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  1. well i have half of that probably some wrong choices and feel weak and really each day become worst to find a group for dailies since this "easy" dg's come and reduction of costs can't help players like me... i think is time to give a huge break, game's looking less fun for casual, new and returning players... i have a huge abyss now comparated with me and what players want to do simple dg's in my opinion abusive pay to win and bad choices from NCSoft... but much more toxic elitism from players https://i.ibb.co/JFVFWTH/00.png
  2. thank you for reply , well i have half of that probably some wrong choices and feel weak and really each day become worst to find a group for dailies since this "easy" dg's come and reduction of costs can't help players like me... thank you for reply ,
  3. --------Edited----------- I appreciate the help of all but moderator can close the topic please ? because I have no interest in playing or just waste my time waiting group or in impossible upgrades, Just the fact that the game is extremely P2W was reason to abandon i think better just invest my $ in games on steam (i have same nick in steam) do than pay a company that didn't honor its own speech of not being p2w. I didn't figure out how to delete my account in options how yours get AP 1.8+ ? I have AP 1.3 only and I can rare complete 2 daily missions 4 or 6 challenge dailies i never completed, since the changes, i only complete 4 raids for week, and rare one dungeon (I choose easy and dungeons who already hv started in options), most people leave group if you are "weak" (well i have more than dungeons need), but at this rate I have no gold or materials to upgrade anything, im really stuck in game useless i try changes in prices cant help me without really im able to make group and complete something
  4. not wanting to attack NCSoft or cause harasm but poor management at B&S in latest patches that we received will clearly negatively affect the relaunch of B&S in the U4 engine ( maybe in next year)as it directly affects NCsoft's credibility, I really don't understand how a big company with years working with games can't have the slightest idea how deal with market and consumers, any publisher as to keep in mind as not attracting players to the relaunch when it come online will dramatically decrease the financial return of investment to change engines, publish and keep servers online as any company know keep servers with low population like B&S isnow with worst changes are expensive too best regards p.s english is not my main language sorry if you can't understand what i want point here
  5. Blade and Soul 2019

    The art of the game is beautiful like the fighting moves too however any mmo player know about how korean mmorpg work: rng + huge tedious grind + paywall + toxic fanboys = korean mmorpg B&S is cool just to play story mode finish and delete the game... wait one more year complete next chapter delete again... Luckily for companies that there are kids who still spend money on these games even though that number has decreased
  6. a lil feedback

    stuck at the beginning of the game for a stupid and nonsense RNG Seriously where does the developer/ manager/CEO or who hell planned this of a game think that it is a good marketing strategy to generate investment on the part of the player putting a frustrating rng for characters who are still in the initial phase of the game? followed by the main quests (yellow) and doing purple quest (when then show ) player will have around 20 to 30 silver coins, when purple quest ask for this item https://cdn3.imggmi.com/uploads/2019/3/9/cf77f92713ab79e0c2b9c51481984ef2-full.png player will find in the market but in the market costs 1 gold coin and 20 silver the obvious player will try the boss and the roulette, however after more than 10, 15 tries ( keep in mind each try we got 2 or 3 coins)anyone need half brain to know how more it is easy for the player to abandon the game without knowing the rest of the content of the game have for offering (plus be free of that spyware "xigncode") than think about investing money in the game.