber innerhalb kürzester zeit gelöscht.
  24. [Suggestion] Remove Tomb from daily challenge

    think about "new" players who maybe entering it for the first time ... It´s not that big problem for players who are running it with an alt it´s a problem for upcoming new players.
  25. Wardrobe | Regal Diplomat

    The Daily Dash Costume Regal Diplomat can´t be stored in Wardrobe.